5 Classy Undercut Hairstyles With A Cool Beard

Undercut with beard are in trend for so many years. As it is the modern, versatile and classic haircut. It can be combined with the quiffs, comb-over, shaved sides, or any other cool look. But the combination of undercut and beard give this hairstyle fantabulous looks.

Undercut hairstyle includes the shaved sides and back of the head and long thick hair on the top of the head. The length of hair may vary like it can be short, medium or long you can choose whatever you like or what’s suits you.

There are hundreds of undercut hairstyles for men with a beard; here we will discuss the most popular undercuts for a beard that is worth trying.


Most Popular Undercut Hairstyle for Men with Beard

A bearded man may feel irritated with long hair while styling. To get rid of this, there are many short hairstyles ideas for a bearded man and undercut hair is one of the most popular hairstyles among them. You can get some ideas on how to style an undercut hairstyle that looks fashionable with your beard.


1. High Pompadour Undercut Hair with Beard

High Pompadour Undercut with Beard

It is one of the popular but a little bit tricky undercut hair and beard hairstyle. It gives an elegant look to men if you keep your undercut clean and neat. You also need to trim your beard often to give this hairstyle a proportional look.

If you succeed in maintaining the proportion of undercut and beard then this hairstyle can end up looking amazingly cool.


2. Undercut with Quiff and Beard

Undercut with Quiff and Beard

Another major trending hairstyle is quiff undercut and beard. It might be a difficult hairstyle but got easier when you become used to it. To make this hairstyle you just need plenty of hair wax or gel.

Apply evenly this wax or gel to your hair with the help of fingers. It will give a lumpy look or voluminous hair. Then make a quiff with help of comb or brush. Once you are done, spray your hair with a good quality hairspray to fix the style.


3. Slicked Back Undercut Hair with Beard

slicked back undercut with beard

Slicked back undercut hair with a beard is one the modern look nowadays. You can rock with this style in any event at any time. The smoothness of hair is achieved by good quality styling products. To get this look, you have to shave the sides of the head more than the top of the head.

The top of the hair is combed back professionally to give it a perfect look as shown in the below image. For the beginners, it would be quite difficult to get the perfect slicked back style for the first time.

Slick Side Part Undercut Hairstyles for Men 


4. Comb-Over Undercut with Beard and Shaved Sides

comb over undercut with beard

This is the most classic look ever. This look is achieved through the following steps;

  • Application of any styling product like hair wax on your hair
  • Combing the hair to part or make a straight line in the hair
  • Then style it with a comb until you get the perfect comb-over

This comb-over hair for men with the combo of undercut and beard add an extraordinary factor to your personality as shown in the image.


5. Dyed Undercut Hair with Beard

dyed undercut with beard

Among the several undercuts for a beard, it is the boldest undercut hairstyle for bearded men as shown in the image.