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30 Golden Blonde Hair Ideas Trending in 2024

When done right, a golden blonde shade can give your hair the glow-up it needs. Fortunately, there are lots of golden blonde hair color ideas, so there’s a style that will suit all hair shades and skin tones.

But before we explore these fantastic ideas, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Incorporating different blonde shades will give you a multi-dimensional look than going for a solid color.
  • Balayage highlighting is the best way to give dark hair that sun-kissed blonde look.
  • Styling your hair with waves is the best way to showcase golden blonde hair.

If you’re ready to sport this gorgeous hair color, explore our best hair color ideas that can help you go for the gold.

Flattering Golden Blonde Hair Color

Give your hair an instant glow with these golden blonde hair color ideas.

1. Full Light Golden Blonde Highlights

light golden blonde hair color

Opt for full highlights instead of all-over color for a natural blonde look. This coloring technique will allow you to wear golden blonde hair with your dark hair color peeking through.

The contrast between the colors will let your new shade shine even brighter.

2. Dark Golden Blonde with Highlights

dark golden blonde hair color

Since it has more warmth than other golden blonde shades, this darker hue will suit women with warm skin tones well.

Add full highlights in a lighter shade to give your dark hair the desired glow. Go for the thinner highlights (aka baby lights) for a more subtle and natural look.

3. Warm Golden Blonde Balayage

warm golden blonde hair color

A brighter alternative to dark golden blonde is warm golden blonde. This has a unique glow because of its reddish undertones. Its unique tinge makes it more suitable for women with neutral, pinkish, and peachy complexions.

4. Creamy Golden Blonde + Dark Roots

long golden blonde hair

For a cooler and whiter shade of golden blonde, opt for the creamy golden blonde shade. With its cool tone, this is the perfect hue for women with cool skin tones.

Keep your roots a bit darker to make the look more low maintenance.

5. Golden Blonde Ombre on Brown Afro

golden blonde afro hair

With its loud and bouncy curls, the afro is definitely one of the most attention-grabbing hairstyles out there. You can make it extra dazzling by dyeing your curls golden blonde.

This shade works well in highlighting your curls and making them come to life.

6. Buttery Blonde Highlights on Wavy Ponytail

golden blonde ponytail

The buttery golden blonde shade is your most versatile option because it has a mix of warm and cool tones, making it suitable for all skin tones. The richness of this blonde shade makes your waves look extra silky and shiny.

7. Honey Blonde Pixie Cut

golden blonde pixie cut

Wearing a pixie cut is a surefire way to achieve that boss babe vibe. But if you want to make this trendy hairstyle more stylish, give it a fabulous honey-blonde glow-up!

Incorporate a few light blonde shades to give this ultra-short hair more dimension.

8. Golden Caramel Blonde Balayage

golden blonde ombre hair

A golden caramel blonde is a mix of blonde and brunette made extra shiny. Because of its mix of colors, it’s a warmer and richer shade of golden blonde, which makes it the perfect balayage color for dark brown hair.

9. Medium Golden Blonde Messy Bun

medium golden blonde hair

This beautiful hair color can make even the simplest and messiest hairstyle look extra chic. Just take a look at how it transformed this everyday bun into a charming hairdo.

10. Light Golden Blonde Updo

golden blonde bun

Not only that, but the right hue can also make the already-fabulous hairstyles look extra glamorous. Just take a look at how fancy and elegant this light golden blonde look on this low bun.

Add in a few beaded hair accessories, and your hair will certainly be the star of the night.

11. Golden Blonde Wavy Half Updo

half up golden blonde hair

For a more youthful take on the usual updo, try this half-do. With this half-up and half-down hairstyle, you can keep your hair away from the face and let your curls run wild.

Finish off the entire look with a charming golden blonde shade and beaded accessories.

12. Dark Golden Blonde Fishtail Braid

golden blonde braid

As if fishtail braids are not fascinating enough, adding a few dark golden blonde streaks will definitely make it riveting. This deep blonde shade will give your dark hair the touch of brightness it needs and make the braids more eye-popping.

13. Golden Blonde A-Line Bob

golden blonde short hair

With its unique silhouette, an A-line bob is one of the best face-framing haircuts out there. However, it has the tendency to look outdated.

Adding a golden blonde hair color to the mix is the best way to give it a modern update.

14. Golden Blonde Dreadlocks

golden blonde dreadlocks

No other color can make your dreadlocks shine brighter than a gorgeous golden blonde shade. This warm shade will brighten up your dreadlocks and give them a refreshing twist. The best part about this color is that it can strongly feminize your overall look.

15. Golden Blonde Bob + Highlights

golden blonde bob

A golden blonde bob is already a beacon of light on its own, but you can make it even more sensational with the addition of a few light blonde streaks.

The subtle difference between these two blonde shades creates a seamless blend of natural tones that shows off that luminous glow.

16. Golden Champagne Blonde Wavy Hair

golden blonde wavy hair

Not all golden blonde hair color needs to be eye-popping. If you want to keep things simpler, you can go for a neutral and warm shade like this golden champagne blonde color.

As if it’s not charming enough, this hue works well on all skin tones, so that’s a major plus.

17. Medium Golden Blonde Top Knot Bun

golden blonde topknot

Look every inch like a graceful ballerina by donning this sleek and elegant topknot bun. This bun is the best way to keep hair away from your face in the most stylish way possible.

You can even add a medium golden blonde balayage to make this bun stand out.

18. Golden Blonde Highlights on Wavy Lob

golden blonde wavy bob

If you want to make the blonde hair color the star of the show, then we recommend pairing it with a dark base. The golden blonde highlights added a sunkissed glow to your black hair, while the dark base make the blonde shade look more striking.

19. Golden Blonde Finger Waves and Bun

golden blonde finger waves

It’s time to bring the ’20s back with the fancy finger waves. This chic style gives the hair more movement while keeping it polished and sleek all day. You can create this hairstyle with no heat needed which also protects hair from heat damage.

A classic light golden blonde is the cherry on top of this gorgeous vintage hairstyle.

20. Light Golden Blonde Bob with Undercut

golden blonde hair with undercut

A bob and an undercut are the two elements that you need to create that edgy badass hairstyle. Pair it with a golden blonde hair color to balance off its masculine vibe and give it a more feminine touch.

21. Golden Blonde Ponytail with Puff

golden blonde puff hair

You may think that puff is a thing of the past, but it’s time we bring it back since it’s a gorgeous way to save a bad fringe day or just simply add a vintage touch to your look.

Add in the waves and the bright golden blonde shade and you have yourself a sensational look.

22. Golden Blonde Beach Waves

golden blonde beach waves

To get the ultimate beach babe look, you definitely need the perfect beach waves. You can recreate these loose and effortless waves using the right size of curling wand and a whole lot of hair spray.

Wrap up the entire look with a light golden blonde shade to give it that sunkissed look.

23. Golden Blonde Crimped Hair

golden blonde crimped hair

Crimping is a stylish and cool way to add texture and thickness to your straight hair. After all, the unique zigzag shape gives off a vibe that’s far more voguish and unique than the usual waves and curls.

24. Golden Bronde Curls

black woman with golden blonde hair

If you want to stay on the classic route, curls are the way to go. They can add pizzazz to your look and give your hair the bounce and movement that it needs.

If you have a dark skin tone, opt for golden bronde which is a darker and richer blonde shade that’s a crossover between blonde and brown colors.

25. Golden Beige Blonde Vintage Updo

vintage updo with golden blonde hair

Match this classic hairstyle with a timeless golden blonde hair color and it’s no other than beige blonde. Since this shade is more sandy and pale than it is golden, it will work well with almost all skin tones.

26. Layered Golden Blonde Hair

layered golden blonde hair

Adding layers and fringe is a surefire way to make any hairstyle fit for women with round faces. All these layers will frame the face beautifully and create the illusion of a slimmer face while the wispy fringe will soften your features and make them look more feminine.

27. Sunkissed Blonde Curtain Bangs

golden blonde curtain bangs

The sunkissed blonde is the modern reinvention of golden blonde. It has more bronze and copper than gold hues, so it has a more natural tanned look. It’s also more subdued, so it’s perfect for both cool and warm skin tones.

28. Golden Blonde Face-framing Highlights

golden blonde face framing highlights

Brighten up your complexion instantly with blonde money piece highlights. This coloring technique involves coloring only the hair strands surrounding your face and hairline, so all that glow is focused on your beautiful face.

29. Light Golden Blonde Babylights

frizzy golden blonde curly hair

For a more delicate take on the traditional highlights, go for baby lights. With this coloring method, the colors are applied to a finer section of the hair so its effect is quite low-key. The result? The lighter shade blends into your hair more seamlessly.

30. Strawberry Blonde Straight Hair

golden blonde fine hair

When it comes to unique blonde shades, strawberry blonde is at the top of the list. That’s because it contains a few other tones like mahogany, copper, and a few reds. That’s why this hue can turn a simple straight hairstyle into something fabulous!

The golden blonde hair color may be a classic, but there are plenty of ways you can keep it trendy and modern.

So what are you waiting for? Choose from any of these amazing ideas and you can certainly bring this color back in style.