8 Slicked Back Undercuts for Brave Women

Slicked back undercut hairstyles are considered to be one of the most fierce and badass hairstyles of all time.  However, this style was preferably in demand only for men, but women too started going for this super-sleek style.

As compared to the styles men went for, women gave this undercut style a whole new level with many variations to go with, giving a serious and cunning look to the face that everyone desires.


Slicked Back Undercut for Women

To have an idea of what’s latest; here are 8 most popular slicked back undercut hairstyles only brave women can go for.

1. Short undercut style with braids

short slicked back undercut style

This has to be the chicest style ever! It not only has a neatly done undercut slicked back look, but a braid has also been added to enhance the style further.

The Best Undercut Hairstyles for Women


2. Stylish pixie bob undercut style

pixie bob with undercut

For women who prefer having spikey hair in the form of a pixie bob haircut can go for this bold look. With hair neatly slicked back, an undercut would bring justice to the haircut and create just the perfect punk girl look.


3. Mohawk with shaved sides

slicked back undercut with mohawkMohawk style has to be the best of all as it not only rises up the volume in the hair, but it also creates a very radical change in the appearance of a person. To present oneself in a manner that everyone needs to think twice to even come closer to, this look is the best one to go for.


4. Short blonde undercut

slicked back undercut with blonde hair

The best part about this slicked back undercut look is that it looks great on every hair color, be it brunette or blonde color in this case. Blonde hair has two tones which add up more to having an undercut. The hair on top is proper blonde whereas the hair that is undercut is darker, like an ash brown tone. To add more definition to the look, a part of the undercut area has been completely shaved off for a more stylish appearance.


5. Medium length undercut

medium length slicked back undercut

In order to have a slicked back undercut look, it is not necessary to just have short hair. An undercut would also do perfectly fine with medium to long hair and still give the hair the same fierce look.  Adding in braids or twists in the hair would give the look more of a retro appearance.


6. Feathery undercut look

For women who love going for sudden bold changes in hairstyles can go for this feathery undercut slicked back look. The hair is shorter and easier to handle and requires nothing but hairspray or mousse to raise the ends in a pointy style.


7. Double-toned undercut style

To make the look more colorful and unique, dying the hair on top with colors like red and keeping the sides natural would create an out of the world look.  Having two-tones of hair sounds fun and it’s also perfect for women who live, sleep and work in a lifestyle that revolves around fashion and the latest trends only.

Appealing Slicked Back Hairstyles for Women


8. Slicked undercut hair with various designs

slicked undercut with design

Women who prefer keeping this style for a longer period of time can opt for more options like having different patterns or designs cut into the undercut part of the hair. It could vary from shaving lines to having steps in the hair along with an addition rainbow dyes.

With these amazing different slicked back undercut styles, one can go from looking dull and ordinary to a retro-chic or punk girl strutting on the streets with confidence that no one wants to mess with.