23 Best Long Hairstyles With A Beard (2019 Guide)

Men have worn long hair with a beard for thousands of years, although there weren’t so many variations then like we see nowadays.

Many men consider a long hairstyle because they want something that is anti-establishment. You cannot deny that lots of long hairstyles for men look really cool. Long hair also gives you a huge number of choices if you have enough patience to wait for it to grow.

If you combine the long hair with a classy beard, it can bring the manliest look to any face. In fact, if you have already seen some viral videos that depict the transformation of a man without a beard and with a beard, you have certainly become a fan of the beard.


Classy Long Hairstyles With A Beard

Long hairstyles go really well with a short beard. Sometimes long hair can look a little bit effeminate, but a beard helps to add a touch of testosterone to the style.

Combining long hair with a beard style can achieve hundreds of different looks. In this article, we’ll explore some of the coolest long hairstyle and beard styles to get an idea of how we can combine both to get the look you dream!


#1: Chin Length with a Gentle Wave


Wow! These gentle waves look gorgeous. Many ladies would kill for gentle waves or soft curls like these. Use a men’s hairstyle product to keep them looking fresh and bouncy.

Coolest Short Beard Styles


#2: Soft Swept Back Style


Keeping your hair properly groomed will help to ensure that it stays nice and soft. Sweep your hair back to keep it out of your face if you have a long hairstyle.


3: Rockstar Style


This cool men’s hairstyle screams “long hair, don’t care”. It is a very rock and roll look that seems to be anti-establishment. Keep growing your hair as long as you want.


#4: Shoulder length hair with a low curl


Long hairstyles for men can be quite heavy. This might pull the top section straight whilst leaving a loose curl near to the bottom. The style looks great with a carefully groomed short beard.


#5: Volume


Give a volume by backcombing it upwards from your roots. You can use a comb or your hands to create the effect. A style like this is the perfect choice if you are looking for a low maintenance long hairstyle for men.

Coolest Beard Styles


#6: The Man Bun


A man bun is one of the most popular styles at the moment. Just pull your long hair up into a knot on the top of your head and fix with a hair elastic. This is great teamed up with a long beard or a short beard. Check these awesome man bun fade hairstyles.


#7: Long Hair On The Side With Long Beard


Long hairstyles for men do not need to be completely symmetrical. Try sweeping all of your hair over from one side to the other, so that it all falls on the same side of your face.


#8: Half Up Half Down ‘Do + Full Beard

Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Pull your hair together at the back of your head and tie up sections with a hair elastic. Leave the rest flowing freely down at the back of your head. This is the perfect way to keep your hair out of your face.


#9: Long Hair + Full Beard + Connected Mustache


A thick goatee beard is the main feature of this style. The beard has been carefully trimmed and shaped so that it looks perfect. The beard has maximum effect when teamed up with long hair.


#10: Big Lush Curls + Patchy Beard


Although this style would be the envy of many women, it is still a great men’s hairstyle. Give the look a testosterone boost by matching it up with a short beard. If you are not lucky enough to have this hair naturally it can be quite hard to style.


#11: Top Knot Undercut with Short Beard

topknot undercut with short beard

An undercut is one of the trendiest hairstyles of this current era that makes a voguish combination when styled with the long hairstyle and a short beard.

To achieve the desired look, keep the sides and back of the head shorter than the top which contains longer hair that is tied into a topknot hairstyle later. Grow thick stubble for masculine features.


#12: Long Braided Mohawk with Stubble

Long hair when styled into a braided Mohawk, it pulls out an enigmatic personality out of the man. For this particular hairstyle, you do not have to shave the sides of the head, make the braids of side hair instead. Keep the top hair relatively puffy to make it resemble Mohawk. Wear light stubble to add more impact to the whole style.


#13: Goatee and Man Bun

If you are in search of low maintenance beard and hairstyles, you can go for a disconnected goatee and a high man bun to achieve your desired look. High man bun will take the people’s eyes off from your patchy beard and will add more class to your personality.


#14: Circle Beard with Long Messy Hairstyle

You can keep it simple and cool at the same time by pairing up messy long hair with short, circle beard. You can achieve this look without going through the hectic treatments and styling. If you love to keep your hair muddled, keep it the way you want. Pair up the thick circle beard with light stubble cheek sides to get an inimitable look.


#15: Faded Beard + Men’s Long Ponytail + Undercut

short beard with long ponytail and undercut

Here is another unique combo that will make the people around you fall in love with your long hair and personality. Trim the sides and back of the head shorter and keep the top hair longer. Grow a thick beard and keep the side facial hair shorter to make it blend with the undercut hairstyle.


#16: Men’s Long Balayage Hair + Short Neck Beard

Have you ever tried a short neckbeard with long hairstyle? If not, what are you waiting for to make your appearance awe-inspiring? Add a modish touch to your look by golden balayage incorporation. You can keep the hair free or tie into a man bun, there is no restriction in styling your long hair.


#17: Ponytail and Short Beard

If you are a big fan of ponytails, choose this particular combination fearlessly, as a modern touch in your styling can make a huge impact on your personality. Taper fade the sides of the head and turn the remaining hair into a ponytail for a well-groomed look. Faded short beard will give you ultra-mannish features.


#18: Braided Long Hair with Full Beard and Mustache

Well, it is hard to take eyes off this guy because of the way how graciously he is carrying himself, is really admirable. Give an alluring touch up to simple half-up hairstyle by incorporating side braids. Grow a well-kept short beard for a debonair appearance.


#19: Viking Beard and Long Hairstyle

Not everyone has the guts to adopt such an extensive long hair and short beard combination. Viking style reveals the mysterious personality of men. If the “ginger color” is in your genes, the whole style becomes more imperial.

Take upper half hair section of the head and turn it into a bun or topknot. Leave the rest of the hair open. Take few hair strands from both sides of the head and turn these strands into a single braid. Grow a short beard in such a way that the facial hair around the mouth has a thicker texture than the cheeks area.


#20: Cornrows and Beard

long cornrows with short beard

It is easy to style and maintains. You can keep this style for two days at least without being messy.

Divide hair into several sections and turn these sections into braids. Do not tie braid too tightly; tie it a tad bit loose to prevent damage to your hair texture. Grow a chin strap bead along with a mustache to complete the look.


#21: Men’s Braided Bun + Full Beard

It is one of the most delightful and creative combinations that make the man’s personality even more bewitching.

Separate the hair into two sections. Turn the top hair section into a French braid and tie the braid into a topknot. Take the lower half section of the hair and turn it into another topknot. Grow a full thick beard for a manly look.


#22: Dreadlocks + Medium Length Beard With Connected Mustache

It is a perfect choice to wear for afro men. It is easy to maintain and can last for several days. Keep the dreadlocks free, side-swept the dreadlocks or make a bun, the choice is all yours! Grow a beard that features a circle goatee and thick neckbeard.


#23: Hard Part Undercut + Short Beard

long hair undercut with short beard

Looking for a bolder and unique avatar? Combine your long hair with an undercut and stubble. Separate the trimmed side of the head with a curvy hard part.

As you can see from this list, there are lots of great long hairstyles for men with beards. Although it can take a lot of time to grow your hair long, it is well worth the wait. Why not take some time to tell us about your long hairstyles in the comments section?