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25 Trendy Goatee Styles for Older Guys in 2024

What makes a goatee such a favorite of men of all ages? Well, for one, it looks stylish and doesn’t make you look any older than you already are. What’s even more interesting is the number of options you have available for this style.

If you’re a man who’s seen it all, you might want to consider these 25 goatee styles for older guys that include grey, dark, big, small, extended, petit, and all types of goatees that you can think of. Let’s get right in.

Top Goatee Styles for Older Men

Hitting a certain age doesn’t mean you can’t join the beard style trend. In fact, a goatee can add a dash of youthfulness to your aging look. From classic goatees to those with a modern twist, there’s a style out there that will suit you perfectly.

We’ve shortlisted 25 of the best goatee beard styles for older men that will make you look younger and more stylish.

1. Grey French Beard with Salt and Pepper Mustache

full goatee beard for older guy

Many older guys love this straightforward goatee beard style. The traditional goatee is mostly grey whereas you can see some salt and pepper effects in the mustache. It also seems that the goatee is brushed or combed for an even look.

2. Long White Goatee Beard For Old Asian Men

Asian older guy with very long goatee beard

The white beard is so long that it might not even look like a goatee here, but you can see that it’s actually an extended goatee.

The beard extends onto the jawline and hangs several inches down the chin. This beard style is perfect for older Asian men with bald heads.

3. Colored Classic Goatee

colored goatee beard for older guy

Nothing beats the classic goatee, and it becomes even more attractive when you give it a cyan-blue color.

The goatee is quite thick and covers the entire chin so you can’t even see a separate soul patch. It’s blue, but you can tell the goatee is originally grey.

4. Geometric Goatee with Connected Mustache

pointed goatee beard for older guy

This goatee style is suitable for older guys who like to experiment, specifically due to the shape of the goatee. It’s a proper geometric shape that requires a lot of careful trimming and clipping.

The lower end is pointy and the sides are straight. The thick mustache is only barely connected to the goatee.

5. Petit Goatee with Long Curly Hair

goatee beard for older guy with glasses

If you are an old man with glasses and long curly hair, you don’t have to do much to create a point of interest on your face.

A petite goatee would suffice, but you can always grow it a couple of inches down your chin to make it noticeable. Shave the rest of the beard and mustache.

6. Circle Beard with Bald Head

dark goatee beard for older guy

The circle goatee style seems easily manageable for older guys who have a uniformly thick, dark beard and mustaches. The goatee and mustache are connected and create a circle around the mouth.

The shiny bald head and this goatee-style combo provide a rough and tough masculine look like your favorite wrestler, Big Show.

7. Goatee with Imperial Mustache

goatee beard with imperial mustache for older men

The goatee beard and mustache combo is preferred by many older guys. If you feel your goatee is too plain, grow an Imperial mustache.

Pair a soul patch with the goatee. The imperial mustache is thicker at the center, which resembles a pyramid mustache, and the thin sides are curled perfectly with gel.

8. Salt and Pepper Goatee with Chin Strap

goatee beard for Asian older guy

Give your goatee beard a salt-and-pepper effect. The black and white mustache and goatee are achieved with heavy stubble.

The goatee then extends along the jawline and connects with the hair, which is a typical characteristic of a chin strap beard.

9. Short Grey Goatee with Stubble Mustache

goatee beard for older black guy

The appearance of this goatee style for older men is quite minimal on the face. Also, it’s a black-and-white combo with the mustache being completely dark whereas the goatee is predominately silver.

10. Grey Balbo Beard with Curtains

chin goatee beard for older guy

The beard extending a little beyond the chin makes it a Balbo beard, and the grey hair makes it special on the face. There’s even a small soul patch.

Here the mustache is stubble, which is almost unnoticeable. The curtains make the whole setup very stylish.

11. Thick Goatee with Walrus Mustache

thick goatee beard for older guy

Talk about bringing all the attention to your face, and this beard and mustache combo does it perfectly.

The goatee is brushed downward and beautifully trimmed. However, the walrus mustache, as you’d expect, covers the upper lip and seems a bit untamed.

12. Long Curly Goatee with Bald Head

long goatee beard for older guy

Pick this goatee beard if you are an older guy with an oblong face shape but still have some dark facial hair.

The goatee is curly and long enough to hang a bit down the chin. It’s connected to the mustache, which is well-shaped. It’s a perfect style to go with a bald head.

13. Extended Goatee with Thin Mustache

extended goatee beard for older men

The clipping is on another level here, and the beard and mustache have been attained with almost a heavy stubble.

The extended goatee takes up a very small space on the jawline, and the mustache is almost pencil-thin. The beard and hairstyle have a two-tone theme of black and white.

14. Stubble Goatee with Connected Mustache

goatee beard for older guy with round face

If you are an older man with a round face this goatee style is for you. The stubble goatee remains less noticeable but still has some presence on the face to give you an anchor.

The trimmed and pyramidal mustache is connected to the goatee, and together, they provide your face with a focal point.

15. Pointed Goatee with Short Beard

goatee with chin strap beard for older guy

You’d call it an almost short boxed beard, but it’s slightly pointy and longer on the chin. This beard style is great for square-faced older men as it adds length to their faces.

16. White Chin Beard without Soul Patch

goatee beard without mustache for older guy

It shouldn’t be an issue to call it a classic goatee, and if you look closely, it doesn’t have a soul patch. It’s just the grey goatee with no mustache, soul patch, or any other facial hair. It’s the only point of focus since the head is also bald in this case.

17. Bushy French Beard with Curly Hair

older men with curly hair and goatee beard

Most modern men like to get a goatee out of stubble. However, it’s up to you to grow it a bit longer so it has some texture too.

In this case, the French beard has some textured characteristics due to its thickness. The goatee is slightly bushy and really suits the curly hairstyle.

18. Thick and Grey Extended Goatee

older guy with goatee beard

At first glance, it seems like a full beard that’s shaved on the cheeks. It’s closer to an extended goatee, but this goatee beard is a good choice for those older men who grow thick and full facial hair. It wraps not just the chin but the entire front of the lower jaw.

19. Goatee Beard For Black Men

older black guy with goatee beard

If you are an African-American old man with a grey beard and thick-rimmed glasses, this style is for you. The first thing that catches my attention is the contrast between the mustache and the goatee.

The thin Egyptian goatee hangs only at the lower end of the chin and makes a crescent shape. As for the mustache, it’s a slightly gentle version of the classic chevron mustache.

20. Two-tone Stubble Goatee with Mustache

goatee beard with mustache for older guy

When your facial hair is completely grey, you can dye it black and leave the neck beard white to attain a unique beard style.

As you can see, the stubble goatee isn’t too prominent, but there is a dark patch right at the center of the chin with grey hair on the neck. The mustache is dark, thin, and neatly trimmed. 

21. White Square Goatee with Skin Fade Haircut

square shape goatee beard for older guy

Don’t let age take away the sharpness of your personality. This goatee style for older guys is surely going to help you achieve that.

The beard is completely white and very neatly trimmed to form a rounded edged square. Interestingly, the soul patch is also square. Give your hair a bald fade to make it look cool with your beard.

22. Chin Puff Beard with Modern Horseshoe Mustache

patchy goatee beard for older guy

This goatee isn’t thick or trimmed and clipped to form a particular shape. It’s in its natural shape and slightly longer in the middle of the chin than on the sides.

The mustache is what you would call a modern horseshoe because its small branches do not fully connect to the goatee.

23. Short French-Fork Goatee with Pencil Mustache

older guy with short goatee beard

You’ll rarely see a sight like this, wherein the goatee consists of very short hair but is split in the middle. It’s like a miniature version of a French fork beard.

There’s also a soul patch, which is just as small. And completing the family of “small” there is a short patchy pencil mustache.

24. Disconnected Scraggly Goatee with Thin Mustache

short goatee beard for older guy

This goatee for older men is only on the chin with no hair connecting it to the mustache. Due to the long hair, the beard seems a bit scraggly, which is apparently the aim of this look.

The mustache is consistent with the goatee since it’s not very well-trimmed and has hair running in all directions.

25. Thick But Patchy Rounded Goatee with Walrus Mustache

rounded goatee beard for older guy

Last on the list of the best goatee styles for older guys is this full French beard with thick hair surrounding the mouth.

The thickness of the hair has completely taken over the soul patch and has left no exposed skin under the lower lip. From whatever little was exposed, the walrus mustache covered the upper lip too.

While these 25 goatee styles for older guys look great, your choice doesn’t always have to depend on what it looks like. The good news is that a goatee beard allows you to do that if you go with a longer one that hangs a few inches down your chin.