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12 Best Sunset Red Orange Hair Colors

Red-orange hair is a different type of magical than unicorn or mermaid hair. It’s not about soft pastels or fantasy shades. It’s hot, fiery, and passionate.

Like the perfect red lipstick, there’s a shade for everyone. Dark mahogany skin, creamy mocha tones, fair skin with freckles, golden warmth; brown, blue, green, gray, or amber eyes—even though the color combination is a little outrageous and certainly out-of-the-box, anyone can discover a perfect shade. What’s yours?


Fierce Red-Orange Hair color combinations

I could never pull off red-orange hair, but I live vicariously through women who can make it work beautifully. You can ask your stylist to skew it red or orange, whichever you prefer. The color you choose depends on your eye color, skin color, and even your personality. Here are a few examples of how to combine red and orange.

#1. Flaming and Fabulous

faded Red-Orange Hair

Burgundy red, flame orange, and faded tangerine combine to make a jaw-dropping red-orange hair combination. I seriously can’t even handle the blending here. The flash of orange in the middle is my whole life right now.

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#2. Autumn Blaze

Autumn Blaze Orange Hair color for girl

Not all orange-red shades are autumnal, but many of them are. If fall is your season, then the color might flatter you more than you imagine. Remember, you can always skew red if you’re hesitant.


#3. Hair on Fire

Fire color Hairstyle for girl

Both the cut and the color come into play here. It’s the combination that highlights the color palette. Look at those highlights. Even the layers winged back from her face resemble flames. Katniss Everdeen could’ve owned this hairdo.


#4. Neon Lights

Neon Red Hairstyle

The red in this red-orange hair color is subtle, to be sure, but it makes the vibrant orange stand out even more. To pull off such an eye-popping, outrageous hue, your skin tone matters. Women of color are gorgeous in neon shades, and exceedingly fair skin pops, as well.

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#5. Carrot Red

Red-Orange gorgeous curly hairstyle

I love this carroty red color. It’s well-served by those gorgeous curls. The shade has a bit of a copper undertone, which is where those red glints come from, and I’m all over that. There’s so much dimension!


#6. The New Vamp

Cherry red tones have long been the favorite among the goth and vamp crowds. For a modern twist on the classic color, this blazing copper is a stunning alternative. It’s the Poison Ivy dye of your dreams, to be honest.


#7. Pastel Dream

Pastel Red-Orange Hairstyle

How about pastel red-orange hair? Pink and pale coral mix to create a soft, sweet, taffy-colored hairstyle that comes off just this side of peach.

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#8. Ginger Hair

dark red orange hair

A dark red orange hair looks explosive and makes all girls with white, pale skin stand out in all crowds. Pair this fiery hue with thick black eyeliner, and your image will undoubtedly be jaw-dropping. 


#9. Fire Orange Sombre

long red orange hair

It’s a fact, and everyone knows it: men adore gingers and redheads, and if you can pull off a look like the one above, believe us, a long red orange hair will certainly make your crush ask you out. Create layers, style a sombre and build a few loose waves that will fall in cascade on the shoulders. 


#10. Red Hair with Peekaboo Highlights

curly red and orange hair

When you have fair skin and blue eyes, curly red and orange hair will definitely make your strands look like FIRE! Create a messy ponytail on one side and reveal those blonde-orange highlights. If you want to look fierce, you can even use red eyeliner. 


#11. Red Orange Ombre

If you are a black girl with natural hair, the transition from a dark shade to this color will be expensive and probably damaging for your hair. If you are afraid of there procedure, a wig will probably be the best solution when craving for a red orange hair color for black girls.


#12. Volcano Red Orange Hair

There’s no need to wonder how this fierce color became so popular; you just have to look at this volcano red to orange ombre hair!

Recreate it by making the roots fire red and build a beautiful transition to that bright, dominant tangerine hue. Keep the hair in a bob and use a straightening iron to make relaxed waves.


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Don’t get it twisted. Red-orange hair isn’t a typical color. You don’t see it all over Instagram and Tumblr. In addition to the perfect mix of colors, you need the confidence to wear it. Could you?