10 Trendy Hair Colors for Summer 2022 to Keep You Cool

Keeping your cool during the summer usually has a lot to do with your style. Browsing hair colors for summer time can help you choose your next image. Beautiful shades of red, blonde, and even blue can make your warm months even more extraordinary than you thought possible. When there are no hats or scarfs to hide your beautiful hair, you can enjoy all types of new shades. Even though the burning sun can fade the rich colors away faster, flaunting them is so much fun, you just can’t resist.


Caring For Dyed Hair In The Summer

Which hair color is the best this summer? Women all over the world are looking for answers to this seemingly simple question. We’ve looked at the upcoming trends and came up with 10 options to give you a fresh start. However, fashion is not always practical. You need to consider some summer hair care nuances before making the hair salon appointment or going out to buy a new dye.


1. Covering Up

In order to keep deep summer hair colors intact, you have to protect the hair from the sun. If you are planning to flaunt your mane at the beach, consider lighter shades such as strawberry or even platinum blonde. The blazing sun can turn your mahogany hair into a lifeless red mane in a flash.


2. Forget About Tight Dos

If you are a fan of tight braids and buns, you are going to have a hard time keeping the color looking fresh in the summer. Summer hair loves loose and messy hairstyles. Consider messy braids or ponytails or just let your hair down.


3. Reduce Washing

If you want to keep the colors bright when they are affected by the scorching sun, you need to reduce the washing frequency. Try to wash your hair as rare as possible. Otherwise, you might need touch-ups as often as every in 2 – 3 weeks.


4. Don’t Dive in the Pool

Diving in the pool can lead to hair color changes. Some blonde shades effectively turn green when exposed to the chemical in pools. If you are going swimming, make a high updo and don’t dip your head into the water.


5. Don’t Brush Your Hair When Wet

Brushing wet dyed hair can lead to damage and to a lifeless look of your tresses. If you must brush the locks, use a comb instead of a brush. Try to avoid brushing until the hair is fully dry.


Summer Hair Colors for Women Who Love to Shine

Do you want to really shine this summer? Choose an appropriate hair color. We collected 10 remarkable options for you to test and enjoy. The summer is in full swing, so don’t wait any longer to create an amazing hairstyle with a stunning hair hue.

Summer hair colors differ greatly but they have one thing in common. Whenever you want to make a statement, each one of the below options can make you look fantastic. Blonde shades are overwhelming this summer. Meanwhile, red, pink, and blue are holding their own.


1. Mahogany purple color

Mahogany purple Summer hair color for girl

This beautiful hair color is far from looking natural but the impression it makes is truly fantastic. It’s a good choice for the summer since it’s not too bright so you won’t have to concern yourself with frequent touchups. The more it fades the more sophisticated it looks.


2. Silvery mix

young girl Silver Summer Hair Color idea

Silver summer hair color is a great choice for women who always wanted to try this shade. Summer is a great season to check it out. If you want to keep the touchups to a minimum, consider leaving some of your natural locks intact.


3. Blue and grey

Blue and grey Summer Hair Color

This is another great choice for the girls, who have been dreaming of silver hair but couldn’t persuade themselves to try it. Mixing in metallic blue strands can help reduce the effect of aging that comes with silver locks.


4. Bright chestnut red hair colors

chestnut red Summer Hair Color for girl

This bright chestnut red is the perfect hair color for summer. While the richness is not top-notch, it can make any girl shine as bright as the sun. Such color is very flexible. Women with all natural hair colors and skin types can take advantage of it.


5. Bronde

Summer Hair Color

The mix of brown and blonde colors is ageless, timeless, and doesn’t depend on the season. If you like wearing darker colors in the winter and then switching to lighter in the summer, such a combination is a great way to go.


6. Strawberry red

Strawberry red Summer Hair Color for beautifull girl

Looking like a strawberry in the summer is the smart way to go. This is a pale red color mixed with blonde strands, which won’t be fading out in the sun too much. If red is not your choice, you can go for blue or even green.

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7. Reddish auburn hair color

summer Reddish auburn hair color idea for girl

Reddish auburn hair with blonde highlights can help you create an image you’ve always wanted. These warm summer hair colors can brighten up your mane without making it difficult to maintain. It can suit all skin types.


8. Go blonde

Summer Hair Color

Going blonde in the summer is the easiest and the smartest thing you can do. The sun will make your hair look even lighter while you are flaunting your new style on the beach. Any shade of blonde is great for the summer.


9. Highlights

If you are not ready to go blonde, blonde highlights can do the trick as well. Don’t try to save your natural hair color too much. After all, hair is hair and it grows throughout your lifetime. It’s an opportunity to experiment!


10. Platinum blonde

Platinum blonde Summer Hair Color for women

Not many women are brave enough to try platinum blonde especially if their natural color is dark brown or black. Summer is the time to give this shade of blonde a try. Platinum blonde looks fantastic gleaming in the sun!

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We hope you have already made an appointment to get the best hair color for summer today. Don’t wait too long because the summer is very short. Right now you still have time to try a couple of the above options.