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18 Rocking Hairstyles for Female Bikers in 2024

Female riders have swag of their own. But rushing through the wind on one’s bike can be quite distressing when hair gets in your face on the way or looks all messed up once you remove your helmet.

Safety comes first; therefore, you may compromise with your looks rather than skipping wearing the necessary headgear. This doesn’t mean women motorcyclists can’t look sexy and trendy while protecting their manes.

There are plenty of hairstyles for female bikers apart from basic braids, buns, and ponytails that are helmet-friendly. And we have just gathered the best ones below.

Trendy Hairstyles for Female Bikers

From short haircuts to long wrapped-up coiffures, the following hairstyles for lady bikers will ensure you look your best alongside your precious bike and helmet.

1. Side-tousled Tresses with Undercut

long undercut for female bikers

Make your eyes pop when taking off your helmet with an asymmetrical hairdo. Get an undercut on one side only while tousling your remaining tresses on the opposite side, regardless of hair length and texture.

Set your look further on fire with a shaved side design. Simply wow!

2. Layered Platinum Lob

blonde bob hairstyle for female bikers

Stay classy yet bold with a platinum blonde long bob. Layer the strands to fall around the face and elongate towards the back much like a mushroom haircut.

Side bangs are suitable to hide a wide forehead, and you’ll love those emerging dark roots too. Some finger-brushing is all you need.

3. Cute Pigtails

pigtails for female bikers

Though hairstyles for female bikers are mostly thought to be funky and ruffled, they can be cute too, just like these simple pigtails.

Parting down the hair and securing it in rubber bands helps minimize environmental damage and helmet friction. Can’t get any easier!

4. Stylish Boxer Braids

braided pigtails for female bikers

Tuck away each and every strand on your head to look on fleek no matter how bad the weather is with boxer braids.

Part your mane in the middle and entwine it into two sleek Dutch braids on each side. Use wax for extra hold, and finish off with some funky hair cuffs/rings.

5. Pompadour Pixie

pompadour hairstyle for female biker

A mere hand-tousle is enough to style pixie cuts. Create a pompadour by brushing your top strands up and back with slicked-down sides.

Putting on the helmet might flatten down your pouf, but teasing the hair and using a hefty amount of styling product may help prevent it to some extent. 

6. Wind-Swept Pink Mane

female biker with pink hair

Celebrate your womanhood while becoming a brave biker with some gorgeous pink tresses. Choose any two of your favorite tones and try an eye-catching double ombre, highlights, or a dip-dye instead.

Let the wind style your mane as no one’s going to mind a little mess that’s that beautiful!

7. Messy Curly Updo

updo for female biker

Relaxed updos never disappoint, regardless of the occasion. Curly beauties can pile up their kinky coils at the back or top of their heads with plenty of hairpins.

Tug out some tendrils at the front with loose ends dangling at the back for a messy yet super sexy appeal.

8. Androgynous French Crop

short hairstyle for female bikers

Here’s another low-maintenance androgynous hairstyle for all the fearless female bikers out there. A French crop haircut works the best, both for males and females, featuring a long top, some choppy bangs, and buzzed sides.

Dye your top in any funky color, including this pearl blonde, to drop some jaws.

9. Soft Balayage with Layers

female biker with long hair

Leaving your mane on the loose when riding the bike every now and then surely won’t hurt!

Make sure you look attractive by refreshing your tresses with face-framing layers and hand-painted balayage highlights that are just a tone or two lighter than your base shade. Finish off with soft curls.

10. Stacked Space Buns

female biker with space buns

Rock these groovy space buns to look tough with style as a female motorcyclist.

Create two high ponytails on each side of the head, twist them along the length, and wrap them around into buns. The stacked structure will prevent the buns from flattening beneath your protective headgear. 

11. Sleek Middle-Part Pony

black female biker with low ponytail

Low ponytails are the simplest yet the most fuss-free hairstyle for female bikers. Detangle the mane with a middle part and assemble all of it above the nape.

Tuck your pony in your jacket when biking and pull it out whenever you stop to maintain a sleek look.  

12. Carefree Twist Dreads + Half Updo

half up hairstyle for female bikers

Accent your biker attire with a punk hairdo like these starter dreads. Tease and twist your hair into temporary dreadlock-like chunks by using a strong-hold styling product.  

Prevent them from getting into the face with a half-up half-down hairdo, and don’t forget to put on some colored sunglasses.

13. Relaxed Deva Cut

female biker with short curly hair

The biggest advantage of having natural curls as a biker is the messier they get, the better they look!

Opt for a cropped deva cut where the stylist will layer your kinks when dry to fall around the face where intended, with or without bangs. Throw in some highlights, and you won’t regret it. 

14. Bad-Girl Buzz

female biker with buzz cut

Free yourself from the hassle of styling your tresses every time you get on the bike with a basic buzz cut.

Opt for a uni-length snip, or keep the top slightly longer for a defined bad-girl vibe. No hair combing is needed for weeks!

15. High Ponytail and Bangs

ponytail with bangs for female bikers

Lady bikers with long tresses can turn themselves into modern-day Rapunzel with a sleek high pony.

Wrap a chunk of hair around it for a knotted appeal, or braid it down to further protect your luscious locks. Complete the look with face-framing straight bangs that’ll be partly visible with a helmet too.

16. Wet Hair Look

biker girl with short hair

Experiment with the wet hair look that’s still going strong if you want to wear your short hair loose without getting it all messed up.

Apply a handful of gel to your wet tresses, whether straight, wavy, or curly, and comb them in whatever direction you want. Done!

17. Biker Cornrows

female biker with cornrow braids

Cornrows are the go-to hairstyle for female bikers as they minimize hair damage while keeping each strand neatly tucked away from the face.

Spice them up with colorful extensions and intricate designs, or opt for a simple straight-back style instead. Whatever you like!  

18. Retro Barrel Rolls with Head Scarf

bandana hairstyle for female bikers

Try this retro-chic hairdo using a silk scarf to hide your oily mane or reduce the friction caused by a helmet.

Assemble all the hair in a basic updo and cover it up using the cloth, sparing the front chunks. Wrap them into one or two barrel/victory rolls and fix them in place with pins.  

Tucking away all of your tresses is the best option for a comfortable ride. But that is not the only choice given the above-mentioned hairstyles for female bikers. Try them all and see which ones go ideally with your face shape and taste to maintain a stylish look while minimizing hair damage.