22 Hottest Anime Boys with Red Hair to Inspire

If you’re a huge fan of anime series, then you probably have a long list of your favorite anime boy characters according to their unique personalities. In this article today, we have listed down the top 10 anime boy characters with red hair that are loved by all of the anime fans.


Popular Red-Haired Anime Boy Characters

Anime boys are well known for their funky hair color and styles among youngsters. Here we listed top anime guy with red hair characters for anime lovers.

1. Eijiro Kirishima


2. Leon Kuwata


3. Renji Abarai


4. Sora


5. Spirit Albarn


6. Tanjiro Kamado


7. Youko Kurama 


8. Ayato Sakamaki’s Haircut

Ayato Sakamaki's Haircut

He is a well-known anime boy with red hair character from the anime series Diabolic Lovers who is actually a vampire. He loves drinking blood and is absolutely selfish when it comes to sharing his food. He has long layers that fall over his face.


9. Soma Yukihira’s Hairstyle

Soma Yukihira's Hairstyle with red Hair

This one is from the popular anime series called shokugeki no soma. He is the son of a restaurant owner which is why he is sometimes seen wearing a cook’s uniform. He loves cooking which is why he is always up for difficult challenges. His red hair is long and spiky and to avoid them from falling over his face especially during cooking, he wears a white band around his head.


10. Mikoto Suo’s Haircut

Mikoto Suo's hairstyle with red hair

This character owns an organization called the Homra(Red Clan) which gives one the power of using fire flames as a weapon. There was a time when Mikoto was the king of Homra but was killed during an incident.

This anime character’s red hair seems like they have been electrocuted due to which they stand firmly. He also has two hair strands falling over the face along with thick sideburns.


11. Natsu Dragneel’s Light Red Hair

anime boy hairstyle with red hair

He is a character of the famous anime series called, A Fairy Tail Manga. He has a strong muscular body due to which he tends to solve matter physically due to his straight-forward approach. He has thick short spikes in his red hair and a light- shade of red color almost like a pink tone. He is one of the most loved anime guys with red hair


12. Shanks

Shanks red hairstyle

Shanks is an anime movie character from the movie called, One Piece. He is the type of person that every person would want as their leader. One of his qualities is that he avoids involving violence whenever an action needs to be taken. His attractive features include his red hair that falls squarely on both sides of the face symmetrically with partial wavy hair.


13. Seijuro Akashi

Our next red haired anime boy character is Akashi. He is a basketball player from the movie called, Kuroko’s Basketball. Although he is not as tall as an average basketball player would be, his personality is just the same as a basketball captain would be.

He always had one thing in mind that it’s all about winning and that if you lose, means you have no worth. He has long sleek red hair that falls over his forehead in the form of sharp-edged layers.


14. Karma Akabane

popular anime characters with red hair

He’s a very naughty anime boy with red hair character that has the most amazing red hair of all. His character has been shown as a boy who loves causing trouble around and absolutely enjoys it. His hairstyle is the complete opposite of his personality. They’re long and straight that fall gently over his head.


15. Tsuboi Ryoutarou (Klein)

Klein is a sword fighter from the online anime series called, Sword Art Online. He is a very caring character who loves being there for his friends at times when they need him. He wears a maroon band around his head so that his long red hair doesn’t fall on his head.


16. Rin Matsuoka

Rin Matsuoka's hairstyle with red hair

He has played roles in shows like Free! High Speed Free! Starting summer. Many of his fans have been inspired by his red hair because they are long and fall in separate strands over his face.

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17. Gaara’s Haircut

anime boy with red hair

Gaara is a character who belongs to Naruto Manga. He was born premature and was raised a lonely boy by his father. Throughout his childhood, he would try to approach others while roaming around the village, but the people would just move away due to his unusual features. He has short red bangs that fall on his forehead.


18. Lavi

lavi d gray man - anime red hair


19. Shoto Todoroki

red haired anime boy - shoto todoroki


20. Hanamichi Sakuragi

anime boy with red hair - Hanamichi Sakuragi


21. Kenshin Himura

kenshin himura- red haired anime boy


22. Hisoka

anime boy red hair - Hisoka


Anime boy characters are mostly recognized by their spiky hair and muscular bodies which make them look awesome. Because of their unique looks, some fans actually styled their own hair like their favorite anime characters which are worth seeing. Here we have compiled some of the anime guys with red hair to inspire the fans.

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