10 Brooding but Cool Black and Purple Hair Ideas

Black and purple hair can create a gorgeously dark and brooding look. Women who want a dark hairstyle with an air of mystery should consider dyeing their hair with one of these interesting color schemes. You can express your individual style with the amazing color scheme and the haircut that you choose.


Dyeing Tips for Black and Purple Hair

Always use a good quality hair dye to dye your hair a black and purple color. Using cheap hair dye will mean your hair color lacks vibrancy. You may need to bleach it before dyeing it to help to give the color some extra intensity. Using special color care shampoo and conditioner when you wash your hair will help to keep it looking at its best.


Half Up Half Down Style in Black and Purple

Black and Purple hair color for girl

Breathtaking Purple Balayage Hairstyle

Black and Purple Ombre

Purple Ombre with black color hair for women


Cropped Tousled Style in Black and Purple

short purple black hair color for black women


Gorgeous Long Plait in Dark Colors

Gorgeous Long Plait in black and purple hairs


Black and Purple with Green and Blue

Black Hairstyles for Blue-Eyed Women

Ombre Style with Soft Waves


Thick and Glamorous Ombre Look



Layered Look with Waves


Blue and Purple Hair with Soft Curls and Braids

Blue and Purple Hair with Soft Curls and Braids


Face Framing Layers

Face Framing Layers in black and purple hairs

Black Hair with Blonde and Caramel Highlights

Black and purple hair is really eye catching. Women who want to make a big impression should think about coloring their hair in this interesting style.