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21 Appealing Mohawk Hairstyles for Your Little Boys

Every young boy wants to be chic and one of the best ways to do that is a kids Mohawk. This statement hairstyle is not only meant for adults. There are so many great, appealing styles to choose from that you’ll be really surprised.


How to Cut Mohawk for Kids

Cutting a Mohawk for kids is not as hard as it sounds. The main factor is the length of the hair. Kids Mohawk haircut looks are characterized by hair that’s longer in the top part and shorter on the side. After the child and you decide which hairstyle you’ll exactly go for, make sure that the boy washes it.

If you’ll be cutting it with scissors, it’s much easier for the hair to be dry. Mark the width of the Mohawk in the top by doing a part on each side. It can range from very thin, to a wide style. Continue the two parts all the way to the back of the hair. The kids Mohawk can feature shaved sides, a low fade, medium, high fade, shapes, and more. Put the middle part of the hair up with a clip. Use a clipper or scissors to cut the sides to the desired length.

kids mohawk hairstyles

Once you’re done, you can continue to the middle part. You will need to do this one with the scissors. There is an option to leave the back part of the middle section just the way it is or cut it as well. The center top part is usually the most confusing one, especially if you don’t have experience.

Grab the scissors and begin from the most lateral parts. The side strands should be shorter and the middle ones should be younger. Work from the back to the front. Finish off by going through the Mohawk and cut with an angle for a layered look that also has more volume.


Watch The Following Video on How to Cut Mohawk for Little Boys


Cool Little Boy’s Mohawk Styles

Here’re some stylish kids Mohawk hairstyle ideas. You can choose one for your boy’s next hairdo!

1. Classic Spiky Fohawk

spiky mohawk hairstyles for kids

Classics are called that because they are a great fit for everyone. It doesn’t matter if your kid is 5 or 15, the spiky basic Mohawk will make them so much cooler.

Ideal For: It’s a fun look for all youngsters who know how to pull it off.

How to Style: To put the hair up, you can blow dry it with a brush and also use a strong hair product. Hairspray can be of big help as well.


2. Pompadour Fade

kid's slicked back mohawk with high fade

The slicked back hairdo will require some work on your side, but it’s both elegant and chic at the same time.

Ideal For: It’s an everyday Mohawk hairdo that the little boys will be able to have for quite a while.

How To Style: Leave the top part of the hair longer, so that you can slick it with a comb and hair cream. Ask the hairdresser for a high fade on the sides.


3. Platinum Blonde

platinum blonde mohawk for kids

Platinum blonde is not going anywhere!

Ideal For: Both curls and straight hair can decorate the kids Mohawk with a platinum blonde color.

How To Style: Let the curls be, just treat them with the basic protective products.


4. Topknot On Fire

kids mohawk hairstyles

Escape the regular pattern of Mohawks and add a whole flame-inspired rainbow to the top.

Ideal For: If your kid has a long enough hair to put it in a samurai topknot, this mane will do wonders.

How To Style: Grab a hair tie and put the do up in a knot.


5. Silver Mohawk

silver mohawk styles for kids

All colors look better when done on white spiky hair with fade.

Ideal For: If you are willing to dye your son’s hair, go ahead and opt for such a standout look.

How To Style: Ask the hairstylist for a completely white hair dye with pink and blue hints on top. Get a hair wax to style it.


6. Mohawk Mullet

Youngsters get so excited when they can get their favorite TV characters as a part of their mane.

Ideal For: There is no age limit for this little boy’s  Mohawk style, even adults can get it.

How To Style: Think of the favorite superhero or movie character of your kid and show it to the hairstylist.


7. Dragon Mohawk

Sometimes creativity is much more than just getting a haircut.

Ideal For: Ideal for parties, especially themed birthdays and masquerades.

How To Style: Use hair colors to create the dragon and hair wax for the spikes.


8. Quiff

Let your son grow out the hair so that he can copy this amazing kids Mohawk fade hairstyle.

Ideal For: If your kid loves hair artistry, they will go crazy over this mane.

How To Style: With a very fine comb, try to make the Mohawk perfectly smooth. Use pomade for a natural finish.


9. Neon Vibes

Neon hair colors are popular for everyone right now, even for kids.

Ideal For: Perfect for teenagers.

How To Style: The eye-catching neon Mohawk will need several touchups once the hair starts growing. Other than that, use regular products to keep the hair up.


10. Black Boy’s Curls

long curly mohawk for kids

Boys with curls can also grow out a long Mohawk.

Ideal For: Ideal for youngsters who have naturally curly hair. This black kids Mohawk can help them fall in love with the locks.

How To Style: Let the curls grow, then cut the sides much shorter.


11. Curly Mullet

Sharp lines are so chic!

Ideal For: Great for very curly and long hair.

How To Style: Define the kid’s Mohawk haircut by doing two straight lines, one on each side. Leave the top natural and curly.


12. Curly Purple Haired Mohawk 

Colorful dyes can do so much justice for a hairstyle.

Ideal For: Both curly and straight hair types can rock this one.

How To Style: Color the top of the mane in pretty purple color. Opt for a high fade on the side.


13. Concentric Lines

Take things up a notch by combining multiple hair colors and concentric lines on the sides.

Ideal For: Boys of all ages will love this one.

How To Style: It is a kids Mohawk that will definitely require a visit to the hairdressers. After the appointment, grab a strong styling product.


14. Flat Top Mohawk

One of the variations of a little boy’s Mohawk haircut is a flat top finish.

Ideal For: Great for young kids who don’t mind being different from the rest.

How To Style: Get quality hair wax, cream or gel so that the mane will stay up.


15. Artsy Mohawk Fade

kids mohawk styles with patterns

Feel free to do all the prints and patterns your child likes on the sides.

Ideal For: Great for innovative and creative children.

How To Style: Think of a cool way to accessorize the mane together with your son. Ask for the hairstylist to do it.


16. Super-Long Kids Mohawk

If your boy already has long hair, it is a unique idea to try this super-long hairdo.

Ideal For: Great for very long hair, especially if you are planning to cut it shortly after this hairstyle.

How To Style: Since it is not the everyday Mohawk, this is a little boys hairdo that is temporary and does require lots of maintenance when it comes to kids. You will need lots of strong products to keep it up.


17. Sharp Lines

A kids Mohawk fade doesn’t have to be only in the front top part. Expand it to the sides and define it with sharp lines.

Ideal For: If you don’t want to spend too much time styling the hairdo of your son, this one is a low-maintenance version.

How To Style: This is a unique and unusual style that is characterized by a line on both sides.


18. Double Braided Mohawk

Why not try braids? They come in many variations, so this is your chance to show off your braiding skills.

Ideal For: Great for innovative boys that will be excited to rock braids.

How To Style: Divide the hair on top into two parts and do two braids. Put the rest in a bun or ponytail.


19. Pink Spiky Rainbow

Yes, young boys do like pink, especially when it’s neon and mixed with blue.

Ideal For: This is the best little boy Mohawk for all fashionable young boys who are in love with pink.

How To Style: Think of creative ways to decorate the side of the hairstyle.


20. Blonde Classic Mohawk

kids blonde mohawk hairstyles

Youngsters are always excited about a classic Mohawk.

Ideal For: Little boys with blue eyes will look so handsome thanks to the bright blonde hair. If they are already natural blondes, all you need is to take them to the hairdresser.

How To Style: The sides need to be super-short or even shaved. Use a hair gel to put the middle upward with spiky details.


21. Highlighted Hair

kids mohawk hairstyles

Getting a statement hint of color on the tips of the Mohawk will help your kid be the most fashionable one around.

Ideal For: If the little one likes eye-catching hairdos, show them this picture.

How To Style: The coolest part about the kid’s Mohawk fade hairstyle is the neon hue in the top. If that’s not enough, you can always think of an interesting pattern.


A little boy Mohawk is what every boy dreams of during a certain age. Once your little one starts asking for this statement haircut, you can help him out making the right choice. Some styles are very simple, others are eye-catching. Either way, the hair will grow back very fast, so you don’t even have to worry whether you’ve made the right picks.