75 Best Shape Up Haircuts for Men in 2020

Getting a shape up haircut is a great idea for guys with short hair. Let’s face it, our hairline is usually far from being neat and even farther from looking perfect. A shape up can fix this problem in a matter of minutes. Ask your stylist for this haircut next time you go to a barber shop.

Make sure he or she understands what kind of lines you need. If you are not sure what type of shape up will look best with your hairline, take a look at some options we have chosen for you. Choose the style which appeals to you and go for it!


What is a Shape Up Haircut

shape up haircut for men

The shape up hairstyle, also sometimes called a “line-up” or an “edge-up” is a way to shape the haircut. This shaping involves straightening of the hairline. In fact, there is no actual cutting. The barber will use outliners (Clippers) or a razor to make neat lines around the client’s haircut.

Usually, the haircut will be outlined around the head, including the area behind the areas, the lower part of the head and the sideburns. If there is any stray hair beyond the shaped-up hairline, the barber will shave it off.


How to Do Shape Up Haircuts

If you would like to make a shape up haircut on your own, you’ll need T-shaped clippers, razor, and mirrors. The most important tool will be a mirror, which will help you do the shaving/clipping on the back of your head. In order to get a good idea about how the shape up or line up is created, we recommend getting it done professionally at least a couple of times.

Once you are sure you can do it on your own, you are ready to start. Set up the edge of the clippers at the start of your front hairline. Slowly pass the Clippers (or razor) to establish a straight line. The same process should be followed by the area around the ears and the back hairline. Hold the mirror, so you can clearly see the area you are working with. Shave off any stray hair, which sticks out around the shape up lines, and you are done.


Trendy Shape Up Hairstyles for Bold Look

If you are ready for a shape up haircut, you need some examples to get an idea of what you really want. We are listing 75 different shape ups for you to check out and make your choice easier. If you are getting a shape up for the first time, make sure you carefully explain your request to the stylist. Shape-ups or line ups have been around for almost 30 years now and still haven’t lost their popularity, so give one a try!


1. Shape up with sideburns

Shape up or line up or edge up haircut for men

This is a more complicated shape up haircut since it involves a smooth transition from the hairstyle to the sideburns. The upper hairline is shaved to make a rectangular, while the sideburns are creatively rounded.

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2. Simple Shape up haircut

Simple Shape up Haircut

This is the simplest shape up haircut, which involves straightening of the hairline by a sharp razor blade. The hair is cut pretty short, which makes the shaping quite easy. The hairline is carefully outlined to make natural-looking angles.