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30 Undercut and Beard Combos Trending in 2024

If you love building a prominent contrast and a stunning look, an undercut with a beard is exactly what you need. Whether you are a boy or an older man, there are so many combinations you can make to pull off a trendy fabulous. This is not an appearance for shy men, but for confident, masculine fellows who love attention and getting all eyes on them.

Undercut Hairstyles With A Beard

Depending on your personal style, you can build rebellious badass looks or transform this combination into a hairstyle with a lot of elegance and class. We are sure you will love these undercuts with beards, and we gathered here a great list of 23 combinations that will make you want to change your look ASAP!

1. Long Undercut + Verdi

long undercut  with verdi beard

This particular hairstyle require clean undercut with the top longer in length. Pairing it with Verdi beard can boost confidence and style to any man. Hence, anyone in their 40s looking for attention and admiration can pick this combination.

2. Red Perms + Light Stubble

red curly undercut with light stubble beard

The undercut adds boldness by trimming the hair on the sides and back of the head. And it also creates a sharp contrast with the voluminous curls on top. The light stubble facial hair complements the perms and enhances a unique personality with a strong sense of fashion.

3. Blonde Waves + Full Beard

wavy blonde undercut with thick beard

While the wavy nature of the hair adds a touch of playfulness to the undercut style, the full beard brings masculinity to the overall appearance. So, this combination creates a harmonious balance between softness and boldness.

4. Ponytail Undercut with Goatee

black ponytail undercut with goatee beard

This unique curly hairstyle combines a neatly trimmed undercut while the hair on top is styled into a sleek ponytail. To complete this look, a goatee beard can add a confident and bold appearance.

5. Colored Brush Over + Stubbly Box

colored undercut with boxed beard

The hairstyle adds a burst of vibrancy with the top dyed in eye catching shades. The brush over gives a textured appearance. To complement this look you can maintain a short stubbly length beard.

6. Spiky Undercut with Long Stubble Beard

celebrity inspired undercut with beard

The combination of long stubble facial hair and spiky hair adds edginess with a rugged charm. The clean and precise undercut creates sharp contrast with top. And, the beard improves the maturity to the overall look.

7. Side Swept Messy Curls + Patchy Beard

disconnected undercut with patchy beard

Sweep your long thick curly hair over to one side so that your trimmed sides get some attention. Keep the sideburns similar in length to your trimmed undercut.

8. Comb Over + Medium Beard

undercut with light beard

An undercut has the purpose of highlighting the top comb-over while the light beard transforms you into a real rebel. Even if your facial hair is not too dense, you will be able to maintain a sexy appearance that will complete your whole look. 

9. Pointy Beard + Taper Fade

undercut with beard fade

Go for an undercut and a beard with a fade. Maintain the chin hair longer and dense and slightly shorten your hair from the jawline and cheeks. Also, sunglasses will suit you like never before.

10. Blonde Highlights + Full Beard and Mustache

side swept undercut with beard

Who doesn’t love a sexy man with side-swept hair, a cool undercut, and a thick beard? To build this look, you need to style blonde highlights and create that wet look while the rounded tips of your mustache will give you that bad boy look. 

11.  Short Bowl Cut + Full Beard

short hair undercut with beard

A bowl cut is a short hairstyle with an undercut that cool fashionable guys tend to pair with messy, full beards. The look will totally suit you, and even the girls will notice how trendy you are. 

12. Pompadour + Long Beard

disconnected undercut with beard

This disconnected undercut with a beard creates such a great contrast between the high Pompadour and that flawless facial hair. If you wear glasses, this look will make you feel both sexy and smart. 

13. Comb Over + Hollywoodian Beard

comb over undercut with beard

A comb-over with an undercut makes a great team with a short jawline beard. You will look like a Hollywood star, and you’ll be irresistible to girls. 

14. Man Bun with Undercut + Short Beard

man bun undercut with beard

This man bun with an undercut and beard is so stylish, and you can pull it off at least once. Perfectly groom your beard, shaving the hair from your neck and your cheeks. 

15.  Afro Hair + Chin Strap

curly undercut with beard

Afro curly hair with dark roots and lighter tips will create a stunning contrast between that undercut and the high top. Mix this hairstyle with a beard, and you will look fabulous. 

16. Wavy Hair with Hard Part and Undercut

Indian undercut with beard

Such an Indian undercut will fabulously go with a beard. For the top, use hair wax to highlight those waves and get a razored hard part that will better separate the two portions of hair.

17. Hipster Bun and Beard

long hair undercut with beard

Your long hair can be pinned in a bun, and that undercut will transit into a stunning beard. Complete your hipster look with a pair of cool sunglasses. 

18. Hipster Beard + Cornrow

man braids with undercut and beard

That perfectly groomed ducktail beard gorgeously highlights these man braids with an undercut. Split the top into four sections, which you will braid and pin in the back. 

19. Ducktail Beard For Asian Men

undercut hairstyle with beard for round face

A Pompadour with an undercut hairstyle is exactly what you need, while a ducktail beard for round faces will make your face look elongated. You need to work with your face shape, find the best options, and create the illusion you need. 

20. Van Dyke Beard + Undercut

undercut with french beard

French beards will frame your mouth and create a classy look. A short hairstyle with a longer top and undercut will make your face look elongated, and you will adore this new appearance. 

21. Ducktail Beard

hipster undercut with beard

This hipster undercut look with a pointy beard will instantly transform you into a macho man. It will boost your masculinity, and that sleek comb over will make all girls around you give their attention. 

22. Jawline Beard and Soul Patch + Short Hair

undercut with short beard

An undercut looks good with a short jawline beard that will give your facial features a better definition. You can play with the length and create an illusion of a more elongated face.

23. Full Beard + Man Bun

slicked back undercut with beard

Long beards need a lot of your attention, and so does your skin when you grow such a significant amount of beard. Gather all your top hair and pin it in a high top bun.

24. Quiff + Short Thick Beard

men's undercut with beard (1)

That quiff must look like a bump if you want to recreate that fantastic hairstyle. Create a disconnection between the top and the short thick beard by getting a high fade taper. 

25. Imperial Beard + Swept Top

 undercut with beard

The imperial beard features long chin hair and a long mustache with twisted ends. For your head, go for a tapered undercut and swoop that short top hair on one side. You will get a royal, elegant look that everyone will notice.

26. High Pompadour Undercut Hair with Beard

High Pompadour Undercut with Beard

It is one of the popular but a little bit tricky undercut hair and beard hairstyle. It gives an elegant look to men if you keep your undercut clean and neat. You also need to trim your beard often to give this hairstyle a proportional look.

If you succeed in maintaining the proportion of undercut and beard then this hairstyle can end up looking amazingly cool.

27. Undercut with Quiff and Beard

Undercut with Quiff and Beard

Another major trending hairstyle is quiff undercut and beard. It might be a difficult hairstyle but got easier when you become used to it. To make this hairstyle you just need plenty of hair wax or gel.

Apply evenly this wax or gel to your hair with the help of fingers. It will give a lumpy look or voluminous hair. Then make a quiff with help of comb or brush. Once you are done, spray your hair with a good quality hairspray to fix the style.

Short hairstyle ideas for a bearded man

28. Slicked Back Undercut Hair with Beard

slicked back undercut with beard

Slicked back undercut hair with a beard is one the modern look nowadays. You can rock with this style in any event at any time. The smoothness of hair is achieved by good quality styling products. To get this look, you have to shave the sides of the head more than the top of the head.

The top of the hair is combed back professionally to give it a perfect look as shown in the below image. For the beginners, it would be quite difficult to get the perfect slicked back style for the first time.

Slick Side Part Undercut Hairstyles for Men 

29. Undercut with Beard and Shaved Sides

comb over undercut with beard

This is the most classic look ever. This look is achieved through the following steps;

  • Application of any styling product like hair wax on your hair
  • Combing the hair to part or make a straight line in the hair
  • Then style it with a comb until you get the perfect comb-over

This comb-over hair for men with the combo of undercut and beard add an extraordinary factor to your personality as shown in the image. 

30. Dyed Undercut Hair with Beard

dyed undercut with beard

Among the several undercuts for a beard, it is the boldest undercut hairstyle for bearded men as shown in the image.