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23 Best Ways to Style Bangs on Small Foreheads

Bangs are a great option to make your small forehead appear bigger if styled the right way. Bangs demand commitment because once you snip the strands across your brows, there’s no turning back. However, they’re ideal to switch up your look with just a little change.

Although bangs are super versatile, they are mostly considered suitable for big foreheads. That’s not the case, to be honest. Narrow foreheads need considerable styling too which can be tricky at times.

Don’t worry, all you need is to find the right type of fringes that balance out your facial proportions and that’s why we have brought the ideal bangs hairstyles for women with small foreheads.

Flattering Bangs for Small Foreheads

The right type of bangs can make your forehead appear bigger and better. Here are some inspirations to help you achieve the perfect bangs look for a small forehead:

1. Curled Side Swoops

blonde bangs for small forehead

Side-swept bangs are ideal to cover both big and small foreheads. Snip the strands slightly longer, if you are a fan of curls, so once the hair is heat styled the chunks fall exactly above your brows.

A deep side part with pinned-back sides will look the best.

2. Short and Choppy

bangs for women over 50 with small forehead

Chopped-up chunks falling unevenly across the forehead are ideal to soften the face. Senior ladies can try short bangs that blend into the sides of a pixie for a seamless face frame.

Snipping the ends vertically helps achieve an edgy texture that won’t be ignored.

3. Thick Blunt Bangs with Bob

bob with bangs for small forehead

Blunt bangs for small foreheads have two main benefits; the straight cut creates the illusion of both thick hair and a bigger forehead when the strands are swept forward from the middle of the head.

Now that you’ve decided on getting a doll-like fringe couple it with a classic bob and you’ll love it!

4. Spiky Pixie, Piece-y Fringe

bangs with headband for small forehead

Short foreheads don’t need to be concealed completely. Piece-y strands shattering on one side of the face are perfect to achieve a chic appeal.

Experiment with a short and spiky pixie featuring jagged layers on top that are side-parted and brushed forward to add some style to the face.

5. Middle-Parted Bangs

bangs for asian women with small forehead

Nothing can go wrong with middle-parted fringes as they suit all face shapes. Opt for blunt bangs or slightly arched ones and separate them in the middle to get an inverted V-shaped space that will make your short forehead seem much longer.

Ask for some layering at the tips for a light feathered look.

6. Soft Off-Centered Fringe

bangs for small forehead and round faces

If you are still not sure about getting bangs, consider a medium to long side fringe that can be pinned away or tucked behind the ear whenever you want.

Soften your look further with a slightly off-center part that can balance out any disproportionality of the face.

7. Wispy Bangs

wispy bangs for small forehead

Wispy bangs are the best example of how little changes make a big difference. They are a must-try for ladies who want to avoid a suffocated look when getting a fringe.

The strands are light and thin towards the eyes revealing just enough of the forehead.

8. Angular Fringe with Mixie Cut

side bangs for small forehead

Express your wild side with a funky mixie cut featuring a textured pixie on top with a long tail at the back just like a mullet.

To frame the face, get a long angular fringe that’ll look super flattering on a short forehead. Don’t forget the pointy sideburns.

9. Jagged Micro Bangs

short bangs for small forehead

It may not seem right at first, but micro bangs can work wonders for small foreheads. The space left empty between the hair and eyebrows creates the illusion of a much bigger forehead.

Add dimension to your look by getting jagged bangs instead of the usual straight ones.

10. Uneven Arched Bangs

bangs for black women with small forehead

Break down the bluntness of straight bangs by snipping them in a crescent shape. Spice them up further by chopping some chunks unevenly short bringing all the attention to your eyes.

Concealing the upper portion will prevent your chin from appearing too pointy in the case of an oblong face.

11. Side-Swept Layers

braid with bangs for small forehead

Layered bangs sweeping across the forehead are a classic hairstyle that never gets old. The swooped fringe is just what you need to soften the harsh angles of a square face.

Wear them with a high ponytail, a loose bun, or a messy braid. Your call!

12. Curly Bardot Fringe

curly bangs for small forehead

Bardot bangs start short in the middle and elongate towards the sides while hugging the face. If you have natural curls, tailor the strands at the front to fall halfway across your small forehead since there is no need for full coverage.

Achieve further bounce by layering the remaining mane.

13. 80s Mall Bangs

choppy bangs for small forehead

Although the 80s mall bangs featured a teased mound of hair at the front, here is a sleeker version featuring layered strands cut short from ear to ear with longer tresses at the back.

The heightened top, again, makes a short forehead seem much bigger.

14. Faux Bangs using Halo Braid

braided bangs for small forehead

Rock faux bangs before cutting the strands permanently with this hairdo. Instead of wearing your crown/halo braid closer to the hairline, push it further away towards the center of the head.

Pull down the knit slightly to sit on your small forehead like a micro fringe and voila!

15. Textured Crown with Razored Fringes

korean bangs for small forehead

Asian ladies with tiny facial features can consider getting razored bangs for their small foreheads.

Try them with a textured pixie featuring a voluminous crown to add cuteness to your face while balancing out that narrow pointy chin. Lift up those layered strands by scrunching them with your fingers.

16. Classic Curtains

ponytail with bangs for small forehead

Fringes are angled starting short in the middle and elongating toward the ears to ultimately blend in with the remaining hair. They can be short, medium, or long and look gentle on a small forehead.

If you’re not a middle-parting kind of person then these curtains are not for you!

17. Eye-Covering Emo Bangs

long bangs for small forehead

Who is going to notice a short forehead with one eye mysteriously covered? Emo bangs have their own fan base. They are cut at a slanting angle with a deep side parting.

Pin down your strands for a while to help them settle down in place.

18. Coily Bangs

natural hair bangs for small forehead

Given their unruly texture, afro fringes might need some time before they start sitting properly on the forehead. A headband can prove to be of some help in this regard.

You can also try a false bangs style by gathering the coils in a pineapple updo to fall forward on the face.

19. Heavy Angled Fringe with Bixie

pixie hair with bangs for small forehead

Though small foreheads don’t need full coverage, you can still conceal the entire upper portion of your face with a heavy angled fringe alongside a layered bixie cut.

The resulting voluminous top is perfect to balance out a small face.

20. Color-Blocked V Bangs

undercut hair with bangs for small forehead

This color-blocked hairdo is sure to drop some jaws! Ask the hairstylist for a pixie with trimmed sides and a disconnected rounded long top that ends in an off-centered V at the front.

Choose two very unrelated hair colors and give them a go!

21. Traditional Full Fringe with Bun

updo with bangs for small forehead

Traditional bangs feature more or less straight strands across the brow line with long side chunks and are worth a try regardless of your forehead side.

Keep all the focus on your fringe by gathering the remaining hair in a classic high bun.

22. Deep Side Bangs

long side bangs for small forehead

Sticking to the basics, hide your narrow brow area with simple side bangs. The strands should emerge from a deeper point on the opposite side and glide across the forehead making your eyes truly pop.

These platinum short bangs with long layers are to die for!

23. Wolf Cut with Dip-Dyed Baby Bangs

colored bangs for small forehead

Lastly, a wolf cut and wispy baby bangs are a safe shot for small foreheads. It is a shaggy mullet with choppy layers on top that elongate and thin down toward the ends.

Dip the ends of your strands in an unusual color like a midnight blue for a groovy appeal.

Considering the above list, all types of bangs work with small foreheads as long as they are styled and maintained properly according to your face shape and hair texture. Cover the entire forehead or leave some portions uncovered depending on your liking. Nevertheless, regular trimming and washing are a must!