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25 Breathtaking Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers to Rock on Your Big Day

Flowers have been entwined with the spirit of weddings since time immemorial, and of course, they can be indispensable tools for the perfect wedding hairstyle!

From whimsical and romantic to boho and rustic, flowers are the perfect finishing touch to your bridal look. Here are a few flower-oriented wedding hairstyles to try for an enduring and timeless appeal.


Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles With Flowers 

Your wedding day hairstyle is just as significant as all other wedding elements. That’s why you must give it the attention it deserves. If you’re looking for a way to make your hairstyle feel extra special, it’s time to consider using new flower embellishments.

1. A Whimsical Pink Rosebud Headband

short wedding hairstyle with flowers

Style shorter hair with loose, natural waves and a string of pink rosebuds for that quintessential new bride’s glow.

Light pink roses naturally impart a youthful ‘flower girl’ vibe and complement any glowing bridal makeup, especially one that uses traditional pink and brown tones. 

Achieving this style is super simple; you only need your favorite hair serum, a good blow dryer, and a round brush. There is no need for specific perfectly crafted curls or waves because the look plays with natural texture and an innately ‘pretty’ vibe.


2. Double Braid With Large Wildflower Flower Crown

pigtail braids with flowers for wedding

If you fancy how bridal hairstyles were done back in the ‘olden’ days, consider making two French braids and having an exotic headpiece with dozens of seasonal wildflowers secured together or woven together beforehand.

If you are busy on your wedding day or are creating the braided wedding look yourself, consider using faux hair flowers so wilting is not a problem. 

When creating the French braids, know that most women do not have the volume for thick braids, so use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner the night before.

When the braid is completed, tug lightly at each loop to make it seem more prominent and more voluminous. This is an age-old trick to make your braids look fuller!


3. Tight Curl Low Bun With White Orchids

wedding hair bun with flowers

Tight curls in a loose, low bun are a sublime option for longer hair that is very thick and filled with volume. Securing a few orchids in the bun adds that country-girl vibe without going over the top. Be sure to let your bangs shine by curling them in a ringlet style to frame your face. 

While the wedding bun hairstyle in this look is slightly low-lying, it is crafted with smaller curls done with a smaller barrel tong for precision, so ensure you or your hairstylist are using the correct tools to get the job done.

The flowers can be changed out for any you prefer, and matching them with your makeup makes the bridal look seamless!


4. The Solitary Hair Flower & Veil

wedding hairstyle with flowers and veil

Sometimes a single hair flower, whether a white or pink rose or even a daisy or magnolia, can elevate the entire bridal look with the veil.

However, if your veil is quite elaborate with a lot of fine needlework, you will want to choose a simpler hairstyle with a few defining features.


5. An Elaborate Braided Top Knot

wedding hairstyle with flowers for black women

For African American brides with long, thick hair, a top braided knot can be a stunning display of their healthy hair, and what better than to add a few strategic hair flowers for that glamor element?

For brides getting married in hot, humid weather, a braided top bun like this is both practical and exquisite. This is a stunning up-do for ethnic brides.


6. A Long Flowery Ponytail

ponytail with flowers for brides

Ponytails are underrated bridal hairstyles, but they are spectacular for showing off the length, especially if the hair is naturally straight or has been flat-ironed.

Then, add some lace, pearls, and gorgeous, exotic magnolias for a finishing touch. This hairstyle is brilliant for summer weddings, and it has a fashionista runaway vibe to it as well, with the ponytail being pin straight with the hair slicked back.


7. Tight Ringlets With Floral Headband

curly hairstyle with flowers for wedding

Ringlets are a beautiful type of curl that gives a fairytale-like allure to the bridal look, and some colorful flowers added in make the look all the more ethereal.

You can play around with the choice of hair flowers to match any vibrant eye makeup you have gone for, like the bride in this photograph.

The ringlets are a sublime choice for brides with short hair because they don’t lessen the overall length of the hair significantly. This is definitely one of our favorite wedding hairstyles with flowers.


8. Pinned Curls With Pastel Roses

crown braids with flower for wedding

Choosing lighter or pastel-colored flowers can go together beautifully if you have lighter or blonde hair. Still, pastel or pale-colored flowers generally add a subtle appeal without

overtaking other aspects of your look, such as makeup and jewelry.

Keeping your hair flowers fairly neutral also means you can be wilder with your choice of eye makeup, like having a smokey rainbow eye like the bride in the photograph. 


9. Braided Low Bun With Wild Flowers

braided updo with flowers for wedding

French braids are classic and suit most people. Make two French braids from the beginning of your head to the back and secure a low-lying bun. For every twist in the braid, add a small wildflower!  

Braids have, in one way or another, been associated with weddings since ancient times, so choosing a braided hairstyle looks incredibly pleasing and alluring and should be a must-have style for brides with long, thick hair.


10. Half-Up Half-Down Style With A Floral Headband

bridal hairstyle with flower crown

Slick back your hair to make a half ponytail, then curl the ends of the ponytail along with the rest of the length. For a final beguiling touch, add a vibrant floral headband. Great for brides who have a more prominent forehead

You can choose between curls and waves depending on your natural texture, the season of the wedding day itself, and the number of hours you will have to maintain that hairstyle.

For example, brides with silky, smooth hair may find curls don’t last very well, so a natural wavy style is more appropriate.


11. A Sophisticated Side Bun With Large Flowers

asian wedding hairstyle with flowers

A side bun is an effortlessly formal style that compliments most face types and, for that reason, is very popular for bridal looks.

Instead, try a sophisticated side bun with an assortment of white flowers like daisies and magnolias to draw the eye.

A side bun is also a universally loved hairstyle in most cultures for formal happy occasions, whether European or Asian, making it a safe staple to opt for if you’re having difficulty choosing.


12. A Forest Princess High Fishtail Braid & Long Curls Hairstyle

half up wedding hairstyle with flowers

This is a gorgeous wedding hairstyle with flowers! This forest princess’s elaborate hairstyle is high-effort but promises ethereal and gorgeous results.

Make your hair sleek with a good blow dryer, add product to secure it from frizz, make a fishtail braid along the front of your head and decorate with some foliage and flowers. 

The foliage and hair flowers you use need to be curated much like a flower arrangement for maximum impact so add variety in leaves, wildflowers, berries, and even twigs!

The idea is to recreate an outdoor charm incorporating all the colors and textures you will likely find in the wild.


13. Traditional Indian Ornate Bridal Braid

indian wedding hairstyle with flowers

Brides in Indian culture adore ornate and extravagant hairstyles for their wedding day. This regal braid is thick and luscious and decorated with traditional hair jewelry like a matha patti (forehead jewelry piece) and jasmine flowers.  

 The hair jewelry can be swapped for different color gems or gold or rose gold metal, and any seasonal flowers can be used in place of jasmine.

The idea with this hairstyle is to be as ornate as possible for the wedding day, and many brides add a ‘paranda’ as well, a decorative additive woven into the braid to elongate it.


14.  Side Swept Braid With Rose Buds

long wedding hairstyle with flowers

A messy braid can sometimes be more impactful than a perfect one if you create a bridal hairstyle for an outdoorsy, rustic wedding. Spruce up a messy braid and side-swept bangs with some little rose buds.


15. A Timeless Half-Up, Half-Down Wavy Hairstyle

medium hairstyle with flowers for wedding

A classic bridal hairstyle is a half-up, half-down wavy hairstyle, but this version adds a festive, almost mistletoe accent with some red and green foliage and berry hair accessories. 

It can be achieved with a basic crimping iron or even a flat iron (if you know how to make waves using one), with the headband added as a decorative finishing touch. If romantic and feminine wedding hairstyles with flowers is what you’re looking for, you just found it!


16. A Layered Mega Mermaid Braid

mermaid wedding hairstyle with flowers

This wedding hairstyle with flowers incorporates two mermaid braids layered, one on top of the other, with white flowers sewn into the ornate beauty of it all.

The intermingled double mermaid braids make this hairstyle incredibly unique and staggering, but you’ll probably need a stylist or a helpful friend to bring your vision to life!


17. The Victorian Doll Hairstyle

vintage wedding hairstyle with flowers

Victorian dolls had a specific, lovable hairstyle that included braids, sometimes a fringe, and plenty of volume throughout the hair. This style is a rendition of that with modern chic straight hair and looks stunning with large flowers. The larger, the better!

18. A Spanish Voluminous Bun With Curls 

wedding hairstyle with flowers for red hair

Very reminiscent of Spanish women’s hairstyles of a century ago, this voluminous bun with curls and classic red flowers is an exotic and gorgeous bridal hairstyle. It particularly complements red or orange hair!


19. Chic Curly Bun With A Side Flower 

wedding updo with flowers

A high bun with curls is incredibly sophisticated, and adding a side flower is a game changer, especially if paired with hanging diamond earrings or a statement choker.

Since this is a bun where bangs and strands of hair are left out purposely for that imperfect, youthful feel, you can play around with adding smaller hair flowers and other accessories like pearl pins.


20. Tiara And Long Curls With Flower Accents

wedding hairstyle with flowers and tiara

Sometimes the best style is to showcase your long hair and its beautiful natural texture coupled with a family heirloom style tiara. If you want to take it a step further, add some daisies or jasmine flowers for a princess bride silhouette. 

If you want romantic and timeless wedding hairstyles with flowers, this is it!


21. Curly Bridal Hairstyle For Tropical Weddings

wedding hairstyle with flowers to the side

If you want to capture the tropical vibe in your curly bridal look, opt for this Hawaiian hairstyle with loose curls and a flower behind one or both ears.

This is one of the easiest-to-achieve wedding hairstyles with flowers. Simply use a medium size curling iron to create your long, flowy curls, tease the crown of your hair for volume and add your favorite florals around your ear with bobby pins. Don’t forget to protect your hair with hairspray.


22. A Sleek Bun With Pin Curls & Rosebuds

wedding updo with flowers

This sleek bun is perfection without a hint of frizz and has precise pin curls with one flower in each. This wedding hairstyle is nothing short of a work of art!


23. Rope Braids And A Statement Hair Flower

braided updo with flowers for brides

Rope braids are easy to accomplish but can be very impactful for a bridal hairstyle, especially when you add a statement hair flower in a vibrant and powerful color like royal blue!


24. Bohemian Wild Bun With Flowers & Greenery

wedding hairstyle with flowers

Some brides prefer an au naturel hairstyle that purposely looks a little messy and has that coveted bohemian vibe.  We love the earthy and whimsical look this wedding hairstyle with flowers has. The whispy bangs and delicate flowers are a beautiful combination. 

25. Princess Half-Up, Half-Down Do

messy hairstyle with flowers for wedding

Brides with long hair will love this partially casual half up half down hairdo, which incorporates light waves with some pinned-up ones sporadically decorated with seasonal flowers.  The orchids and long flowy wavy hair create a beautiful tropical wedding hairstyle, and we love it!

If rhinestone tiaras and crowns aren’t your “thing,” you can still dress up your wedding hairstyle. Flowers can dramatically enhance any hairstyle you are dreaming of creating as a bride, and they add dimension, personality, and color to any final look.

Don’t do without them; wedding hairstyles with flowers will never go out of style.    


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