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Bangs for Thin Hair: Top 30 Options in 2024

Did you know that thin hair issues are common worldwide? That’s why bangs styles for thin hair are especially in demand.

If you have thin locks, creating bangs is a great way to add some volume to your hairstyle. With the right maintenance, you can keep a great look.

While you might not always be able to achieve blunt bangs, the wispy asymmetrical fringe will give you some extra style. All the girls, who have ever tried bangs, reported that their thin hair began looking much better. They never went back to living without bangs again.

thin hair bangs
Bangs For Thin Hair

How to Take Care of Your Thin Bangs Hair?

If you plan to get bangs on your thin locks, you can take advantage of some maintenance advice. Bangs usually require more care than the rest of the hair. It’s up to you to make them look fresh, shiny, and even voluminous.

1. Don’t Overdo The Hair Products

Thin hair usually doesn’t respond too well to heavy hair care products. The best option for thin hair is to use a light hair mousse before blow-drying. This is particularly effective for thin bangs, as they tend to look great when blow-dried.

Start with small amounts of product and add more as needed. You can use a root lifter as well as a thickening or blow dry spray before blow drying, and then follow it up with a texture spray or hairspray.

2. Lift Them At the Roots

Giving your bangs some volume is as easy as pie. You don’t even have to wash your hair beforehand.

Run wet fingers through your bangs to make them slightly damp. Apply some mousse and start drying on a low setting. Direct your blow-dryer upward so the hair is lifted slightly at the roots.

3. Keep The Bangs Clean

Bangs have a way of getting dirty before the rest of your hair does. Consider washing the bangs more often than your other locks. Washing the bangs separately allows you to do better styling while removing the buildup. This is especially useful for people who love using styling mousse.

Be careful with overusing the shampoo. When you are cleaning the bangs on a daily basis, consider using shampoo only every other day. The rest of the time, use the conditioner.

4. Use Rollers

If you want to add your fine bangs some volume. You can lift it up with rollers. Velcro rollers are a good choice for overnight use. The only downside is that you can’t sleep on your stomach. You can also reach the same effect by applying the rollers and then blow-drying the bangs at a low setting.

5. Pump up Your Facial Care Routine

Bangs tend to get dirty when proper facial care is not followed. A greasy forehead can lead to oily hair, and similarly, dirty hair can contribute to a greasy forehead.

To prevent this, establish a suitable facial skincare routine. Apply the cleanser twice a day and make sure to use only the products that suit your skin type.

Whether you already have bangs or just planning to create some, these bangs for thin hair are here to give you some inspiration. We came up with the 30 most versatile options to help you understand what type of fringe you really need.

When you know as much as possible about bangs hairstyle and hair care, you can make the best out of your locks. Besides adding your thin hairstyle an extra oomph, bangs have a way of making you look younger while covering up the forehead wrinkles. Give one of these bangs a chance.

1. Slight curling

women curly Bangs For Thin Hairstyle

If you want to add your bangs some volume, you can take the flat iron approach. Wispy bangs look great when you curl them and sweep to the side, otherwise they can look too sparse on the forehead.

2. Side swept bangs

side sweeping Bangs For Thin Haircut

If you want to use the rejuvenating properties of the bangs, consider doing the side sweeping trick. Just don’t move them completely out of the way. All the bangs to cover at least one-fourth of your forehead for the best effect

3. Short and chic

short Bangs For Thin Hairstyle for girl

Many girls with thin hair opt for really short haircuts. A very short pixie is a wonderful choice but you can make it even better by adding some short bangs. Cut the bangs to be about one inch long. You’ll look fantastic!

4. Asymmetrical shine

Asymmetrical Bangs For Thin Haircut

Asymmetrical wispy bangs for thin hair is one of the best options you can come up with. Consider making them shorter in the middle and longer on the sides. Don’t hesitate to experiment with the length.

5. Long bangs

Long Bangs For Thin Haircut you love

Long bangs for thin hair don’t always look appropriate, but if you have a short bob dark locks, they can look fantastic. Make sure you side sweep the bangs to keep them out of your face. The closer the strands are together, the more volume they create.

6. Change the color

Bangs For Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, consider changing the color a couple of shades lighter. Lighter hair automatically creates more volume. You don’t have to go completely blonde, but you can opt for something like light red or auburn.

7. Wavy fun

If your hair is fine and wavy then these bangs will look fantastic. You don’t need to do anything besides applying some mousse to keep it from going all over the place. A messy hairstyle is great for such fine wavy locks.

8. Neat and sweet

sweet Bangs For Thin Hairstyle for girl

If you have fine straight locks, you should consider keeping the bangs as neat as possible. Choose the length to be just above the eyebrows. This way you can simplify the styling process. Brush them often to keep them tidy.

9. Eye-covering fringe bangs

Choppy and messy hairstyle warrant eye covering bags for thin hair. You have to play around with the length here because fine locks often don’t create nice long bangs. You’d need to keep the messiness intact or side sweep them.

10. Side part

side part Bangs For Thin Hairstyle

If your fine locks don’t allow you to have nice blunt bangs, you can try a little cheat. Create blunt bangs and separate them by a side part. This way each of the sides will have sufficient volume for a great hairstyle.

11. Long Straight Bangs

bangs for thin hair and big forehead

These long straight bangs are perfectly suited for women with a wide forehead. They just graze the eyebrows, but are layered at the sides for subtle face-framing.

12. Straight and Wispy

Another great option for women with a wide forehead are these long straight bangs that are wispy enough to see some of the forehead behind. Wear them like this on a high ballerina bun for a chic style.

13. Extra Long Bangs

thin bangs for oval face

Bangs that come past the eyebrows usually make for a dramatic look, but if you have thin hair, it’s a soft touch to any hairstyle. When worn in a long ponytail, leave the sides loose to frame the face.

14. Straight Bangs with Wavy Hair

For the woman whose hair is medium length and naturally wavy or worn in curls each day, straight bangs are the best complement. They help show off thin hair and complement virtually any face.

15. Curly Bangs for Updo

Try space buns as a perky fun style for bob-length thin hair. Instead of slicking the hair back, leave it slightly messy and pair with curly bangs.

16. Shaggy Curtain Bangs

A wavy layered haircut is a rocker-chic style for thin hair and when paired with curtain bangs, retains some femininity. Get the shaggy look with plenty of layers.

17. Thin Bangs for Oval Faces

korean thin bangs

If you have an oval shaped face and thin hair, you’re in luck. Adding bangs that reach the eyebrows will help you achieve a sophisticated touch to any style. Avoid going too short unless you want to look like a little kid!

18. Braided Updo with Bangs

braid with bangs for thin hair

The top half of this long hairstyle features a complex braid. The overall look is soft because of the thin bangs that are slightly wispy. Use fingers to arrange them across the forehead.

19. Blunt Rainbow Bangs

Aside from shaggy hairstyles, adding rainbow hair color and cutting bangs bluntly is a great option to get that rocker style. An off center part and lots of teasing for waves enhances the effect.

20. Short Thin Bangs with Wave

thin bangs with long hair

A slight wave to short thin bangs gives them a little shape. Zooey Deschanel shows how cute two low ponytails can be with this cute fringe.

21. Extra Long Bangs

layered bangs for women with thin hair

Extra long, soft bangs are a chic option for women with equally long yet thin hair. Their thinness makes them less harsh, so your eyes can play peekaboo.

22. Baby Bangs

baby bangs for thin hair

Baby bangs are super short, barely coming to the middle of the forehead. For a short thin pixie, baby bangs can add a cool edge, especially if your all over color is dark, like black.

23. Long and Straight 

updo with bangs for thin hair

Coming just above the eyes on this updo bun for thin hair are these long bluntly cut bangs. A bold all over red is a dramatic look when worn with a black cat eye.

24. Piecey Bangs

see through bangs for thin hair

Another way to wear extra long bangs on your thin hair is by making them piecey, meaning they aren’t thick or blunt. These ones ensure you can see the forehead behind and aren’t “in your face.” 

25. Thin Curtain Bangs

thin bangs for older women

For a short bob or pixie, try some thin curtain bangs. They’re another soft option for your fringe and won’t get annoyingly in your face.

26. Straight Sectioned Bangs

bang for girls with thin hair

We love how the bangs of the above medium length, curly hairstyle are separated into natural sections. You can get this look by using a bit of hair spray on fingers to shape the pieces.

27. Layered Curtain Bangs

middle part bangs for women with thin hair

Long thin hair is secured in a chic low ponytail on this women’s hairstyle. The curtain bangs are layered as well, creating a beautiful fanning out along the forehead. Make sure hair is mostly straight to get this style.

28. Uneven and Wavy

side bangs for thin hair

An oval or narrow face shape can look more round with a short thin hairstyle and slightly messy, wavy bangs. They don’t need to be brushed down or perfectly even – the slightly messy style works well here.

29. Pin Straight

bob with bangs for thin hair

Using a straightener will get you the pin straight bangs seen here on a short thin haircut. Keep fringe one length until it reaches outer eyes, then begin going longer to work in face-framing.

30. Windblown

bangs for girls with thin hair

Look like you just walked in from a relaxing breezy day outside with windblown bangs for thin hair. Style as usual but don’t do it too perfectly. 


These wonderful bangs hairstyles are excellent choices for women with thin hair. If you have thin locks, now might be the ideal time to try out some bangs.

However, it’s important to consider some potential drawbacks of having bangs with thin hair:

  • Bangs can become oily very quickly, especially when you sweat, leading to separation.
  • Styling your bangs at least once, or perhaps twice, a day may be necessary.
  • Regular trimming, about every 2-4 weeks, is crucial to maintain the look you want.
  • Cowlicks on the front hairline can greatly influence how your bangs lay and could be challenging to manage.

So, at the end of the day, the decision to go for bangs is entirely yours.


Now we’ll look at some questions you may have when considering bangs for thin hair.

What’s the difference between thin bangs and thick bangs?

Thin bangs are often styled to create a wispy effect around the face. People with thin hair often opt for bangs with varying lengths to create dimension. Thin bangs also have areas of separation.

Thick bangs usually have hair of consistent length, do not have this framing effect, and tend to be more blunt or choppy.

Are bangs a good choice for thin hair?

Yes, bangs can be great for thin hair! Be sure to go with a wispier style of bangs to create an illusion of thicker hair. Choosing thicker bangs can make your hair seem thin.

Do curtain bangs look good on thin hair?

Yes, curtain bangs can look great on thin hair as they can create the illusion of more volume. Having a style of bang that frames your face makes your hair seem thicker than it is. The wispy style of curtain bangs adds volume and dimension to your hair.

How can I make thin bangs look thicker?

Using hairspray or dry shampoo can make your bangs appear thicker. Additionally, applying heat with tools like a blow dryer or curling iron can add volume to your hair and bangs and make your look seem fuller.

Is wispy bangs and thin bangs the same thing?

No, wispy bangs and thin bangs are similar but are not the same. Wispy bangs are texturized at the ends Thin bangs are bangs with less hair pulled forward. Even so, thin bangs can be styled in many ways.