5 Sleek Low Buns That’ll Make You Forget Traditional Buns

Traditional buns can often make you look older, but sleek low bun styles are a symbol of elegance and refinement, and they will make you completely forget traditional buns.


Best Low Sleek Bun for Women

We have gathered a list of top 5 sleek low bun hairstyles for women all over the world to try with pride.

1. Low Bun with Middle Part

Sleek Low Bun with a Middle Part

Kim K has worn all kinds of middle part hairstyles. But when she appeared wearing this simple, sleek low bun, all eyes were on her, and everyone admired the simplicity of the beautiful hairstyle.

Ideal for: Heart and oval-shaped faces.

How to style: Make your hair perfectly straight and smooth and part it in the middle precisely. The hairstyle goes behind the ears. On the crown of your head make a nice bun to your preference – it can be a totally simple one or a twisted and layered one. Use hair wax or gel to make the hair extra slick and smooth.


2. Sleek Side Bun

sleek low side bun for women

You wanna look like royalty? Kate Middleton does not only look like that – she is that. And she is also a fashion goddess. So take a few tips from her and consider this sleek low side bun.

Ideal for: Round and square-shaped faces.

How to style: Part your hair on the side and make a sleek, layered, side bun, twisting different pieces of hair in multiple ways to achieve the texture. If the occasion is extra special, a good hair accessory can complement the hairstyle beautifully.


3. Sleek Bun for Short Hair

sleek low bun for short hair

You can also opt for something more eye-catching. This sleek hair low messy bun is so big, gorgeous, and breathtaking.

Ideal for: All face shapes.

How to style: Part your hair wherever you want, but make sure it is completely straight and smooth. Then tie it into a low ponytail. From there, start building up this mesmerizing, layered, low bun that is so elegant and worthy of a princess.


4. Sleek Bun with a Side Part

Sleek low Bun with a Side Part

A low sleek bun is perfect even if your hair is parted on the side. So, there is a solution for all those girls who don’t like how they look with a middle part.

Ideal for: Heart and square-shaped faces.

How to style:  Straighten your hair completely. Part it far on one side to achieve an asymmetrical texture to emphasize your face shape. Make the hair slick by using hair products and create this simple low bun.


5. Sleek Low Knotted Bun

Sleek Low Knotted Bun for Blonde Hair

Rachel Weisz is a truly refined lady. And so is each and every one of her hairstyle choices.

Ideal for: Round and oval-shaped faces.

How to style: Make sure you use a generous amount of styling products to make your hair perfectly smooth and slick. The hair should be previously straightened and parted wherever you feel most comfortable. Then create this gorgeous knotted sleek low bun, otherwise known as a one-bow bun.


Low buns have gained their popularity in the last few years. Many Hollywood stars have found an alternative for long waves or a ponytail in these sleek low bun hairstyles. Maybe after reading this article, you will too.

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