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20 Trendy Weave Hairstyles for Kenyan Women in 2024

Want to have that gorgeous look that will make your clique jealous of you, but you don’t know which Kenyan weave hairstyles to try? There are many ideas on the internet about some of the trendiest weave hairstyles for Kenyan women you might be missing.

Well, what about considering some short or long weaves this year? Learn more here about some adorable weave hairstyles for Kenyan ladies that will change your thinking about weaves. Stay trendy in 2024!

kenyan weave hairstyles women

Best Weave Hairstyles for Kenyan Women

It is general knowledge that when Kenyan women add extensions to their hair, they intend to enhance the volume and dimension of their hair.

However, this is not the only reason why women add extensions. Kenyan weave hairstyles are only an excellent option for your typical hair when making an alternative look.

Short-weave hairstyles are the best path to follow if you are looking for a specific look while retaining the texture and dimension of your natural hair. Some of the trendiest hairstyles with weaves are as follows:

1. Short Side Swept Weave Hairstyle

Side Swept Kenyan Weave Hairstyle

This is a major hit weave hairstyle for Kenyan women this year. It is an exquisite and straightforward style that every Kenyan lady wants to try out. You can either wear it long or shot. Remember to wrap it before retiring in your bed, so it recreates itself for the next day. It is undoubtedly an easy and quick hairstyle to style.

2. Cream of The Crop

Incorporating flexible twists to the short hairstyle changes your look completely. This mainstream Kenyan short weave hairstyle has a flipped-up twist, feathered to give them more dimension and height.

3. Quick Afro Weave

kenyan hairstyles with weave

Women of all ages can wear this popular weave hairstyle for Kenyan women, both baby girls and adult women. What to stand out? Combine this style with hair accessories to make it look great and trendier.

4. Bohemian Coco

Bohemian coco is a full-bodied hair weave. It gives you a more African appearance and deducts some years from your real age, leaving you feeling beautiful and young.

5. Chanel

This beautiful weave can make you feel like a billion-dollar Hollywood star. It is a composition of curly hair and straight tresses. It is ideal for evening outings with friends, a cocktail party, and your first date. Combine it with evening makeup, and you steal the party!

6. Boy Cut

Another fascinating Kenyan weave hairstyle-boy cut. It is a very comfortable short haircut that doesn’t require much time to gloom. So, for the ladies who are always on the run, try boy cut.

7. Long weave Hair

This is one of the trendiest weaving styles in 2024. It gives the impression of a voluminous and thick hair. It’s ideal for ladies with thin faces.

8. Natural Yaki Plus

Kenyan weave for straight hair

Still, waiting for a weave that will make your super short hair look long and voluminous? Well, try yaki plus. You can opt for any color to make it more exciting.

9. Quick Long Weave Hairstyle

long weave hairstyle

This long weave hairstyle will help you make a subtle but powerful statement. They are unique but in a bold manner.

Exquisite Bob Weave Hairstyles

10. Medium Wavy Weaves

This is a composition of the two worlds-weaves and waves. Consider wearing them today to boost texture and enhance attraction.

11. Short Bangs With Weaves

Kenyan bang weaves hairstyles are ideal for covering up large foreheads and irregular hairlines. However, if you are a victim of major acne, it is advised to stay away from them.

12. Afro Tempest

afro tempest for kenyan women

This weave hairstyle puts more emphasis on your facial features and the neck. If you have short hair and want to make it appear fuller, AfroTempest is your best bet. You can make it unique by adding color, either blue or ruby red.

13. First Lady

Well, this is a look that you will wear, and everyone you meet calls you ‘a boss.’ It is a look common with stars such as Taraji P, and if you want a boss lady look, the first lady Kenyan weave haircut will get you some steps closer to your aspirations.

14. Nubian Weave

This is a weave hairstyle for Kenyan ladies that gives you a sexy vibe. It is more like telling us “I am sexy and I don’t need your opinion.” A style that will make heads turn. If you are a fan of the ponytail, try weave ponytails.

15. Kiki Kenyan Weave Hairstyle

Kiki Kenyan Weave Hairstyle

For the lovers of short weaves, Kiki should be first on your list. It is a versatile look that will be suitable for any event. It is fierce and officinal sensual all in one.

16. Royal Weave

The twists in this weave a flattering. For the ladies who want to multi-task-come from work and attend a date immediately, this is the only hairstyle that can sort out all your issues. The weave alone will make you beautiful and sexy even without applying any makeup.

17. Rihanna Weave Hair

Generally, not all people will look great on short weaves. This weave will make you look beautiful and bold at the same time. It gives you that chic look.

18. Passion

The name explains everything. It makes you look beautiful and simple. It Shows off your facial features in a right way.

19. Sleek Classy

This is among the trendy weave styles that will augment your face. The bouncy waves in this weave enhance the touch of beauty to your look.

20. Curly Weave

Curly Weave for kenyan Women

Curly weave hairstyles are suitable for your ringlets. The extra curls enhance the volume and dimension of your hair.

These are some popular, quick and in-trend weave hairstyles for Kenyan women this year. There are unlimited options for hair weaves you could try, too! Let us know if there are more we could add to our list.