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45 Mesmeric Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Women to Look Gorgeous

A wedding guest hairstyle can be hard to choose. Women consider any wedding a very special occasion whatever their role in it is. So, even if you are not a bride, you will still want to pay some special attention to your image.

This is especially true for bridesmaids. While the bride is the central figure of a wedding, bridesmaids also draw a lot of attention. Their image should be very carefully chosen and the hairstyle must be as impressive as possible. But if you are not a bridesmaid, there is no reason to forget about your locks.

Wedding is a beautiful occasion, and it is your chance to look as impressive as possible. Remember that years later you will still be looking at the wedding photos of your friends, family and kids. So, it makes sense to spend some time working on your image.


The Best Wedding Guest Hairstyles

Looking amazing at a wedding is a must for any guest. The bride will be grateful if you spend some time choosing your wedding guest hairstyle. Any woman wants to look beautiful and a wedding is a great opportunity to flaunt your amazing locks.

Bridesmaids and other guests have a wide variety of stunning hairstyles to choose from. We prepared a short and useful list of the most beautiful hairstyles for wedding guests to choose from. It’s a tough choice but you can make it. If you are a bridesmaid, don’t forget to ask the bride if she wants you to sport some certain image.

1. Side swept curls

women best wedding guest hair style
Curl is an imperative part of most wedding guest hairstyles. Leaving your hair down might be beautiful but such style is very hard to keep intact. Consider brushing all of your hair to one side and clipping it with some pins to stay there. This way your curls will look more voluminous.


2. Curly pin-up

Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Women 2-min
If your hair is fine and you can’t make any really large curls, then you can go for the pinned up hairstyle. Make large curls and pin them up to the rest of the hair in the back. Leave some strands loosely hanging in front.

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3. Buns

cute buns hairstyle for women
Buns are a great idea for a wedding since they give you freedom of movement without worrying about touch-ups. You can either make a curly low bun or a straight high bun. Whatever you do, make sure that the bun looks as large as possible.


4. Leave it down

Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Women 4-min
If you have long locks, leaving them down will look amazing, especially if you add some curls. Such hairstyles are very popular and look great on the photos. However, they are hard to keep neat. You will need to do a mirror check quite often.


5. Large and shiny accessories

Large wedding guest hairstyle you love
Wedding hairstyles for both brides, bridesmaids and other guests look amazing with bright and shiny accessories. Consider elastic bands and pins with large white flowers. Think about long and shiny earnings as well as bracelets and rings.


6. Curly side bun

Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Women 6-min
One of the greatest ways to arrange curls and keep them in check is a curly bun. You can either make it by braiding your hair or pinning it up to the elastic band that holds a ponytail. Move your bun to one side in order to be visible in front of the photos.


7. Get a weave

beautiful wedding weave haircut
Have you been looking for an occasion to try a weave? A wedding is your chance. Forget about short or medium-length hair that is hard to turn into something very impressive. Get long hair extensions and look like a queen!


8. Braid experiments

Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Women 8-min
All types of different braids look amazing on women with long hair. Make a wedding braid experiment by creating a runaround braid on top of your head. Leave the rest of the hair loose and a little messy. You will make a great impression.


9. Compensate with accessories

nice women cool weave hair
If your hair is short or unruly or perhaps you just didn’t have time to visit a hairstylist on a wedding day then you should compensate with accessories. If all you’ve got is a simple bun, consider getting voluminous and bright necklace or a headband.


10. Simple waves

Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Women 10-min
Whether you are out of time or just want to make something easy, go for simple waves and curls. Women with long hair look amazing with curls that flow down their shoulders and are a little messy. Make sure to do regular touch-ups during the day.

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11. Creative braids and knots

Creative braids wedding guest haircut
If you really want to stand out of that wedding crowd, consider getting a creative hairstyle. Try asking your stylist for these braids and knots. If your hair is long enough, the hairstyle will look really impressive. Its advantage is low maintenance. It will stay intact all day.


12. 1940’s hairstyle

Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Women 12-min
Wedding is a great time to try something unusual. This 1940’s hairstyle is hard to make and will take some effort to maintain. However, its vintage look is truly stunning and has some romantic air around it. Give it a shot!


13. Upside down French braid

nice French braid style u like
Want to make something simple with a little zest to it? Go for an upside-down French braid. This wedding guest hairstyle will leave others breathless. It is a great idea for bridesmaids. If you don’t have long hair, use a weave!


14. Let it be

Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Women 14-min
One of the simplest ways to go about a hairstyle is do nothing about it. Leave your hair down and join the party! If you are out of time, attach a couple of flower pins to your locks and go. As long as your hair looks neat, there is nothing shameful about a simple style.

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15. Pretty coils

wedding guest hair with Pretty coils
Create this very pretty and soft hairstyle by taking a strand of your hair from each side, tying them in the back with an elastic band and arranging the tips into coils. The coils have to be pinned with small clear pins. The rest of the hair can be curled on the bottom.


wedding guest hairstyles for women





wedding guest hair






women wedding guest hairstyles for long hair





wedding guest hairstyles for women






pull through braid for wedding guest





wedding guest hair





hairstyles for wedding guest women




hairstyles for wedding guest women


Want to be the most beautiful guest at your friend’s wedding? Looking for ways to make a statement without upstaging the bride? These wonderful hairstyles will help you do just that. Try a couple before a wedding to see which one you like best.