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22 Gorgeous Long Hairstyles Perfect for Bridesmaids

Getting ready to walk down the wedding aisle isn’t just a chore – it’s an event! Every long-haired bridesmaid eagerly waits to flaunt a glamorous long hairstyle on her friend’s big day.

Choosing the bridesmaid hairstyle is an enjoyable experience during wedding planning as bridesmaids are a crucial part of the wedding event. If you need a little long hair inspiration as the bridesmaid, you’ve come to the right place.

Ravishing Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

Your hairstyle becomes crucial when you’re a bridesmaid for one of the most important people in your life! The ideal bridesmaid hairstyle should be modern, fashionable, in keeping with the wedding vibe, and not upstage the bride.

To strike this delicate balance, the following list of easy-to-follow, classic, and timeless long hairstyles for bridesmaids will give you creative ideas. Here are the top 22 bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair.

1. Half Up Half Down Rock N’ Roll Style

half up hairstyle for bridesmaid with long hair

If, as a bridesmaid, you have a heavier or flowy dress, you may want to keep the hairstyle subtle and understated. This rock n’ roll-inspired half-up ponytail with soft, silky waves is a throwaway and yet very ‘cool girl’ concept.

It is also a more practical wedding event hairstyle for bridesmaids with long hair that may become unmanageable on the beach or outdoor reception.

2. A Perfected Braid Bun

sleek bun hairstyle for bridesmaid with long hair

A bridesmaid is not simply present at a wedding as just another guest. They need to support the bride, run errands, and ensure that the florist or other vendors put their best foot forward. No one can do that with an elaborate hairstyle in tow.

So this perfected braid bun made with a hair donut or similar hairstyle accessory with a few overlapping braids is a wonderful option. Add some volume at the crown of the head by backcombing and spraying to give a lifted look.

3. Big Hair Big Curls

redhead bridesmaid hairstyle with long curly hair

Thick, long hair should be celebrated, and this hairstyle glorifies natural volume and uses large, luscious curls to create a semi-casual yet impactful vibe. The bridesmaid hairstyles with long hair suit blondes and redheads in particular, as well as smaller, oval faces, but it is a very 80s and 90s-inspired ‘big hair’ moment.

4. Open Hair With Simple Curls

long ombre hairstyle for bridesmaid

When in doubt, adopt the simple persona of a ‘pretty girl at a wedding with this classic, open hairstyle that uses the hair’s length to an advantage by putting in some gorgeous curls to add a dressier vibe.

This hairstyle works wonders even without the ombre dye effect but make sure you use hair products that can keep the hair silky smooth and the curls intact, especially for an outdoor ceremony or reception.

5. The Botanical Nymph Style

braided bridesmaid hairstyle for long hair with flowers

A bridesmaid can up the ante, especially if it is in keeping with the general vibe of the wedding décor and theme with this botanical nymph style. Do a side parting and make at least two side braids before gathering them in a loose, semi-casual bun.

Decorate with hair flowers (faux or real), and you have a hairstyle fit for a fairy or a nymph! This hairstyle is right up there with the more formal concepts of wedding hairstyles but is easy to achieve and ideal for junior bridesmaids.

6. Messy Top Bun Cool Girl Style

losse updo for bridesmaid with long hair

An updo is in order when wearing a glitz and glam bridesmaid dress. A stylish loose top bun with some throwaway waves and a few strands of hair pulled out for that youthful, girlish vibe.

It’s beautiful if you’re a long-haired bridesmaid who is short on time or is one of the main people ensuring the wedding venue and décor are ready on time. 

7. Trendy Reverse Ombre

long reverse ombre hairstyle for bridesmaid

Reverse ombre, which is hair dyed to have the ends much darker as opposed to lighter (in the case of a regular ombre), is an incredibly fashionable style even though it may be considered a tad bit ‘risque’!

After having a reverse ombre done on your medium-length hair, style it in natural-looking curls and finish off with a good holding spray.

8. A Quintessential Messy Bun

updo hairstyle for bridesmaid with long hair

A classic messy bun is stylish and pretty, and there is plenty of room for error if you’re doing your bridesmaid’s hairstyle without a professional.

Make a messy bun (throw in some curls after a blow dry if you have straight or frizzy hair) and watch the magic unfold. It works great if you are wearing chandelier statement earrings! 

9. A Celebration Of Natural Texture

long hairstyle for black bridesmaid

The natural texture should always be celebrated as this hairstyle brings forth the natural volume of textured hair and adds a gorgeous flowery headband to tie the look together with a wild, bohemian touch. 

10. A Dutch And Fishtail Braid Combo

long french braid hairstyle for bridesmaid

Many bridesmaids want their hair off their faces so they can run around on errands and always be on call for the special girl in their lives (the bride), so a hairstyle like this that combines style with convenience can make all the difference.

Start with silky, frizz-free hair and make a dutch braid for the top part and then finish with a fishtail along the length of the hair. Use a decorative, bejeweled hair tie as a finishing touch.

11. A Vogue 80s Supermodel Look

long curly hairstyle for bridesmaid

Big hair was very important in the 80s, whether it was a “girl next door” look or a fashion magazine cover. For a bridesmaid’s hairstyle, consider a classic side-parting, with plenty of volume in the main body of hair and some loose, supermodel curls.

12. Pinned Open Hair

bridesmaid hairstyle with long straight hair

Long hair, especially one with a beautiful natural texture or wave, should be shown off in all its glory at a special occasion such as a wedding. This pinned wedding hairstyle is ideal for straight hair, too, as it elongates the illusion of length and has a girlish allure.

13. Volume At The Crown

half up half down bridesmaid long hair

For a bridesmaid with long, thick hair, this half up half down style is very elegant as it utilizes a lot of volumes and backcombing at the crown area for some delicate, ringlet curls trailing down.

14. Half Up Half Down Princess Style

bridesmaid hairstyle with long blonde hair

For bridesmaids wanting to create a more regal and glamorous look, this hairstyle is a stunning half-up half-down concept with tight princess curls, side-swept bangs, and a magnificent jeweled barrette on the side.

15. Statement Hair Jewels For Bridesmaid Hairstyles With Long Hair

bridesmaid hairstyle long fine hair

An excellent way to add visual interest to an otherwise plain open hairstyle is to use a statement hair jewel like a clip, headband, or barrette. It will immediately draw attention and look beautiful, especially in natural light for a day’s reception.

16. A Jeweled, Voluminous Rope Braid

hairstyle for bridesmaid with long hair

Sometimes adding volume to French braids can be tricky, especially if your hair is not extremely thick, so a looser rope braid can give the illusion of really thick hair.

Adding a few hair jewels or flowers can dress up the look. And an added step is to use a large barrel tong curling iron for some curls before you make the braid to better frame the face.

17. A Bridesmaid Tiara

junior bridesmaid hairstyle with long hair

Who said you couldn’t wear a tiara as a bridesmaid? If the bride is your sister or best friend, a tiara symbolizes your joy and looks spectacular with long, wavy hair.

While a white gem tiara is a classic, you can choose one with color if it goes with your bridesmaid dress. 

18. Half Up Half Down Knotted Braids

bridesmaid hairstyle with long brunette hair

If you are trying to create an understated style that will play down a super glamorous dress, then these knotted braids half up, half down hairstyle will enthrall, especially if wildflowers or hair flowers are pinned in at the end.

19. Park Avenue Princess Curls And Pearls

long bridesmaid hairstyle with headband

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is reminiscent of rom-coms in the 90s, then you’ve stumbled upon the right one. Think loose, large curls and waves, plenty of volume in the hair, and a pearled headband and matching jewelry.

20. A Punk Rock High Ponytail

long ponytail for bridesmaid

A brilliant way to show off long, healthy hair is to pick a high, chic, sleek ponytail as your bridesmaid’s hairstyle. It shows style and is a super practical hairstyle, so you can easily carry out all your special duties!

21. A Dutch Braided Bun

braided updo for bridesmaid with long hair

Nothing says sophisticated like two simultaneously braided Dutch braids pulled together into a tight, perfect bun secured with a gorgeous statement hair flower. This hairstyle is a stellar choice, particularly for more formal and luxurious weddings, where you may want to make more of an effort as a bridesmaid.

If you have any experience with braided hair, you can easily pull off this hairstyle with minimal help and tools. It also masks naturally frizzy or troublesome hair very well.

22. The Stylish Knot Bun

low bun hairstyle for bridesmaid with long hair

Knot buns are a favorite when it comes to runaway fashion looks or high-fashion looks. It also makes for a very interesting, simple, and yet alluring bridesmaid’s hairstyle.

Knot buns can be made with a tool and bare hands with a minimum of extra hair products. If you keep the bun on the looser side, it looks more natural and beautiful.

Long hair symbolizes great potential since limitless styles can be created with length in mind. Working with a professional hair stylist can help you find the best bridesmaid hairstyles with long hair.

But, many of these bridesmaids’ hairstyles are simple yet visually impressive. And most can be achieved without using too many hair tools or products. Pick one and shine as one of the bride’s most important gals!