10 Deluxe Layered Bangs for Women to Boost Style

Bangs are never out of season. Layered bangs are no exception. They are a regular girl’s go-to style when you need to conceal your forehead and put some attention on the eyes. The only problem is traditional bangs are not for everyone. Depending on your hair texture and face shape, bangs can either make you look great or downright awkward.

Thankfully, anyone who can’t wear traditional bangs can look to layered bangs. The suit literally every woman and help to boost your style in an amazing way. Layered bangs make styling easier and prevent hair issues like tangling and knotting.


How to Cut Layered Bangs

how to cut layered bangs

The best part about choosing layered bangs is that it’s easy to cut. With a few tools like scissors, curling iron, blow dryer, and a large mirror, you can create your layered bangs style. Here are some steps you need to follow:

Wet Your Hair: Damp hair is better to work with when cutting layered bangs. Shower first and towel dry your hair or simply use a spray bottle with water to dampen your hair.

Part Your Hair: Layered bangs come in various styles. Before you cut, you must decide what style to wear. Part your hair from side to side with the style you want.

Twist or Curl Your Hair: Use your fingers to twist the hair or use a curling iron. This step is important to give your hair a layered look rather than a blunt one.

Decide Where to Cut Your Bangs: This part is tricky because it’s where you create the layered bangs. Deciding where to cut depends on the length of bangs you want and your hair type. For some hair textures, you have to cut with enough extra length because they can end up falling shorter on your face. You can cut at the mouth or near the chin to be safe. Trim and snip to your style. Use a round brush to comb out your hair and blast with a blow dryer. After this, your layered bangs are ready to rock.


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Cut Layered Bangs at Home


How to Layer Bangs to Frame Face

How to Layer Bangs to Frame Face

Start by dampening your hair. Bend forward to comb your hair into a ponytail. Make sure you comb smoothly so the style falls perfectly. Hold the hair with a ponytail holder.

Twist the tip that falls in front of your face and cut at an inch above your desired length. Remove the holder and style your hair to frame your face.


Latest Layered Bangs Hairstyles

Following are the 12 most stunning layered bangs hairstyles that are making their way into the style trends.

1. Loose Curls with Long Bangs

Loose Curls with Long Layered Bangs

This layered bangs style is perfect for women with bushy, voluminous hair who want to wear bangs without really altering their hair. It is flexible and the bangs can be styled in other ways. You can try this on short loose curls as well.


2. Rough Layers with Baby Bangs

girl with messy layered baby bangs

Rough layers on bangs are suitable for any length of hair. It requires almost no effort to create and maintain. This messy look is unique because it looks fresh and natural.


3. Side Swept Straight Bangs

Side Swept Straight Layered Bangs

Here the bangs are layered and styled with more precision to obtain this beautiful side swept look.


4. Curly Layered Hair with Side Bangs

Curly Tresses with Layered Side Bangs

Isn’t this the princess look? If you have these perfect curls, you can stretch out your layered bangs to fall softly on the forehead and accentuate your face.


5. Soft Waves with Short Bangs

wavy hair with layered baby bangs

Everything falls nicely in place with this layered bangs hairstyle. The bangs are cut very short across the forehead to compliment the long wavy hair.


6.  Long Layered Bangs with Ponytail

You can sport this long layered hair look every day or to events and dates. It shows off everything about the face and still gives room for your jewelry to shine. The layered bangs are lengthy and drop just above the eyes.


7. Pastel Pink Hair with Side Bangs

Pastel Pink hair with Side Full Bangs

This is a simple but stylish look. The hair is lightly dyed pink and the bangs are layered to frame the face across the forehead.


8. Layered Wispy or Blunt Bangs

If you want an effortless, simple, yet classy look check out this straight hair and light bangs. The bangs are cut with a slight difference in length and some spread across the eyes, while others drop by the side.


9. Side Swept Bangs

medium hairstyles with layered bangs

It is not always a great idea to create an outrageous and unusual haircut. The simple medium length hair with layered side swept bangs does the job for many women. This haircut is outright cute and requires little maintenance.


10. Layered Bangs with High Pony

Straight hair needs experimenting. Making long layered bangs while tying the rest of the hair into a ponytail is a great way to bring some changes to the style. Bangs will just add the ponytail some character. Adding some unusual color will make long hair with bangs look very interesting.


11. Funky Curly Pink Hair

curly pink hair and side swept bangs

When you want to make a statement with both your curls and layered bangs, this unique style can be your best bet. Play with colors while sporting full, side swept bangs.


12. Side Face-framing Bangs

layered face framing bangs for women

This style suits short hair with curls. It is easy to style and keep beautiful for as long as you want. The bangs are almost the same length as the hair. They rest softly on the face and frame your looks in an elegant way.


Feathered Bangs Vs Layered Bangs

Feathered Bangs Vs Layered Bangs

Feathered bangs and layered bangs are quite similar. They are both stylish for women and look good on everyone. Layered bangs fall in layers that accentuate your looks. Feathered bangs, on the other hand, require more creativity with the scissors. They give character and a bold look.

Some people prefer them because they show that a lot of effort, time, and courage has been applied behind a mirror. The procedure to obtain either a feathered bang or a layered bang are the same to some extent. It only differs when you are creating the bangs in the final step.


You can create any layered bangs style at home. What you require are the right tools and bravery! Ensure the scissors are sharp and fit your hands. If your hands get shaky, stop the process, relax and try again. It is important to cut your hair carefully because it can’t be replaced after that.

A wrong cut might force you to change your desired style. If you worry about complicated styles, then you can visit the salon for professional assistance. Remember to choose a layered bangs hairstyle that complements your facial features and represents your unique style. Other things to consider are your hair texture and length. Finish off these looks with a flattering dress and step out with confidence.