30 Trendiest Bronde Hair Colors to Pump Up Your Style

What is a bronde hair color? It’s a combination of brown and blonde. You can take brownish hues as a base and create beautiful blonde highlights to brighten up the look or vice versa. The mix of brown and blond and timeless. No matter how hard you try, you won’t find anything that suits absolutely any occasion more than blonde and brown. Thankfully, there are so many shades of these colors, that the results can be completely outrageous. If you don’t like to settle for ordinary options, there is a bronde hair color out there that will suit your tastes.


Who Should Try Bronde Hair?

bronde hairstyle

Bronde hair color example

All women are welcome to try this versatile hair color that allows the combination of different color tones and can be adapted by to various skin types – from light to dark, straight to curly and no matter what your hair length is.

You should pick a color shade that matches your skin and natural hair color. Professional hairstylists say that dark brown haired women look good with honey tones as it gives a more natural look. For women with light brown hair, dark blonde is the best option as it gives a more natural look to them.

Bronde hair color technique is intended for brunettes, that the fact. That never means blond women can’t go for it. Bronde can reduce the contrast between hair color and skin tone if it is tanned and darker than the hair. Whatever, it depends on what individuals are trying to achieve and what they are doing!


How to Do Bronde Hair?

The below video tutorial will help you understand the overall procedure.


Trendy Bronde Hair Ideas

If you are at a loss of how to use bronde hair color, we collected 30 different options to allow you to have a choice. When you take a look at what other women have done with the mix of two, three, or even four colors, you’ll definitely be inspired for a change. So we would recommend you to make an appointment now. An image change is always a wonderful thing. Bronde image change is absolutely superb. Such color combination suits all face types and shades. Give it a try!


1. Light brown and honey blonde

Light brown and honey blonde

Light brown and honey blond combination is always a magnificent choice. In fact, this is a great way to create a most natural hair color. These two shades work great together to lighten up your image.


2. Dark brown and sandy blonde

 Dark brown and sandy blonde for women

This approach creates something similar to an ombre. You can keep the sandy blonde highlights sparse on the top and make the bottom completely sandy blonde. The result will be truly stunning.


3. Auburn brown and golden blonde

Auburn brown and golden blonde hair with teen age girl

This bronde hair color will make you look like a stunning redhead. The more golden blonde you add, the lighter the overall image will be. If you want to make the shade closer to red, leave more auburn.


4. Unexpected hues


If you want to make a statement with your blonde hairstyle, why not go for some crazy shades? A strand or two dyed some outrageous color such as green or blue will give your hair an fiery oomph.


5. Reddish ombre

 Reddish ombre hairstyle you like

The ombre approach is the most appealing when it comes to bronding. You can keep the top part of your head any color you want and the lower part should be highlighted. This bold hairstyle with reddish top and a bronde bottom is great!


6. Platinum blonde and gray highlights


Gray hair color is conquering the world and it made its way into bronding. Platinum bleached blonde locks mixed with gray highlights is an interesting approach to the new fashion.


7. Platinum blonde and auburn brown


Balayage is a wonderful hair coloring technique that can make bronding even more impressive. If your hair is auburn brown, you can choose from any blonde hair color. Whatever you do, you’ll look fantastic.


8. Three-color mix


Bronde hair color doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a mix of two shades. You can use as many hues as you like. If your natural locks are dark brown, consider adding some honey and platinum blonde.


9. Subtle bronding

Subtle bronding haircut with ways blonde hairstyle for women

If your stylist is a real professional, he or she can use the subtle bronding technique which will result in absolutely natural hair color. In order for the bronding to look natural, use shades that are close on the color chart.


10. Reddish blonde and medium brown


If your hair is medium brown, light blonde colors won’t look as natural as reddish blonde hues. Create a beautiful auburn shade by adding reddish blonde to medium brown. You’ll love the result!


11. Dark brown and glazed strawberry blonde

Dark brown and glazed strawberry blonde hairstyle

If you like yellowish blonde hues, this bronde hair color is for you. Glazed strawberry blonde coupled with dark brown creates a more or less naturally looking hair shade that you can enjoy.


12. Sandy blonde shades


Sandy blonde shades are often the favorite among the blondes. However, they can be hard to achieve and the dark roots might ruin the picture. Mix sandy blonde with dark brown highlights and the results will be stunning.


13.Platinum blonde

ways Platinum blonde hairstyle for women

If you love the way you look as a platinum blonde but don’t want to get your hair dyed every month, consider bronding. It might take some brightness out of your hair color but the hassle will go with it.


14. Ginger blonde and light brown


Ginger blonde is a wonderful hue for bronding. Just like auburn brown, it looks great with all the other hair colors. Ginger blonde and light brown mix will create a soft yet sparkling color you’ll appreciate.

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15. Partial bronding


Bronding is usually associated with highlighting. However, partial bronding is a real find. You can highlight your brown bangs blonde and dye the frontal strands while leaving the rest of your hair brown.


16. Unusual bronding

Unusual bronding with bolnde haircut

Bronde hair color can look unexpected if you mix light brown with yellowish blonde. The lighter your natural hair is, the brighter the effect will be. Unfortunately, the frequent touch-ups are a must.


17. Subtle highlights


If your own hair is dark blonde, you can add lighter blonde colors without being afraid of roots showing too much. Instead of using too much dye to color all of your locks, consider partial highlights.


18. Ginger brown and honey blonde

Ginger brown and honey blonde hairstyle

Ginger brown and honey blonde look perfect together. If your natural color is ginger brown, you are lucky enough to be able to experiment with all types of bronding. Just go down the blonde shade list and try them all.


19. Auburn and platinum blonde


Even if your natural hair is black, you can take advantage of bronde hair color. Choose your favorite shades and work with them. As long as one of them is rather dark, you’ll have a great style.


20. Natural bronding

 Natural bronding ways blonde hairstyle for women

The initial goal of bronding is to brighten up the hair color. Look at the color chart and find a dye two shades lighter than your natural hair. Such an approach will make your locks look 100% natural.


21. Sightly bronde


If you have black hair, full-blown bronding might look unattractive. Consider using the balayage technique with two different shades, one of which is closer to your natural color and the other is blonde.


22. Ash blonde

Ash blonde hairstyle for women

Bronde hair color will look terrific if you mix light brown hair with ash blonde. Ash blonde is an attractive shade that will make your hair truly shine. So if you want to look different, go for these hues.


23. Brown, honey, and platinum


3-color bronding is always a great choice for your hairstyle. The mix of three similar colors makes your locks appear bright and attractive. Meanwhile, keep the darkest shades closer to your roots to reduce maintenance.


24. Honey brown and golden blonde

Honey brown and golden blonde hairstyle for girl

Bronde hair color will really shine if you mix the honey and golden hues. These shades are often hard to keep bright, that’s why they look the best if your natural hair is closer to golden. Give it a  try!


25. Classic bronding


This is a classical bronding option. The light brown hair is slightly improved by adding blonde highlights. If you want to change your image without making too big of a statement, classic bronde hair color is the way to go.


26. Black and blonde


While bronding looks best when it involves mixing brown and blonde shades, black and blonde can also look good. In order not to make the contrast too obvious, the blonde highlights should prevail.


27. Brown and ginger hues

 Brown and ginger hues hairstyle for women

Ginger blonde is easy to work with and it often creates the best results when mixed with brown. So if your natural locks are any shade of brown, adding ginger blonde is a perfect decision.


28. The lighter the better


The lighter your natural brown color is, the more natural the bronde hair color will look on your locks. Be careful not to overdo the blonde or your own hair will get lost in the background.


29. Low bronding


This smart approach to the bronding technique is not popular but you can take advantage of it. Only the upper layers of your hair are dyed blonde so the brown locks only peak through when you toss your tresses.

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30. Dark brown and walnut mist blonde

nice Dark brown and walnut mist blonde hairstyle

Dark brown locks are hard to brighten up in a unique way. But this hair color can be truly magnificent. Walnut mist blonde mixed with brown creates a special shade that’s hard to copy.

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Bronde hair color is a wonderful way out for any woman who is looking for subtle or outrageous changing for her hair. We hope these options gave you a good idea of what to demand from your stylist the next time you pay the barber shop a visit.