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17 Cutest Butterfly Clip Hairstyles to Add a Touch of Magic to Your Hair

Butterfly clip hairstyles were all the rage during the ’90s with almost all celebrities sporting them in various TV shows and magazine pages. This is all because using these clips is one of the coolest and most stylish ways to pull your hair back and add some pizzazz to your look.

Well, the hair industry is bringing this ’90s trend back and we’re all here for it. However, we need to do it better this time. Check out this article to explore the fancier and more stylish ways of using butterfly clips to get various hairstyles.

Lovely Butterfly Clip Hairstyles

Butterfly clips are making a fabulous comeback because of their versatility, cuteness, and ease of use. No one would’ve thought that these pretty little hair accessories from the 90s would fly back into our lives and reshape our hair looks.

Whether you’re going for a nostalgic throwback look, an elegant evening aesthetic, or just a day out, you can quickly grab a butterfly clip and get a hairstyle done in literally 2 minutes. If you’re curious about what butterfly clips can do to your look, here are some of the butterfly clip hairstyles that you should check out.

1. Twin Side Braids with Wavy Hair Down

90s butterfly clip hairstyle

With twin side braids, you can pull back your hair away from your face while still enjoying a few face-framing strands. Use your butterfly clips to secure the braided strands and add a splash of color to this simple hairstyle.

2. Twist Back Curly Lob

butterfly clip on short hair

If you’re torn between running letting your curls run wild or taming them, this twist-back curly lob is one of the best butterfly clip hairstyles that can give you the best of both worlds.

Just simply leave your curls loud and bouncy as they are but take a few thin sections at the front, twist them, and use a butterfly clip to pin them back.

3. Accessorized Braided Hairstyle

braided hairstyle with butterfly clips

Go the chic and fancy schmancy way and use your butterfly clips to elevate your braided hairstyle. You can do this by braiding your hair from the crown to the ends and strategically placing clips all over the braided areas.

4. Sleek High Pigtails

pigtails with butterfly clips

The best part about these beautiful hair accessories is they can inject a whimsical touch to any casual hairstyle.

Just take a look at how the small and brightly colored clips transformed the fun and playful high pigtails into a charming and picturesque hairstyle.

5. Bubble Pigtails

2000s butterfly clip hairstyle

For a fun, flirty, and cool vibe, this bubble ponytail is one of the butterfly clip hairstyles that you should try. You can form the bubble-like shape by gently tugging at the sides of each section. Leave a few strands to achieve that much-needed face-framing effect.

6. Multiple Clips on Mermaid Hair

butterfly clip hairstyle

Make your mermaid hair look extra whimsical with a few multi-colored butterfly clips. For best results, place the clips at the back, so you can get to keep your hair in place and show off your beautiful hair color and gorgeous waves at the same time.

7. Loose and Messy Orange Updo

updo with butterfly clips

If you think orange hair is as eye-catching as it can get, think again. You can make this attention-grabbing hairstyle the apple of everyone’s eye by adding realistic-looking butterfly clips.

8. Box Braids with Curly Ends

butterfly clip hairstyle for toddler

Box braids and curls are a winning combination for a high-spirited little girl, but butterfly clips can make this hairstyle extra playful. Since there are already many things going on in this look, use just a few clips and stick to only two colors.

9. Braids and Waves on a Bridal Half-do

butterfly clip on long hair

Butterfly clips and floral accessories can turn a simple bridal hairstyle into a fabulous one. For a romantic and whimsical look, we suggest going for pastel or gold-colored clips instead of the bright plastic ones.

10. Low Bun

large butterfly clip hairstyle

A large butterfly clip is the only thing you need to instantly transform a simple updo into an elegant hairstyle. With this simple look, you don’t need styling mousse and a whole lot of hairpins. The butterfly clip can hold the bun in place in the most fabulous way possible.

11. High-contrast Blonde Peekabo Highlights

butterfly clip hairstyle with bangs

There’s no better way to show off your head-turning peekaboo highlights than pinning back your hair. But instead of using the usual hairclips, go for simple and small butterfly clips to take your look to a whole new level.

You can make this cute look a bit edgier by adding wispy full bangs that sits just right above your eyebrows, so they will frame your face beautifully.

12. Pigtail Buns

pigtail buns with butterfly clips

Afro buns already look striking, but you can make them even more stunning by adding butterfly clips. Opt for clips in brighter shades to make them stand out and add some oomph to the fuzzy buns.

13. High Cornrow Ponytail

cornrows with butterfly clips

Give the classic cornrow ponytail a playful twist by adding a few butterfly clips to them. Not only will the clips add a pop of color to this protective hairstyle, but they will also give it a fun retro vibe.

14. Top Half Ponytail + Bubble Braids

butterfly clip hairstyle for curly hair

Show off your curls and get them under control at the same time with this unique butterfly clip hairstyle. Gather the upper half of your hair and tie them into a top ponytail then divide them equally and distribute them to the sides to achieve this voluminous look.

On the other hand, tie the front strands into a bubble ponytail for a unique take on face-framing strands, and finish them off with butterfly clips for a fun touch.

15. Pinned Back Bangs

hairstyle with butterfly clips

A bad hair day doesn’t have to be so bad, and that’s because butterfly clips are here to your rescue. A pinned-back hair is the go-to hairstyle for hiding unwanted bangs. For a snazzy look, use butterfly clips instead of regular clips.

16. Afro Bun

butterfly clip hairstyle for black girl

An afro bun is the simplest and easiest way to keep your coils under control, but it doesn’t have to look plain and boring. Add a few butterfly clips into your bun to give it a nifty and chic update.

17. Crown Braid

butterfly clip hairstyle for little girls

With a crown braid, any little girl can surely feel like a princess. But for a feisty young woman, you need to give this hairstyle a fun and quirky twist, and adding butterfly clips around the crown is the best way to do that.

While it’s true that this ’90s trend is not for everyone, these chic butterfly clip hairstyles are perfect for those who want to walk down memory lane and give this nostalgic hairstyle another try.