15 Prettiest Bow Bun Hairstyles for Modern Girls

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your bun, then you must have heard of the bow bun. It might sound childish at first, but the bun shape is very cute and interesting and it gives you a playful look.

But, We would certainly not suggest wearing a hair bow bun at work, but you can wear it on any other occasion. This bun is made just like the regular bun, but with much more precision and good hand.

It is good for girls, teenagers and even women who want to leave an impression with their hairstyle. Depending on the length of your hair, you can do various bow shape buns, and the main difference will be in the volume of the bun itself.


How to Do A Bow Bun

bow bun

Start with preparing your hair. It should be smooth and straight. Pull it back in a position for a ponytail. If you want a high bow bun, position the ponytail high. Wrap the pony twice regularly, and the third time like a bun, with hair left out.

The hair of the pony should come at the front, and the bun should be split at two, just in the middle. As the parts are divided, flip the rest of the hair back, just in the middle between the two parts. Use bobby pins to fix the rest of the hair. Use a hair spray to set the hair and define the bow of the bun.


Watch the Following Tutorial to Learn How to Do a Bow Bun


How to Do Bow Shape Bun for Short Hair

bow bun for short hair

Depending on how short is your hair, the bow bun is done pretty much the same way. The only difference you will see is how big the bow actually is. With shorter hair, you do not have a lot of hair material to play with.

So, if you want to do a hair bow bun style you need to have a medium length hair, at least. The steps are the same – pull the hair back into a pony, wrap it up like a bun, divide the bun into two parts and with the rest of the hair define the bow.


Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Do Bow Bun on Short Hair


Amazing Bow Bun Hairstyles

Following are the 15 of the top most stunning bun with hair bow ideas for girls. Have a look and dawn inspiration for your next hairstyle.


bow bun with bangs

bow bun with bangs



bow bun for long hair

bow bun for long hair



retro bow bun hairstyle



side bow bun




6. Reverse Braided Space Buns

space bow buns for women

The combination of braids and buns is possible for girls with longer hair. The first step of this look is to separate the hair in equal parts, just right on the middle. The French braids are reversed, starting from the bottom, making their way all up, and finishing with a bow bun. The look is symmetrical on both sides.


7. Adorable Bun

bow bun hairstyle for women

This is a classy and elegant hairstyle that suits girls and women of any age. It is appropriate for all types of events or occasions where you don’t want to wear your hair let down. The front is super sleek, pulled back in a giant and voluminous central bow shape low bun.


8. Messy Side Bun

messy bow bun

The popularity of messy hairstyles is also noticeable here. Instead of making a regular messy bun, try doing a bow bun – but without clean lines. Leave some parts of the hair to the sides and create an updo for better visual effect.


9. Half Up Half Down Hair 

women with bow bun

This romantic and feminine look is very good for a wedding or similar occasions. The beauty of it is the mix between the bow as a central detail and the long hair. Create a bow shape half bun at the back using two parts of the hair from the sides. They should look twisted and the rest of the hair should be styled in cool waves.


10. Shaggy Hair Bow

bow bun for shaggy hair

The shaggy hair bow is a more plain and regular version of the adorable bun. It is less elegant, but still, very appropriate for women of all ages. It will present that you have style but don’t like overdoing it. The front of the hair is pulled back randomly, and the low bow updo does not have a classic look.


11. Cute Side Bow Under Ballet Bun

If you want a combination between a top bun and a bow at the same time, this is the look to try. Pull your hair in a super sleek bun. With the rest of the hair create a twisted frame and finish with a small cute side bow bun hairstyle.


12. Hair Bow with A Low Chignon

bow bun with low chignon

This is an extremely chic and classy hairstyle. The set of bow and chignon provides a look that is very smooth and smart, very appropriate for highly formal events. The bow comes over the low French bun and is eye-catching and beautiful hairstyle.


13. Teal Ombre Bun + Hair Accessory

If you are trying new colors, the heat and blonde ombre combinations are just the right choices for trying the low side bun. The bow bun is a bit messy but twisted to the side. Add some stylish accessory to accent the bow.


14. Curly Bun

bow bun for curly hair

This is a super stylish look that will make everyone turn heads. Create a bow style bun at the top of your curly hair, centrally positions. It is a youthful and trendy look.


15. Braided Updo with A Large Bow On Top

braided bow bun for women

Similar to the first look, this one involves one big braid, centrally positioned and Dutch braided from the bottom to the top. It ends in a big, horizontal bow braid and bun.


FAQs on Bow Bun Styles

Q. Can You Make A Bun Hair Bow without Bobby Pins?

Ans: The bow like bun must be done with bobby pins. Because the bow has a certain shape, the edges of the bow must be fixated somewhere. The hair is silky and soft and it easily glides, so the hairstyles like this require additional accessories like bobby pins.


Q. Bow Bun Or Sock Bun – Which One Is Cuter?

Ans: Bow and sock buns are two different buns and two different hairstyles. As explained before, the bow is a bun that is transformed to look like a bow. On the other hand, the sock bun is also known as ballerina bun and it is a pretty common choice. Depending on the occasion, each bun is a story for itself. The bun with hair bow is cuter and informal, while the sock bun is more official and elegant.


If you are bored of the regular buns and version of that same bun, the bow bun hairdo will come as a refresher and give your look a whole new meaning. It is a cute, interesting and fun style that can easily be transferred into more serious version if the occasion requires it.