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Top 23 Beard Looks That Pair Perfectly with Glasses

Are you wondering what type of beard will suit your face? If you wear glasses, the process of picking the right beard is the same as picking a pair of glasses.

First, you have to find out what face shape you have, and then see how much “caring” is manageable for you before you pick a beard for your face.

Different beard styles and variations in glasses can give you hundreds of combinations. So, you can get almost any look you want. Whether you want to adopt a nerdy look or go for a ‘tech guy’ appearance, you have all the doors open.

So getting to know different beard styles and glass styles is the first step before picking the right beard and eyewear combo.

Trendy Beard Styles for Men Who Wear Glasses

Here’s a quick look at our list of different beard styles and glasses combinations and what look you can achieve.

Beard StyleGlasses StyleLook Achieved
Mid-length Tapered BeardAviator GlassesClassic, accentuates oval face shape
Red Full BeardThick Round GlassesRectangular face look with a vintage touch
Stubble BeardTwo-toned Browline GlassesProfessional, business-ready
Long GoateeRectangular Half-RimmedAttention-grabbing, balances bald head
Curly Garibaldi BeardPantos GlassesBohemian, adds length to face
Chin Curtain BeardPlastic Thick-temple GlassesEdgy, complements skin fade
Short-boxed BeardPilot GlassesRugged, highlights jawline
Tapered V-shaped BeardOversized GlassesYoung entrepreneur, modern
Curly Mid-length BeardMetal Round GlassesTransforms rounded face to oval
Scraggly Short BeardSquare Classic GlassesCasual, adds vertical balance
Patchy StubbleRimless Round GlassesSimple, subtle emphasis on face outline
Klingon BeardMetal Frame RectangularModern yet edgy, balances pointy face
Light Stubble Goatee50s GlassesMinimalistic, ideal for long hair
Extended GoateeSemi-rimless Round GlassesSmart, subtly squares the face
Multi-Colored BeardAntiquated GlassesVintage yet trendy, attracts attention
Designer Stubble BeardTrapezoid GlassesBusiness casual, balances frame with facial hair
Circle Beard and StubblePolarized GlassesRugged, ideal for triangular or square faces
Grey Spade BeardGogglesCreates contrast, ideal for older men
Patchy BeardGrandpa GlassesEccentric, academic vibe
Braided Long BeardBlack Rectangular GlassesDramatic, balances long face with horizontal elements
Soul PatchIrregular GlassesQuirky, balances squared face
Anchor BeardHarry Potter GlassesCleverly negates the geeky look

In this list of 23 beard styles for men with glasses, we’ve included various face shapes, glasses types, and beard styles, so it’s easy for you to pick one that looks good on you.

1. Van Dyke Beard with Thin Round Glasses

van dyke beard with glasses

With a Van Dyke beard and handlebar mustache, you have a lot of space on the face because it’s the lower part of the face that is adorned with facial hair.

Fill that empty space with a pair of geometric glasses. They’ll be enough even if they’re thin-rimmed. A crew cut looks perfect with this setup.

2. Mid-length Tapered Beard with Aviator Glasses

short beard for men with glasses

When looking for beard styles for men with glasses, you can never go wrong with the tapered beard. As your beard tapers near your temples, it gives you room to insert a pair of glasses and make it stand out.

If you have an oval face shape, keep your beard full and connect it with your mustache. Then wear square-shaped aviator glasses, as shown in the picture.

3. Red Full Beard with Thick Round Glasses

ginger beard for men with glasses

Growing a full beard for men with glasses can be a guessing game, but not for those who have red facial hair.

This classic full beard isn’t too long or too modernized, but it does make the face look rectangular because of the short Ivy League haircut, making way for round glasses.

4. Stubble Beard with Two-toned Browline Glasses

stubble beard for men with glasses

Aim for this professional look with a stubble beard that’s clipped along your cheek line. Complement it with a business haircut and add icing to the cake with two-toned wayfarer glasses.

5. Long Goatee with Rectangular Half-Rimmed Glasses

goatee beard for bald men with glasses

A long goatee is a great style for men who wear glasses and also happen to have a bald head. Growing a slightly long salt-and-pepper beard brings attention to the face.

Since this beard might add length to the face, you certainly won’t go wrong with rectangular glasses that balance the horizontal symmetry of the face.

6. Curly Garibaldi Beard with Pantos Glasses

bushy beard for men with glasses

If you wear pantos glasses, you have to balance their roundness by adding length to the face. What could be a better way to do that than by growing a beautiful Garibaldi beard?

The curls of the beard and the messy wavy hair align perfectly with the U-shaped mustache. Give your beard a ginger shade if you want to bring a little contrast to your hair.

7. Chin Curtain Beard with Plastic Thick-temple Glasses

chinstrap beard for men with glasses

So, you’ve got a disconnected undercut, and the sides of your head are skin faded? This means you have room for adornment there.

Take a shot at wearing big plastic glasses with thick temples to adorn the sides of your head. For the beard, you’d contrast the bald sides of the head with a chin curtain outlining your face.

8. Short-boxed Beard with Pilot Glasses

boxed beard for men with glasses

A short-boxed beard is great for men who wear glasses that don’t look too prominent on the face. These pilot glasses are big, but the thin metal rim isn’t too loud.

The beard highlights and outlines the prominent jawline and makes your face look squared, which is a perfect opportunity to wear glasses that have rounded lenses.

9. Tapered V-shaped Beard with Oversized Glasses

faded beard for men with glasses

It’s the ultimate young entrepreneur look that involves a short V-shaped beard that’s tapered on the sides and disconnected from your hair. Call it the disconnected look because the soul patch and mustache are also not connected to the beard.

The oversized square glasses balance an otherwise pointy face due to the shape of the beard and a high-top spiky haircut with faded sides.

10. Curly Mid-length Beard with Metal Round Glasses

beard style for black men with glasses

If you wear glasses that are almost circular and have short hair, your face might start looking too rounded.

The idea is to add length to the face, which is possible with a mid-length beard that’s tapered on the sides and slightly longer on the chin. This will help you go from a rounded to an oval face.

11. Scraggly Short Beard with Square Classic Glasses

blonde beard for men with glasses

Do you like wearing a squared version of the classic glasses? Wondering what beard styles for men who wear these glasses would look good and not make the face look more squared?

Well, you just have to grow a scraggly short beard that shouldn’t have any sharp lines. Moreover, go with a brushed-back short pomp to add vertical balance to the mix. 

12. Patchy Stubble with Rimless Round Glasses

5 o clock shadow beard for men with glasses

Rimless glasses can camouflage the face, so you have to draw an outline of the face for them to be recognized.

This is a no-brainer beard for men with glasses because all you have to do is grow a stubble beard on the face, even if it’s patchy.

13. Klingon Beard with Metal Frame Rectangular Glasses

circle beard for men with glasses

If you have a pointy face, full-framed rectangular glasses will be ideal for you. However, your glasses may seem lonely on your face.

A great solution would be to grow a Klingon beard that wraps around your face and takes care of the pointiness. A side-swept undercut makes this look modern and trendy.

14. Light Stubble Goatee with 50s Glasses

beard style for Asian men with glasses

When you have long hair covering your entire forehead and classic 50s glasses with a thick black frame taking up some more space, you might not want to grow a thick beard because it will hide your face completely.

The best solution to this problem is a light stubble goatee that’s barely there.

15. Extended Goatee with Semi-rimless Round Glasses

beard style for men with oval face and glasses

Round glasses are in fashion these days, but they do have the tendency to make you look like a nerd. You take care of that by going with an extended goatee beard.

It only lines the bottom of your chin and extends to the jawline a little, giving the impression that your face is a bit squared.

16. Multi Colored Beard with Antiquated Glasses

colored beard for men with glasses

What beard style suits men who wear antiquated glasses? The glasses look old, worn out, and aged.

A great beard style to go with this style would be a colorful beard. It’s a contrast that can’t go unnoticed. A short or mid-length beard is easy to dye/color.

17. Designer Stubble Beard with Trapezoid Glasses

salt and pepper beard style for men with glasses

For a proper business look, you have to play it safe and not go too full-out with your beard and hair. So, a designer stubble with a soft-parted business haircut would look great.

Now, your trapezoid glasses might push your overall look into the monotony zone. A nice way to take on that challenge is to pick a multi-colored yet thin frame for your glasses.

18. Circle Beard and Stubble with Polarized Glasses

bearded guy with mustache and glasses

Any glasses that are rounded look good on a triangular or square face, so to make your goatee look good, pair polarized round glasses with a mustache.

The stubble on the cheeks keeps the look rugged. With that, make your hair stand straight with gel to add more length to your face.

19. Grey Spade Beard with Goggles

grey beard for older men with glasses

Creating contrast on the face always works. In this case, you want to contrast your thick black goggles with a grey Verdi beard.

A receding hairline stands no chance of being noticed when you have a thick and grey spade beard adorning your lower jaw. This beard style suits older men with glasses.

20. Patchy Beard with Grandpa Glasses

patchy beard for men with glasses

Choosing a beard style for men with a patchy beard, especially when you have less growth on the chin. To solve this problem, give your patchy beard a mutton chop on the chin.

The man is wearing a thin, silver, rounded granny glasses. Let your curly hair loose to aim for that typical scientist look.

21. Braided Long Beard with Black Rectangular Glasses

braided beard with glasses

Add to the vertical and horizontal dimensions of your face with this setup which requires a pair of black rectangular glasses along with a braided beard.

The braided beard along with a mohawk haircut will make your face look oblong whereas the rectangular frame of the glasses will balance it out with some horizontal addition.

22. Soul Patch with Irregular Glasses

soul patch beard for men with glasses

The slight roundedness of the bottom edge of these glasses pushes them out of the rectangle shape and into the realm of irregular glasses.

Yes, it can still make your face look too squared, but a slightly pointy or inverted pyramid soul patch can be a subtle yet very clever move to mitigate that effect.

23. Anchor Beard with Harry Potter Glasses

long hair with beard for men with glasses

The last one on the list of beard styles for men with glasses is this anchor beard with a thin mustache and a goatee that makes an anchor shape with the soul patch.

This is a clever beard setup because having only Harry Potter glasses on your face may make you look like a geek. The long hair and beard cleverly take away the geekyness of the look.

You can also try the below beard style and eyeglass combinations.

Beard StyleGlasses StyleLook Achieved
Full Viking BeardWayfarer GlassesMasculine, daring and rugged
Pointed GoateeCat-eye GlassesSophisticated, ideal for elongated face shapes
Verdi BeardWireframe GlassesVintage, intellectual look
Horseshoe MustacheAviator SunglassesSporty, retro Americana vibe
Mutton ChopsRound Lennon GlassesArtistic, adds balance to long or oblong faces
Anchor Beard with HandlebarHorn-rimmed GlassesClassic yet modern, stylish
Ducktail BeardRimless Rectangular GlassesBusiness casual, accentuates jawline
Yeard (One Year Beard)Mirrored Aviator SunglassesAdventurous, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts
Short Boxed with Soul PatchClear Frame GlassesTrendy, adds character to square faces
Garibaldi with MustacheBlack Square GlassesIntellectual, balances round faces
Circle BeardHalf-frame Reading GlassesCasual and intelligent, good for square faces
Chevron MustacheMonochrome Round GlassesMinimalistic, complements shorter hair styles
French Fork BeardClassic Tortoiseshell GlassesArtistic, ideal for creative types
Bandholz BeardTwo-toned Square GlassesUrban lumberjack, makes a bold statement
Short StubbleTinted Aviator GlassesCasual, adds a pop of color
Thin Strap BeardSport SunglassesAthletic, ideal for active individuals
Corporate BeardMetal Frame Rectangle GlassesBusiness formal, adds professionalism
Natural Full BeardPolarized Sport GlassesOutdoorsy, ideal for rugged individuals
Goatee and Mustache ComboClassic Black WayfarersEveryday casual, versatile
Chin Puff with Soul PatchTeashade GlassesBohemian, works well with casual or artistic outfits
Lumberjack BeardWooden Frame GlassesEco-friendly, rustic look

While selecting a beard and glasses style, you have to decide where you want people to focus on your face. The right combination can snatch people’s attention away from a big forehead or a receding hairline, as we’ve shown in these beard styles for men with glasses.