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When Should a Man Stop Dying His Hair?

Some men decide to stop dyeing hair when their other physical features betray their advanced age. Others continue dyeing their hair well into old age without a second thought.

But the question is when a man should stop dyeing hair. What are the apparent signs that scream ‘STOP dyeing hair’ for men?

Ultimately, your hair is an extension of you, and you are free to do whatever you want with your hair. Remember that some scenarios exist when abstaining from dyeing your hair may provide more benefits than dyeing it.

At What Age Should A Man Stop Coloring His Hair?

A man can continue to color hair for as long as he wishes.

However, the skin of the scalp becomes more fragile as you enter your 50s, leaving your body more susceptible to the absorption of toxic chemicals from hair dyes.

So if you’re asking for a definite age, a man over 50 years old may consider stopping coloring hair if he’s health conscious.

Again, not every man entering his fifties needs to stop dyeing his hair. Likewise, not every man under fifty should dye his hair. The ability to dye your hair depends primarily on your overall health. There are also a few aesthetic reasons to consider discontinuing the use of hair dye too.

Signs You Should Stop Coloring Your Hair

Here are some signs that you should stop coloring your hair.

Brittle Hair

Frequent hair dyeing can lead to dull, damaged, brittle hair. Even the gentlest of hair dyes can cause damage if used in excess. Brittle hair is often associated with premature hair loss, a condition that will negate the youthful appearance of dyed hair.

Gray Hair Returns within Weeks

signs a man should stop dyeing hair - grey hair returns within two weeks

Consider giving up dyeing your hair if your grays return in less than two weeks. Not only is dyeing your hair twice a month (or more) expensive and time-consuming, you could inadvertently expose yourself to a higher concentration of toxic chemicals than your body can process.


The most obvious sign you should discontinue dyeing your hair is when irritation develops. Frequent exposure to dyeing agents can irritate the scalp’s sensitive skin. Inflammation and rashes are uncomfortable and can contribute to premature hair loss.

If you experience skin irritation or allergy after dyeing your hair, discontinue use. If symptoms persist, speak with your healthcare provider.

Hair No Longer Accepts Dyes

Men who have dyed their hair for years may wake up one day to find that their hair no longer accepts hair dye. Dead or heavily damaged hair will respond poorly to dyes, creating uneven color and an unnatural look.

Your Bloodwork Looks Questionable

Some evidence suggests that hair dye CAN increase the likelihood of certain diseases, including cancer. If your doctor detects abnormal toxicity in your blood, discontinue using hair dye immediately.

Hair Dye No Longer Masks the Appearance of Old Age

signs a man should stop dyeing hair - going bald

Hair dye’s purpose is to make us look healthy and more youthful, but certain factors may limit the efficacy of hair dye’s masking ability. For example, a gentleman with advanced male pattern baldness may receive limited residual benefit from dyeing his hair because his hair loss betrays the youth image hair coloring provides.


Here are some frequently asked questions from men about coloring their hair.

How often should a guy color his hair?

Men who are uncomfortable with going grey should color their hair every four to six weeks to maintain the appearance of youthful hair.

Should guys dye their gray hair?

It depends. Grey hair is considered a masculine, distinguishing trait. Even so, the loss of hair color can greatly affect some men’s self-confidence. Consider dyeing your hair if you’re healthy and the added color makes you feel more confident.

Should men color their hair before or after a haircut?

Men with short hairstyles should color their hair after their haircuts, while men with longer hairstyles may color their hair before or after their haircuts.

What’ll happen when I stop dyeing hair?

Your hair will return to its natural state after you stop dyeing it. If you have dyed your hair for many years, your natural hair may appear thinner, duller, or more coarse than what you are used to.

So, When Should Men Stop Dyeing Their Hair?

when men should stop coloring hair

A man does not need to stop dyeing his hair unless doing so threatens his health. 

Aside from the potential health risk, men may consider discontinuing the use of hair dye if their hair turns white or if they have lost so much hair already that dyeing it only enhances the appearance of their old age. 

Know that dyeing your hair is a personal matter that only concerns you. If you’re happy dyeing your hair and no health risk is involved, then carry on.

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