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7 Spectacular Feed In Braids to The Side

The next time you’re debating over which feed in braid hairstyle to try, consider a side style. Feed in braids to the side means you can align your hair to one side or can actually feed in the braids horizontally. The depth of that angle is up to you and the overall effect you’re trying for.

Just like regular feed in braids, feed in braids to the side can be as creative and unique as you are. You can use jumbo braids, tiny cornrows, or a combination of the two with something thrown in between. We have 7 unique hairstyles for you to take a look at, so take a peek!

1. Jumbo Feed in Braids to The Side

Instead of creating smaller braids like cornrows, use several jumbo braids to create your side hairstyle. Braids can start all around your forehead but are worked to one particular side and secured at the nape of the neck, regardless of the overall length.


2. Medium Feed in Braids

If you love long braids, this one is stunning. For a natural look, opt-out of jumbo braids and create a side feed in style with medium-sized plaits. Follow the natural roundness of your scalp when creating medium-sized braids, as seen here. Whether your braids are bright blue or a more approachable hue, you’ll love this side hairstyle.


3. Side Small Feed in Braids

These tiny braids that are akin to cornrows evenly distribute tension on one half of the scalp. Not only are smaller braids typically more bearable, but it’s an approachable style that is easy to wear.


4. Side Feed in Braids with Ponytail

Show off the gorgeous shape of your side feed in braids with a high ponytail. A look like this is highly creative, yet its effect is classy and subdued, making this the perfect look for any occasion.


5. Blonde Feed in Braids

Create gorgeous depth at the root by adding blonde extensions on your side feed in style. We also love the texture created by small and large braids within the same hairstyle.


6. Curly Feed in Braids

Make your bohemian braids stand out with a side feed in style. These small yet sweeping side cornrows provide an excellent contrast to the curly lengths of this hairstyle.


Two Feed In Braids


7. Side Feed in Braids with Color

Side feed in braids are interesting, so why not make them truly stand out with a unique color? This light sand color may be neutral but the deeper hue at the scalp adds interesting depth.

Feed in braids to the side provides a fun way to switch up your basic braids hairstyle. All you have to decide is your ideal color, thickness, and length. Create beautiful patterns on your scalp in a horizontal fashion or create neat rows of tiny, side sweeping braids. Now that we’ve shown you the seven best styles, which one will you go for?