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20 Slicked Back Ponytail Braids to Look Fabulous

Do you want to sport the same snatched look of the likes of Beyonce, Ariana Grande, or Zendaya? If so, then the trending slicked-back ponytail braids are the hairstyle to try.

This gorgeous hairstyle combines the ponytail’s instant facelift benefits and the braid’s added texture and edginess, giving you the best of both worlds.

With all these elements combined, the customization options for this hairstyle seem limited, but there are actually lots of ways to inject your personality into it. Here are some amazing ideas:

  • Accessorize with scarves, headbands, clips, wraps, and rhinestones.
  • Make the braided ponytail smaller or bigger, or swap it for a twist or bubble hairstyle.
  • Experiment with your parting.
  • Add a giant swooping fringe to it.

What are you waiting for? Get that fierce look, girl! Browse our recommendations below to find the hairstyle that will have you looking on fleek in no time.

1. Top Ponytail Braid

celebrity inspired slick braid ponytail

With all your gorgeous long hair slicked back, you have every opportunity to show off your amazing features.

To give your face the lift that it needs, go for a top ponytail. This partless ponytail emphasizes your best facial features while giving off that sassy vibe.

2. Front Loop Braid

slicked back ponytail braid for black women

Here’s a unique take on the usual slick braid ponytail. Instead of gathering all the braided strands to the back, you can create a big loop in the front first.

This eye-catching braided loop is an edgy version of a fringe and is perfect for concealing your forehead and framing your face.

3. Full Braid + Braided Ponytail

slick ponytail braid

For an edgy and sporty vibe, this fully braided hairstyle is the way to go. It’s one of the simplest slicked back ponytail braid ideas that you can try.

This stylish hairstyle is not just functional but will also give you that badass look a la Lara Croft.

4. Fishtail Ponytail + Gelled-Down Baby Hair

slicked back ponytail fishtail braid

For a more elegant look, go for fishtail braids. It’s a more romantic and whimsical version of the classic braid. Keep your hair looking on point by creating waves using your gelled-down baby hairs.

5. Fishtail + Classic Braid Combo

blonde slick ponytail braid

If you can’t decide between classic and fishtail braids, go for this hairstyle that combines both styles.

The stark contrast between the light blonde shade and the dark base and the different textures from the various braid styles make this intricate hairstyle a standout.

6. Braided Ponytail with Ribbon

slick ponytail braid with ribbons

Even if you go for a simple classic ponytail braid, you can easily add pizzazz to it by twisting a long ribbon all around the braids. The pop of color definitely makes the hairstyle look stylish.

Choosing a ribbon color that suits your personal style is also a great way to express yourself through your hairstyle.

7. Red Braided Ponytail + Butterflies

high slicked back ponytail braid

As if a slicked back ponytail braid is not eye-catching enough, you can add a splash of wine-red color all over it to make it stand out even more. Adding a few bejeweled butterfly clips all throughout the braid is an elegant take on the trending butterfly clip hairstyles.

8. Slick Ponytail Braid + Undercut

slick ponytail braid with undercut

Give your slicked hairstyle an element of surprise by sneaking in an undercut at the back. The braided ponytail is a chic way to pull all your hair on the top of your head and show off your sexy undercut in all its glory.

9. Double Braided Ponytail

red slicked back ponytail braid

If you have thick hair and don’t like the idea of a jumbo braided ponytail, you can go for the next best thing, and that’s to create two braided strands from a single ponytail. You can simply do this by dividing your jumbo ponytail into two strands and then braid each strand separately.

10. Side Swoop + Rhinestones

low slicked back ponytail braid

For the ultimate sleek and sophisticated ponytail braid, opt for a jumbo side swoop. You can make this by leaving a large hair strand at the front and swoop it across your forehead to the side. You can also use this strand to secure your ponytail at the back.

Insert a beaded hair accessory all throughout for an elegant touch.

11. Golden Blonde Ponytail Braid + Dark Roots

blonde slicked back ponytail braid

Make your simple hairstyle stand out by dyeing it in an eye-catching golden blonde shade. This glowing hair color will give the braids the luminous shine they need. With this bright shade, it will seem as if you have a spotlight with you wherever you go.

For easy maintenance and lesser touch-ups, leave your roots in a darker shade.

12. Micro Braids

slick ponytail braid for fine hair

The best part about braid ponytails is it’s so versatile that even women with fine hair can pull them off perfectly. Since you can only make thin and wispy braids with your hair texture, try to make your ponytail as high as possible instead to give your hair the boost it needs.

13. Chestnut Brown Low Slicked Back Ponytail

brown slick ponytail braid

A high ponytail may not be suitable for long hair because the braided strand can be too heavy. If this is the case, your next best option is to go for a low slick braid ponytail instead. Despite its simplicity, it can still be a head-turner when you dye it in a beautiful brown hair color.

14. Two-plait Braided Ponytail

slick ponytail braid style

The best thing about the two-plait ponytail braid is it turns a supposedly one gigantic ponytail into a sleeker and more elegant version. Not only that, but the two strands also give the ponytail more dimension and movement.

15. Slicked Back Ponytail Braid + Heart Design

slick ponytail braid with heart design

Let’s take the plain braided ponytail to a whole new level by adding a heart design at the back. You can create a beautiful heart design at the back by parting your hair in the middle and then creating a thin braided strand in the shape of a heart that ends in a low ponytail.

16. Bridal Ponytail Braid + Hair Jewel

slicked back ponytail braid with hair jewelry

Slick ponytails might not be your first option for your big day, but it’s a great choice for brides who want a more polished look. You can instantly transform this simple hairstyle into a glamorous bridal hairstyle by wrapping hair jewels all over your braided strand.

17. Slicked Back Pigtail Braid

two slick ponytail braids

Now, here’s the hairstyle that’s perfect for the kid-at-heart. Ditch the single ponytail and opt for something more fun like this one. With the middle parting, the hairstyle is business in the front while the pigtails scream party at the back.

18. High Ponytail Braid for Medium Hair

slick ponytail braid for medium hair

You can pull off this snatched look even if you have medium-length hair. However, it may not be as effortless as working on long hair. To create this polished look on a shorter hair, you’d need lots of hair pins to secure the straying strands and keep the shorter strands in place.

19. Side Braid + Sculpted Baby Hair

black slick ponytail braid

If you want to add pizzazz to your simple hairstyle, you can go for a single braid on the side. While you’re at it, take the time to style your stray hair into waves to keep your baby hairs on fleek.

These simple tweaks are just what you need to turn your look from drab to fabulous.

20. Bold, Long, and Beautiful

long slicked back ponytail braid

For a slick ponytail that’s bold, beautiful, and fierce, this is the hairstyle to copy. This butt-length hairstyle is the perfect way to show off your long hair and keep it in place at the same time. Add in a bright red color and you get a definite head-turner.

At first glance, this hairstyle seems intimidating, but it’s actually quite easy to pull off. The right slick back ponytail will deliver a sophisticated and polished look with minimal effort, so go ahead and choose from any of these amazing ideas.