30 Men’s Vintage Hairstyles from The 1940s

Vintage hairstyle might not seem like a good idea at first but when it comes to what the 1940s have to offer, some men change their minds.

The 1940’s hairstyles were influenced by many different factors, including the Depression, World War II, jazz and cinema’s golden age. The middle century hairstyles already stopped being as sleek and tight as they were in the first half but didn’t yet turn into wild and outrageous options of the second half.

Men of all ages will appreciate the 1940’s hairstyles and their more modern variations. The 1940s marked the start of the high volume era. And while mohawks and high hair were still in the future, spikes and pompadour were making their way into the world of fashion.


1940s Men’s Hairstyles

Getting a vintage haircut is not just interesting, it is always fun. All of us spent some time watching old movies and appreciating the way the 20th century’s movie star looks. There is always something special about the air of the past. Many of these 1940’s hairstyles made their way into the modern era.

Perhaps nowadays men don’t use as many hair products, so their pompadours and spikes are a little messier. But the result is still wonderful. The 1940s brought us a great variety of interesting hairstyle options. Let’s take a look at some of them.


40s men's greaser hairstyle

40s men’s greaser hairstyle



1940s hairstyle for men



1940s men's hairstyle with beard

1940s men’s hairstyle with beard



1940s men's hairstyle



1940s rockabilly hairstyle for men

1940s rockabilly hairstyle for men



1940s hairstyle for men



men's 1940s hairstyle



1940s hairstyle for men



40s hairstyle for men


10. Wavy comb over

Wavy comb vintage hairstyles for men

Comb over used to be one of the most popular hairstyles in the 1940’s. The sides were cut short and the hair on top was left about 2 -3 inches long to make a comb over. If your hair is curly or wavy, such comb over will look very special.


11. Low pompadour

Men’s Hairstyles from 1940s 2-min

In the 1940’s pompadours were just making their way into the fashion world. So, most of them were not too voluminous. This low pompadour is easily made by applying hair gel to the top of your hair, spiking it up and styling the spikes toward each other.


12. Sleek comb over

Sleek comb vintage Men’s Haircut from 1940s

Men with receding hairlines appreciated sleek comb overs. The hair on top is combed over as neatly as possible and a lot of hair gel is applied to keep it in place. The sides are cut short but are not much shorter than the top.


13. Lateral comb over

Men’s Hairstyles from 1940s 4-min

Another way to make a 1940’s hairstyle is to create a lateral comb over. The hair on the sides is cut to be about a quarter of an inch thick. The top part is left about 2-3 inches long. The top hair is combed over to one side.


14. Spiky comb over

Mens Hairstyles from 1940s 5-min

Spiky comb over is a modern variation of the 1940’s haircut. The sides are tapered and the top stays long enough to make a voluminous comb over. The hair is spiked up with the help of some hair gel and swept a little backwards.


15. Neat side part

 Neat with vintage haircut for young boy

In order to make this neat 1940’s haircut, you will need to get a low taper fade without shaving the sides. The top is left long to create a side part and then a lateral comb over. In order to keep this haircut neat, you will need to become friends with hair gel.


16. Short cowlick

Mens Hairstyles from 1940s 7-min

Men from the 1940’s were just starting on their way to turning simple comb overs into more interesting hairstyles. This haircut is a step toward a cowlick. The hair is combed over to one side and one of the strands is hanging freely in front. Later it will be curled into a cowlick.


Men’s Popular Hairstyles From The 1930s


17. Textured pompadour

vintage haircut like Textured pompadour

Men with thick hair can choose this textured pompadour option. The textured locks are easier to arrange. This pompadour starts with a comb over, however, the result is not slicked down but lifted upwards instead.


18. Bird’s nest

Men’s Hairstyles from 1940s 9-min

Making a bird’s nest on your head might seem like a bad idea. However, this hairstyle looks extremely stylish and has nothing to do with wild options women are creating. The hair is spiked up to create a cube on top which looks somewhat like a nest.


19. Be sleek

men sleek vintage hairstyles for 1960s

Sleek hairstyles didn’t lose their popularity in the 1940s and are still pretty widespread. This haircut is great for fine hair which is hard to make voluminous. The sides are tapered. The side part is created and the hair is combed over in the lateral direction.


20. Men’s Highlights

Mens Hairstyles from 1940s 11-min

Highlighting silver hair has been popular for a very long time. In order to look younger, you can highlight just the top part of your 1940’s comb over and leave the sides looking natural. The overall image will be very impressive!


21. Get wilder

best vintage hairstyles in 1940s

If you want a wild 1940’s look, you can go for an outrageously messy comb over you see on the picture. However, this image is not something you want to sport on a regular basis. Messy spiky comb overs fall apart rather quickly.

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1940s hairstyles for men







1940s hair men





vintage haircut for men







40s hairstyles for men


We hope you have found the image you’ve been looking for. Take another glance at these 30 wonderful options to make your choice. You can start with a simple sleek hairstyle and go on to more complicated pompadours. Just don’t forget that most 1940’s hairstyles for men require a lot of hair gel.