50 Versatile Chignon Bun Hairstyles You’ll Definitely Love

Some people are confused by what the word “chignon” means, but it isn’t complicated. “Chignon” is a French term for a hair bun. It originates from the term “chignon du cou”, meaning nape of the neck. You can show off your neck if you choose to put your hair up in one of these styles.


Super Versatile Chignon Hairstyle Ideas

Chignon hairstyles are incredibly versatile because they can be used for loads of different occasions. Chignons are a popular women’s hairstyle for weddings and formal events, but they are also great for when you just need to throw your hair up and go. They are a great way to make unwashed hair look as though it has been lovingly styled.

#1: Low Chignon

Chignon Hairstyles for Women 1-min

This low chignon sits just under the nape of the neck. It is a beautiful style which can be worn for formal or informal occasions.

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#2: Twisted Chignon Bun

Chignon Hairstyles for Women 2-min

Divide your hair into sections as if you were about to start braiding it. Cross each section of your hair over once and then twist the rest of it round and up into a high knot.


#3: Voluminous Hair

Chignon Hairstyles for Women 3-min

Another great chignon bun. Give your hair extra volume by combing it up from the roots. Once you have created volume, loosely pin your hair hack into a voluminous chignon. Take care not to pull the hair at the front flat.

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#4: Hidden Volume

Chignon Hairstyles for Women 4-min

Even if you have relatively thin hair, you can still create a voluminous-looking high chignon by faking it in different ways. Either add extra curls to your bun for volume, or wrap your hair around a foam hair shaper to give it a boost.


#5: Soft Chignon

Chignon Hairstyles for Women 5-min

Rather than scraping your hair back tightly, gently pull it up into a loose bun. This will make your hair and your face look softer. It is a great casual look.

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