Top 21 Men’s Vintage Hairstyles from 1940s

Vintage hairstyle might not seem like a good idea at first but when it comes to what the 1940s have to offer, some men change their minds.

The 1940’s hairstyles were influenced by many different factors, including the Depression, World War II, jazz and cinema’s golden age. The middle century hairstyles already stopped being as sleek and tight as they were in the first half but didn’t yet turn into wild and outrageous options of the second half.

Men of all ages will appreciate the 1940’s hairstyles and their more modern variations. The 1940s marked the start of the high volume era. And while mohawks and high hair were still in the future, spikes and pompadour were making their way into the world of fashion.


1940s Men’s Hairstyles

Getting a vintage haircut is not just interesting, it is always fun. All of us spent some time watching old movies and appreciating the way the 20th century’s movie star looks. There is always something special about the air of the past. Many of these 1940’s hairstyles made their way into the modern era.

Perhaps nowadays men don’t use as much hair products, so their pompadours and spikes are a little messier. But the result is still wonderful. The 1940s brought us a great variety of interesting hairstyle options. Let’s take a look at some of them.


1. Wavy comb over

Wavy comb vintage hairstyles for men

Comb over used to be one of the most popular hairstyles in the 1940’s. The sides were cut short and the hair on top was left about 2 -3 inches long to make a comb over. If your hair is curly or wavy, such comb over will look very special.