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12 Best Hairstyles to Rock with Berets

Berets are classic round flat hats of French origin made up of wool or felt. These soft-textured headgears never go out of fashion but their true beauty comes out only when you know how to wear them right.

No doubt they keep you in style while keeping your head warm or covering greasy hair, wearing those locks always loose on the shoulders can become quite boring. Therefore we have brought you the best of 12 hairstyles to rock with berets!


What Is a Beret?


A beret is a visorless cap, usually made of wool, with a tight headband and a full and soft top. These have been around since the 1700s. In modern times it was first used in military gear but has transitioned into mainstream fashion, particularly in France.

These hats come in many colors and are a staple of French fashion. However, you can rock a beret even if you are not French! They are a great compliment to an outfit in cooler weather due to the wool fabric.


When To Wear a Beret?

Berets complement outfits from fall to spring. The wool fabric of a typical beret goes well with tweed fabric, plaid patterns, and knit sweaters. Avoid wearing it in the summer because it will keep the heat on the top of your head, making you hotter than you would be without it.

During fall, pair it with a tweed blazer, pleated skirt, tights, and dark boots or loafers. In winter, a statement-colored hat coupled with a thick sweater is an inspired way to look chic while staying warm. For springtime, style the beret with sleek hair. Pair it with a flowy dress and light sweater for an effortless look.


Tips for Styling Hair With a Beret

beret hairstyling tips

The most common way to style a beret is in a tilted manner. Place the beret on either the left or right side of your head tilted to the front or the back of your head, depending on your preference.

If you choose to wear it in a tilt style, you can wear your hair down with soft curls, in a low bun, or low ponytail placed slightly off-center to the opposite side of the beret tilts.

If you prefer to wear it un-titled it looks elegant and chic with pin-straight hair. Avoid any extensive styles that are high-maintenance. You want the beret to be the focal point!

Another way to wear the beret is on the back of the head, away from your face. If you choose this style, you will need to use hairpins, bobby pins, or other securing tools, so it stays secure in your hair. With this style, stick to a simple braid in the front and let the rest flow loosely.

A rule of thumb when wearing a beret is to not try too hard on the hairstyle. Give yourself a low-maintenance do so you can let the hat speak for itself.


Hairstyles with Berets

Have a quick look at the following hairstyles and select the one that inspires you the most to couple with your beret the next time. 

1. Loose Waves

long beret hairstyle

Wearing hair loose on the shoulders is the easiest common way to wear a beret but it does not mean that this style does not surprise anymore. Recreate the look by adding muted rose pink highlights on a long light copper mane with waves appearing on the ends.


2. Chic Low Bun

beret with bun

A red beret with matching lips, nails, and felt coat will be a true goal this winter. Slick back the deep side-parted blonde hair into a low bun at the back using pomade. Wear the beret sliding on one side while flaunting the dark roots to complete this chic look.


3. Gorgeous Bob

side part hairstyle with beret

A short bob haircut looks exceptionally gorgeous with any type of hat as it frames the face beautifully. Curl the hair away from the face and pair the bob with a side-parted short fringe falling on the forehead to finish off this simple style.


4. Wispy Bangs

beret hairstyle with bangs

This beret hairstyle is suitable for ladies with thin hair. Chop the strands into a straight-cut short bob dangling above the shoulders with short wispy bangs covering the forehead. Dye the hair in a cool platinum blonde hue and your new look is done.


5. Low Ponytail

ponytail hairstyle with beret

Again, a beret is a greasy-haired girl’s best friend on her lazy days. This look demands minimal effort and yet it is equally cool and stylish. Just gather the hair at the back and secure it in a loose ponytail that will stay in place the entire day.


6. Double Braids

braided hairstyle with beret

Dance around like a cute little girl with these adorable pigtails. Detangle the hair with a middle parting and entwine it loosely into braids falling on the shoulders. Pull out some strands loose at the front to frame the face beautifully.


7. Silver Vixen

short hair with beret

Women over fifty can take part in the beret hair trend too while flaunting their greys confidently. Get a short boy haircut defined by a tousled long top and trimmed sides. Finish off by tilting the pancake-shaped hat on one side for a chic appeal. 


8. Simply Stylish

straight hair with beret

Ladies who want to keep it simple yet stylish can straighten their medium-length hair and let it fall loose at the front. Tilt the felt wool hat slightly on one side for a less mundane appeal and top off with earrings and sunglasses.


9. Short Curls

wavy bob with beret

These short curls are one of the best hairstyles to rock with berets and are ideal for women with a layered bob haircut. Use a large barrel to curl the strands and hand-tousle them with a deep side parting while pushing the hat back for a mystic appeal.


10. Undone Appeal

tousled beret hairstyle

Look like a chic French Madame by styling the blonde hair in a loose updo with the tugged-out strands dangling around the face for an undone look. Add loose curls prior to styling the hair to achieve the exact finish that will surely turn around some heads.


11. Short Pigtails

pigtail with beret

Here is another cute look that can be achieved in a flick. Detangle the hair with a middle parting and secure it into two pigtails sitting on the shoulders. Whether the hair is long or short these low ponytails look equally adorable with a beret.


12. Long Curly Mane

curly beret hairstyle

Make jaws drop wherever you go by going for this elegant look. Ladies with natural curly coils can dye their long hair in a medium auburn hue with a U-shaped haircut and let their mane loose at the front and back with a chic beret at the top. 


Beret vs Beanie

Beret vs Beanie

Though both headwear pieces keep your head warm and are best worn in cooler temperatures, the beret, and the beanie are very different.

For starters, the beret is much more focused on being fashion-forward in sophisticated styles. The beanie is much more suited for streetwear or sportswear.

The fit of both also differs. The beanie is designed to fit closely to your head. The beret has a tight headband but a loose, puffed top designed to sit away from your head. Both are made with wool.


There you have it ladies all the hairstyles that look gorgeous with a beret. Whether your hair is long or super short keep in mind these looks while wearing a French hat making it less of a challenge to look good. So what’s the delay for? Get a beret, make it a part of your winter wardrobe and have fun while styling your hair the way you like.


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