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8 Cool Haircuts for Teenage Guys With Thick Hair

There’s much more to it than just getting yourself a cut that fits in with the rest of your peers. As a teenager, you want a hairstyle that looks good with your features and is manageable and unique. Plus, your haircut should blend in with your hairstyle.

Finding the right haircut for teenage guys with thick hair can be challenging. Luckily, thick hair is arguably the most versatile type of hair.

It allows you to play around with various hairstyles to find the one you like best. In this article, we’ll look at different manly teenager hairstyles for various hair types to help you find your best look.


Haircuts for Teenager Guys With Thick Hair

Here are eight stylish haircuts for teenage guys with all types of thick hair.

1. Side-parted Pompadour

thick straight haircut for teenage guys

To pull off a full pompadour, you’ll need to obtain a medium taper fade and allow enough hair to rest on the top of your head.

Then the styling involves a distinct side portion to highlight the crown. With that, the rest of the hair on the side is trimmed depending on the preferred style.


2. Crop Top With Line

thick dyed hair for teenage guys

Looking closely, you can see a horizontal parting down one side of the head, which defines this crop top cut.

The excellent aspect of this thick-haired teen guys is that you can style the top part in any way you like.


3. Undercut + Blonde Streaks

thick curly hair for teenage guys

The undercut involves keeping the hair on top of the head long while the hair on the side and back is cut uniformly. For teenage boys, the appearance of a bigger head is a desirable aesthetic trait.

You can style the undercut differently depending on how the hair on the sides and back is trimmed.


4. Medium Dreadlocks

thick hairstyle for black teenage guys

Dreadlocks are associated with African Americans, but anyone can have them. To achieve this teen guy’s medium dreadlocks style, lay the locs on the back and sides while any other excess hair is cut.

Another interesting aspect is added by sweeping the hair to the side.


5. Blonde Curtain Hair

medium thick haircut for teenage guys

To achieve the perfect curtain hairstyle for teen boys, you can use a blow dryer upside down while applying volumizing mousse.

Grow out your blonde hair to create a shoulder-grazing surfer hair look, and you’ll look and feel like a young, magnetic star.

This carefree appearance is flattering and practical, as its supple texture will soften and round off your sharp features.


6. Tousled Curls

thick wavy haircut for teenage guys

Why not show off those lovely thick curls? Make use of hair gel and schedule regular visits to the salon for touch-ups to ensure your hairdo stays as pleasant as possible.

To achieve the perfect curly shags for teenager guys, have your barber trim any overgrown hair.


7. Mid Fade + Curly Top

short thick haircut for teenage guys

The hair on the sides and back of the head is layered short, while the top of the head is left longer and curlier.

Teenage boys who don’t want to put much effort into styling their thick hair can look excellent with this style.


8. Man Bun Undercut

long thick haircut for teenage guys

Instagram / salaodojuliobh

A man bun undercut is a shaved or tapered haircut that’s trendy and cutting edge for young teenagers. At its most basic, a man bun is just a top knot made from the longer hair on top.

The next step in creating the fade is to use a clipper, a razor, or a scissor to shave the hair off the back and sides.


With the right haircut, you can accentuate your best features and achieve your desired looks. Use these haircuts for teenage guys as inspiration for finding the perfect thick haircut for you. These cuts work well with any hair texture, whether straight or curly.

If you’re ever unsure about what to do with your hair, you can always consult with a professional stylist who will help you find the style that’s right for you. And remember, your best accessory is confidence!