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27 Two Feed In Braids That Look Totally Stunning

If you’ve been wanting to grow out your natural hair but want a gorgeous hairstyle in the meantime, two feed-in braids are a great look to rock. Feed-in braids are basically cornrows that get their name from the process of “feeding in” synthetic hair to your natural hair as you form the cornrow.

You can wear the two feed-in braid hairstyle with short or long hair. The 27 beautiful looks below will show you how to rock two feed-in braids for any face shape.

1. Two Feed In Braids with Weave

two feed in braids with weave

Whether it’s platinum or turquoise, a weave on two feed-in braids livens up the look. Braids started near the forehead create a ridged crown, perfect for when you’re feeling like a queen.

2. Two Feed In Braids with Curly Ends

two feed in braids with curly ends

Sleek two Dutch braids lead the way to long extra curly ponytails. If you love hairstyles packed with texture, give this look a try. You can even add a few blonde or caramel highlights for extra beauty.

3. Two Long Feed In Braids

two long feed in braids

Add easy shape to two low feed-in braids by starting them thin and alternating between thick and thin the rest of the way down. Hair will look longer and fancier.

4. Two Big Feed In Braids

two big feed in braids
Instagram / styles.bysandy

Women who prefer a thicker hair look will love jumbo feed in braids. The boho look can be left as is or you can add special details like flowers or other accessorized clips to dress them up.

5. Two Feed In Braids with Bun

two feed in braids with bun
Instagram / beautybysheri

A thick bun is the perfect look to wear to a formal dinner, date, or wedding. Simply pull back your feed in braids and wind them up into a smooth low bun.

6. Light Blue on Blonde

two feed in braids for white girls

Many women love playing with hair color. If that’s you, add this gorgeous periwinkle blue to your feed-in braids. Here they’re seen on blonde hair, but the light color will show up beautifully against any base color.

7. Heart Braids

two feed in braids with heart design
Instagram / blackgirlsxmgwada

When you have a little more time to spend on styling, it’s worth it to try special designs in your hair, like these two flirty hearts. While they decorate the scalp, shiny gold hair string brings a sparkle to the braids. 

8. Half and Half

two feed in braids with small braids
Instagram / nique_lynn

If contrast is where you find joy, you’ll appreciate the beauty of a half and half hairstyle. This look boasts intricate braids going in opposite directions up top, and long soft waves on the bottom. 

9. Sectioned Feed-Ins

To get this hair beauty, make two regular Dutch braids only halfway through the hair. Then secure with a hair tie and use more hair ties to section off the lower half of your feed-in braids. Make one or six – you’ll stun either way!

10. Knotless Braids

dyed two feed in braids
Instagram / locs2lashes

Knotless feed-ins are a popular choice for women’s hairstyles because of the creativity that can be displayed. Just check out these extra long braids and their beautiful blue coloring!

11. Heart Stitch Braids

two feed in braided buns
Instagram / hairbykaikai1

Whether you’re feeling Cupid’s arrow or you just want a feminine, flirty hairstyle, this heart stitch style goes perfectly with feed-in braids. We love the way the two low buns flaunt tight curls.

12. Curly Ends

two feed in braids for little girls
Instagram / braidz_nstylez

Even little girls deserve to feel like princesses of style. Treat your little one to two glamorous feed-in braids that leave plenty of length at their ends to be curled. Wrap the braided area in gold string that will shine over her black hair. A cute little hair charm at the top and center is the final touch.

13. Red with Zig Zag Part

2 feed in braids with beads
Instagram / gees_styles

A traditional straight line part separates two braids just fine, but it’s easier to make your look stand out with a unique zig zag part instead. The only thing to livens these braids up even more is a subtle red coloring and silver hair charms.

14. Cornrow Wrap

2 feed in braids with cornrow
Instagram / gees_styles

Another braid style that involves a little more styling time but makes an incredible impact! Multiple thin cornrows line the first couple inches of the hairline, then lead the way to two feed-in braids. If you like bangs, straighten yours and part them in the middle.

15. Nigerian Braids

two feed in braids with cornrows
Instagram / justbraidsinfo

Between extra thick Nigerian braids, perfectly coiled curls, and thin cornrows that spiral out from the crown of the head, this hairstyle is packed with gorgeous detail no one will be able to turn away from.

16. Double Colors

two feed in braids with color
Instagram / slayedbraidss

Show team spirit by rocking your favorite sport’s colors in your feed-in braids. Dark blue and a bright yellow are an awesome contrast, but you can combine any of your favorite colors in your hair.

17. Lavender Love

two feed in braids
Instagram / slayedbynadejah

For women with black or dark brown hair, a light color addition is just the thing to change up your look. A soft lavender complements any skin tone.

18. Rainbow Feed-Ins

2 feed in braids
Instagram / braids.empressjesss

Not a fan of two feed-in braids that follow along from your temples and down your back? Give them a curved shape by starting off center and winding them around the head. A splash of rainbow color will give your look extra punch.

19. Heart Trio

two feed in crown braids
Instagram / hairbykaikai1

You’re never too old to rock your love of girly hearts. An adorable trio of little hearts can be made with stitch braiding. Center them between your two braids and above the one braid they combine into.

20. Curves and Twists

Not only does a rich caramel color on natural black hair instantly liven up braided feed-in hairstyles, so do curved and twisted stitch braids along the center of your head. 

21. Platinum and Purple

two feed in cross braids
Instagram / mae_hairstyles

Two thick feed-in braids criss-cross while thin double braids line the center. The gorgeous look is finished off with a soft pairing of light purple on blonde. 

22. Two Center Braids

2 feed in braids
Instagram / braidsbyxio

4C hair has never felt more beautiful than in two thick feed-in braids with a lining of thin double braids. Blonde highlights are a no-fail way to give a color splash to hair.

23. Two Feed In French Braids

Feed in braids can also make a sexy look like the side French braid. Incorporate it at the top of your head but keep the braids separate at the bottom for a duo of beauty.

24. Two Feed In Braids with Side Part

two feed in braids with side part
Instagram / latoshastar

Parting hair at the side before you begin your braids is another way you can set your look apart. The unexpected twist in the traditional two braided look will also make any up or low do look twice as classy.

25. Two Feed In Braids to The Back

two feed in braids to the back
Instagram / braydedup

While some braids are started at an angle that directs them over the front of the shoulders, this feed in braided style brings them straight back and down. A diagonal or wavy part is a cool extra detail.

26. Two Feed In Braids with Ponytail

two feed in braids with ponytail

Tiny feed in braids that begin near your forehead and come around to the sides to end up in a bushy curly ponytail are a chic style. Smooth strands up top and a party down below keep this look elegant.

27. Two Feed In Braids with Color

two feed in braids with color

Deep burgundy takes these two feed in braids from “okay” to “oh wow.” From the smooth braids up top down to the rich curly ends, this hairstyle is stunning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are two feed-in braids?

How much these braids cost will vary depending on the style of braids you want and the quality of your salon. You should also factor in the cost of the hair you plan to use for the feed-in braids. Generally, you can expect to pay over a hundred dollars for a qualified professional to give you 2 feed-in braids.

How long does it take to do two feed-in braids?

Compared to other hairstyles, two feed-in braids won’t take that long. Generally, it can take one to three hours to get two braids. The amount of time will vary depending on how much hair you have and the complexity of the braid style. 

How many packs of hair are required for two feed-in braids?

The number of packs of hair you need for two feed-in braids depends on the braid style and length you desire. Two simple braids may only need one pack, but if you want thicker or longer braids, you may need three packs. Particularly long braids may need around five packs.

How do I sleep with two feed-in braids?

Sleeping with two feed-in braids should be fairly easy. Most people like to tie their braids into a bun and then cover their hair with a silk scarf or bonnet. 

How long do two feed-in braids usually last?

These braids usually last around two weeks. After a couple of weeks, your hair will start to grow out, causing the braids to loosen and making the hairstyle less neat. 

Two feed-in braids can cost anywhere from $50 to $150 and will last about a week before needing a redo or touching up, but the beautiful result is well worth it. For a quick hairstyle with room for putting plenty of your own touches on, the two feed-in braid hairstyle is a must.