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21 Bob Haircuts That Look Great With Big Foreheads

Big foreheads are quite common and there are many women who feel insecure about them. Though there is no way to control the proportions of your forehead as much, you still have the option to overcome the insecurity attached to its width.

The best way, of course, is to opt for hairstyles like a bob cut that will not only reduce the appearance of your large forehead but also help highlight your other facial features. Even the way you part your hair can make a huge difference and boost your confidence.

For women with big foreheads, haircuts with bangs and layers are your best friend. If you’re into short hair, the bob cut is the best to hide your big forehead.


Stunning Bob Cuts to Complement Bigger Foreheads

Bob cuts have become immensely popular, and today women across different age groups love to flaunt bobs. In this post, we have curated the top 21 bobs for women with big foreheads.

It’s time to leave all your insecurities behind and take inspiration from our list for your next haircut.

1. Wavy Bob

wavy bob cut for women with big forehead

Women with wavy hair can get a classic bob haircut and let those waves create magic!

This simple, pink, wavy bob looks stunning and rather than focusing on the forehead, our attention is more on those soft waves framing the face.


2. Layered Bob

thick bob for big forehead

If you have thick hair and are wondering if a bob would suit you, then the answer is yes!

Women with thick hair often feel that bob cuts won’t suit them, but this layered bob for women with big forehead shows you how it’s done.


3. Blonde Face-framing Bob

white bob for women with big forehead

Bobs definitely complement large foreheads; however, you need to ensure that you style your hair in a way that it frames your face as naturally as possible.

Also, try to add some volume to your hair as flat hair tends to make your forehead look wider.


4. Bold and Beautiful Bob

orange bob for big forehead

One sure-shot way of taking away all the attention from your big forehead is to get a classic bob cut and then opt for a two-toned hair color like this combination of bright orange and blonde.

There is no way anyone is looking at your forehead when you have the fiery orange to grab their attention.


5. Choppy Bob

layered bob for big forehead

Bob cuts for women is not just about cute and soft haircuts. If you are looking for a slightly fun and a bit of edgy haircut, we recommend this choppy bob.

The short, choppy edges of this haircut work well in making the forehead look smaller.


6. Two-toned Asymmetrical Bob

asymmetrical bob for big forehead

Asymmetrical bob cuts for women with big foreheads is a popular style; and looking at this two-toned asymmetrical bob, we completely understand why women love this hairstyle.

The combination of long and short hair lengths work for women with all types of hair texture.


7. Classic Straight Bob

Asian bob for big forehead

Women who do not like to fuss a lot with their hairstyles can try this classic straight bob cut which does a good job at making your forehead look smaller.

This low-maintenance hairstyle can be styled differently with minimal effort.


8. Wavy Bob with Fashionable Bangs

bob with bangs for women with big forehead

Bangs are another go-to option for women who would like to hide their large foreheads. There are several bob cuts with different types of bangs that you could give a try.

For instance, check out this cute wavy bob with fashionable bangs that completely cover the model’s forehead.


9. Simple and Symmetrical Bob

blonde bob for women with big forehead

Just like how asymmetrical haircuts have their own charm and appeal, many women prefer to have a simple and symmetrical hairstyle, such as this one.

This bob cut with its straight, uniform edges looks alluring and classy.


10. Braided Bob

curly bob for big forehead

Want to style your simple bob cut differently? Try this amazing braided bob which can be easily styled in no time.

All you have to do is take a section of hair on one side, and start braiding it across your crown area until you reach the under your neck on the other side. Secure your braid in place with a hairpin.


11. Natural Curly Bob

curly bob for big forehead

Women with natural curls looking to hide their large foreheads do not have to put in too much thought or effort – just get a layered bob at the hair salon next time and you are all set!

The curls framing your face naturally will get the job done for you.


12. Blunt Edged Bob

medium bob for big forehead

This combination of layers and blunt edges will completely take the attention away from your forehead.

When you have such a gorgeous bob, we assure you that no one is going to pay any attention to it.


13. Pink Colored Bob with Wispy Bangs

long bob with bangs for big forehead

Want to throw off the attention from your large forehead? Go bold and color your hair in a bright color, such as this shade of pink. Add in some wispy bangs, style the ends of your bob cut outwards, and you are ready!


14. Tucked Bob

short bob for for big forehead

Want a sweet yet gritty bob? You have to try this tucked bob for women with large forehead.

As you can see, the short, tucked bob with baby bangs is a great way to highlight all your facial features and make your frons look smaller.


15. Soft and Dreamy Bob

pastel pink bob for big forehead

This dreamy pink and platinum-colored bob with sleek fringes should be on your must-try haircuts list! The soft pink hues covering the forehead looks absolutely mesmerizing.


16. Low Maintenance Everyday Bob

bob cut for older women with big forehead

If you are in your 50s or 60s, we highly recommend this layered low maintenance bob for women with a big forehead. You can keep your overall look simple and stylish by just combing your hair a couple of times, with a hair partition as per your preference.


17. Shaggy Bob

short wavy bob for big forehead

Shaggy bobs are another popular haircut for covering a larger forehead. The choppy ends radiate cool and sassy vibes while accentuating your facial features.

Pro tip – while styling, opt for a middle partition.


18. Sleek and Chic Bob

thin hair bob for big forehead

For women with thin hair, we recommend this sleek and chic bob. The hair strands beautifully frame your face, thus reducing the width of your forehead and making it appear small.


19. Mid-parted Inverted Bob

middle part bob for big forehead

When we talk about haircuts for ladies with bigger foreheads, our list would have been incomplete without including one of the most stylish bobs – an inverted bob!

The mid-parted haircut with its inverted ends serves up classy and bossy vibes.


20. Bob with Long Side Bangs

straight bob cut for women with big forehead

Bangs are quite versatile and you can experiment a lot with them. So, if you are not too comfortable with short bangs, opt for long-side bangs with your bob.

The bangs are great at covering part of your forehead, thus making it look smaller.


21. Long and Glossy Bob

bob for big forehead

Last but not least, we have this long and glossy bob cut which should be your definite choice if you have a glam and sophisticated evening planned; and don’t want your large forehead hogging all the attention. 


Shorter haircuts look amazing on women with bigger frons. A little bit of experimenting that suits your hair volume and texture is all that might be needed to make your forehead look less wide. Playing around with bangs in addition to getting a bob haircut is another great option. 

We hope our list of top 21 bobs for women with big forehead has given you some much-needed inspiration to bring back your hair game and say goodbye to your insecurity!