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27 Trendy Pixie Mullets (Mixie Cuts) To Try in 2024

A pixie mullet is the edgiest hairstyle you can get this year. It is the combination of two very unrelated hairstyles; the pixie and the mullet featuring shorter layers at the front with longer disconnected ones at the back.

You don’t need to worry about your hair density, texture, and the shape of your face as mixie cuts, when done right, go with all hair and face types.

These piece-y cuts are low upkeep, too as they are all wash-and-go and grow flawlessly into sexy wolf cuts. Having that said, here are some inspirational ideas for you.

Gorgeous Mixie Cuts

Plenty of texture and correct styling is the key to setting these mixie haircuts on fire.

1. Soft Mixie with Bardot Bangs

pixie mullet

Mixie cuts come with all kinds of bangs thus making them a must-try for ladies with big foreheads.

You don’t need to vary the length very much. Start with tapered Bardot bangs that elongate gradually towards the back along the sides for a soft and elegant appeal.

2. Yellow Blonde Crop, Pointy Sides

blonde pixie mullet

Those who love a boyish look can go for a textured top that shortens towards the back with a sharp V-cut above the nape.

Accent those barely-there baby bangs with pointy sideburns and finish off with a funky yellow-blonde hair shade to look like a real-life anime character.

3. Highlighted Shag

pixie mullet with highlights

Pixie mullets are cropped shags featuring a feathered crown. They are perfect to take the bulk away from their thick tresses or add volume to thin hair.

Opt for blonde highlights for a feminine touch and blow dry your mane achieving a messy yet sexy finish.

4. Neon Blue Mess

pastel blue pixie mullet

The boldest haircuts demand the brightest hair colors. Look like a rock star by painting your head in a vibrant blue nuance with a touch of frosted platinum at the front.

Use razors instead of scissors to cut short jagged layers that are a tad bit longer at the back.

5. Fully Feathered Pixie Mullet

edgy pixie mullet

Give off some cool 70s vibes by coupling your pixie mullet with feathered layers. Keep the strands on top of the head short with prominently longer sides and back for a disconnected look.

Tousle the hair forward to frame the face and done!

6. Curly Beauty

curly pixie mullet

Mixie haircuts work with all hair textures from straight to curly and wavy. Embrace your natural coils by layering them when dry maintaining a proper difference in length between the front, sides, and back.

Use a curl-defining leave-in conditioner to keep your hair bouncing!

7. Layered Wavy Mullet

messy mixie cut

Layers when done on wavy hair don’t need much styling. Hand-tousle the strands while flipping out those curtain fringes using a barrel brush.

Platinum babylights on a cool blonde base are ideal to add a subtle glow to the face. Plenty of texture is the key here.

8. Funky Color Split

dark blue mixie cut

Take a break from styling your locks by snipping them super short. Go for crescent-shaped baby bangs to frame the face leaving one to two inches of hair on the neck.

Dye half of the head midnight blue leaving the remaining part black to drop some jaws.

9. Androgynous Mixie Cut

mixie cut with shaved side

Break gender stereotypes with a bold pixie mullet haircut like the one depicted here. Shave the sides sparing strands in the middle of the head like a mohawk.

The jagged front is just everything one can ask for in the case of naturally straight hair.

10. Pink Pop with Uneven Bangs

pink pixie mullet

Be bold, be beautiful! Make sure your mullet-like pixie is one of a kind by dying it in the brightest magenta-pink nuance. Couple your messy top with smooth yet uneven bangs at the front.

Bleach your brows and get ready to pop some eyes on the way!

11. Choppy Bixie

long pixie mullet

Reluctant to try a funky mixie all of a sudden? Keep it low-key by getting plenty of wispy layers that elongate softly towards the back much like a choppy bob.

Flick out those thin ends when blow-drying your mane and there you go!

12. Textured Top + Extra Long Sideburns

pixie mullet for Asian women

Though pixie mullets allow you to play with varying hair lengths, snip the back short while keeping the sideburns extra long for a change.

Set the look on fire with a textured top, some wispy bangs, and a blonde hair color with dark roots. Eye-catching!

13. Copper-Colored Short Chop

wavy pixie mullet

Enjoy being a redhead with a copper-colored mane. Retain the pixie-like look of your short shag by keeping the strands at the back almost equal to the micro bangs at the front with a handful of layers.

Curl your sideburns forward and you’ll love them!

14. Dip-Dyed Back

shaggy pixie mullet

Ladies with a thinning mane can achieve some volume and body with a feathered crown that elongates downwards.

Make your long back more noticeable by dipping the ends in a blonde hair color. Get a little extra and do the same for your bangs too.

15. Two-Toned Mullet

two tone mixie cut

Why stick to blonde shades when there are so many colors to choose from? Retain those choppy layers only on the crown region with a smooth front and back.

Grab any two of your favorite nuances and apply them separately on the top and bottom region for a multi-textured two-toned mixie cut.

16. Messy Bowl Cut Vibes

pixie mullet for straight hair

Incorporate the features of a long mushroom/bowl cut to turn your pixie into something very unique. Ask for arched blunt bangs that merge into your long side locks with a disconnected layered back.

Don’t forget to throw in some highlights too!

17. Wispy Rose Gold Layers

razored mixie cut

This hairdo is pretty much what mullets looked like in the past i.e. a forward-swept top with a shoulder-length messy back, and pointy sideburns.

Opt for mauve roots that turn rose gold towards the tips for a feminine appeal. Razored layers will work wonders both for thick and thin hair.

18. Buzzed Salt and Pepper Mixie

mixie cut for older women

You’ll be thankful for those natural grays once you get to try this salt and pepper pixie mullet.

The top tapers towards the buzzed sides while the sideburns and the strands just above the nape are about an inch in length. No hair combing required for weeks!

19. Color-Blocked Face Frame

mixie cut for dark hair

Short haircuts are ideal to set your facial features on full display. Here’s a super shaggy version of your face-framing mixie cut featuring a heavily razored top, wispy side locks, and blunt bangs.

Dye your strands red all along the hairline including the bangs for a color-blocked hairstyle.

20. Purple Faux Hawk

purple pixie mullet
abby_salonsage9west /Instagram

Make use of your curly hair texture to transform your mullet-like pixie into a funky faux hawk. The trick lies in clipping the sides, shaving your sideburns, and skipping a very long back.

Color your curls on top in a vibrant purple hue or any other color of your liking.

21. Classic Punk Mullet

red pixie mullet

Classic short mullet hairdos from the past also included shaved or faded sides that you can still rock today to impart a slimming effect to the face.

Although the rest is usual with a textured top, short bangs, and a long back, that fiery orange hair color is sure to stun many.

22. Scarlett Johansson’s Flared Shullet

blonde mixie cut for fine hair

Celebrities and models have played a big role in setting mixie haircuts into trend. Here’s a look inspired by Scarlett Johansson’s flirty 2000s look.

Recreate the style with smooth short curtain bangs and a jagged top with a flared back featuring flipped-out tips.

23. Sleek Arched Fringe + Choppy Back

yellow mixie cut

Accent the round shape of your face with arched bangs that start short in the middle and elongate toward the sides ending with curled sideburns.

Couple your sleek front with a slightly longer choppy back that requires a mere hand tousle to be styled.

24. Mixie for Thin Hair

curly gray mixie cut

Pixie mullets can be a lifesaver for women with fine tresses as the shorter the hair, the healthier it looks.

You might skip the long back to get a soft rounded hairdo with cropped bangs. Scrunch your layers, whether curly or not, to achieve the much-needed body and dimension.

25. Half-and-Half Mullhawk

half and half pixie mullet

The mullhawk features a long tail at the back with central layers paired with short or shaved sides and of course some bangs.

Express your bold side with a half-and-half hair look keeping one side pink while the other neon green.

26. Curtain Bangs on Mini Mullet

pixie mullet with curtain bangs

The iconic curtain bangs look as mesmerizing with short haircuts as they do with longer hair lengths.

Frame your face with middle-parted tapered fringes and short choppy layers that end in a tail at the back. A blonde balayage will make a huge difference though.

27. Groovy Green Razor Cut

green pixie mullet

Piece-y layers with distinct chunks at the front and back are exactly what you need if you’re experimenting with a mixie cut for the first time.

Get wild and try an emerald green hair color with patches of neon green in between. Stunning, isn’t it?

Though the mixie cuts enlisted above are unique in their own way, all of them feature short tops with bangs, elongating sides with the back being the longest, and plenty of texturizing layers. And this is exactly what you need to ask your hairstylist when getting your first pixie mullet!