The Best Ponytails for Long Hair

When it comes to women’s hairstyles, is there anything more classic than a long ponytail? It works with every hair texture, suits any face shape, and is easily put together in less than a minute!

With a few style tips like teasing the hair, wearing it over the shoulder, or using a fun scrunchie, there’s no reason your long ponytail shouldn’t look its best.


Long Ponytail Hairstyles

Whether your hair touches your shoulders or falls all the way down your back, you can reinvigorate your hair prestige with a ponytail that shows off its length.

Let your imagination run free—and just in case you’re having some trouble, we’ve got a few drop-dead gorgeous ponytails to pique your creativity.

1. Long Braided Ponytail

long braided ponytail

After combing your hair, gather it into a ponytail at low, mid, or crown height and secure it with a hair tie or scrunchie before starting your braid. Braid all the way down or leave a couple inches at the end unbraided.


2. Long Sleek Ponytail

long sleek ponytail

When your goal is to make a glam statement, an extra long ponytail is your best choice. Smooth any bumps and fly-aways with a comb and hairspray, then follow up with a hair shine or oil for extra sleekness.


3. Long Side Ponytail with Bangs

long side ponytail with bangs

Securing your ponytail off center so it drapes over your shoulder and brushing your bangs to the side are great ways to use your hairstyle to express your extroverted side. With a bright bow or ribbon, your ponytail becomes even more sassy.


4. Two Long Ponytails

two long ponytails

The two ponytail style isn’t just for children! After parting your long hair in the center or at the side, separate it into two sections, comb up, and secure two ponytails. With or without bangs, this style is a must try.


5. Long Wavy Ponytail

long wavy ponytail

If your hair is wavy, it will be easy for you to get beautiful style in a matter of minutes with a long ponytail. You can also use hairspray and a comb to tease in texture for a wavy body.


6. Freefall of Curls

Long Ponytail with curly hair

Long ponytail hairstyles are fun. They can be sexy, sassy, sweet, sloppy, and a whole host of other adjectives beginning with letters other than “s.” Long curly ponytails manage to be sexy, sassy, and sweet all at once. Though this one is tightly secured, you can see that it doesn’t use a small elastic—that’s why the base is so thick.

Keep It Up With Weave Ponytail Hairstyle


7. Long High Ponytail

Long Ponytail crown hairstyle

Wearing your ponytail high up on the crown of your head adds volume and height, particularly if you tease your hair a bit. Creating a small bump doesn’t hurt, either. To give your pony a fun, careless vibe, opt for waves instead of curls or straight strands.


8. With a Twist

Long Ponytail twist haircut for women

This isn’t just a ponytail, but it’s not quite a braid, either. A subtle but unmistakable twist results in a next-level pony that’s ideal for a day at the office, a smoldering date, or an evening out with your friends.


9. Long and Low

A long ponytail worn low and sleek is the height of elegance. It works in any setting, and you can dress it up in any number of ways. Those baby hairs slay all damn day, too, but don’t even think about trying to copy that unless you know that you can.


10. Long Weave Ponytail

hihg Ponytail hair for girl

I can’t possibly resist this sky-high ponytail with weave. I’m actually just in love with this whole aesthetic, but the pony and the baby hairs are the sprinkles on the cake. Along with her eyebrows, those eyes, her lips, her skin.

Go To Office Look With Long Hair


In the main, long ponytails seem simple, but they have the potential to be sophisticated, innovative, and even high-fashion. What length is your pony?

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