10 Two Feed In Braids That Look Totally Stunning

If you’ve been wanting to grow out your natural hair but want a gorgeous hairstyle in the meantime, two feed-in braids are a great look to rock. Feed-in braids are basically cornrows that get their name from the process of “feeding in” synthetic hair to your natural hair as you form the cornrow.

You can wear the two feed-in braid hairstyle with short or long hair. The 10 beautiful looks below will show you how to rock two feed-in braids for any face shape.

1. Two Feed In Braids with Weave

Whether it’s platinum or turquoise, a weave on two feed-in braids livens up the look. Braids started near the forehead create a ridged crown, perfect for when you’re feeling like a queen.


2. Two Feed In Braids with Curly Ends


3. Two Long Feed In Braids

Add easy shape to two low feed-in braids by starting them thin and alternating between thick and thin the rest of the way down. Hair will look longer and fancier.


4. Two Big Feed In Braids

Women who prefer a thicker hair look will love jumbo feed in braids. The boho look can be left as is or you can add special details like flowers or other accessorized clips to dress them up.


5. Two Feed In Braids with Bun

A thick bun is the perfect look to wear to a formal dinner, date, or wedding. Simply pull back your feed in braids and wind them up into a smooth low bun.


6. Two Feed In French Braids

Feed in braids can also make a sexy look like the side French braid. Incorporate it at the top of your head but keep the braids separate at the bottom for a duo of beauty.


7. Two Feed In Braids with Side Part

Parting hair at the side before you begin your braids is another way you can set your look apart. The unexpected twist in the traditional two braided look will also make any up or low do look twice as classy.


8. Two Feed In Braids to The Back

While some braids are started at an angle that directs them over the front of the shoulders, this feed in braided style brings them straight back and down. A diagonal or wavy part is a cool extra detail.


9. Two Feed In Braids with Ponytail

Tiny feed in braids that begin near your forehead and come around to the sides to end up in a bushy curly ponytail are a chic style. Smooth strands up top and a party down below keep this look elegant.


10. Two Feed In Braids with Color

Deep burgundy takes these two feed in braids from “okay” to “oh wow.” From the smooth braids up top down to the rich curly ends, this hairstyle is stunning.


Two feed-in braids can cost anywhere from $50 to $150 and will last about a week before needing a redo or touching up, but the beautiful result is well worth it. For a quick hairstyle with room for putting plenty of your own touches on, the two feed-in braid hairstyle is a must.