20 Trendy Purple Highlights for Brown Hair

Purple is a vibrant and playful color that brings interesting and unique vibe in each hairstyle. It is especially good when it done in highlights. Purple highlights are not a common look but they do look very eye-catching, particularly on brown hair.


Brown Hair with Purple Highlights

If you are deciding to do purple highlights on your brown hair, but need inspiration, here are the current 20 trendiest purple highlights for brown hair:

1. Light Purple Highlights

Light Purple Highlights on Light Brown Hair

This medium brown hair with highlights presents a mixture of purple and pink. This shade can also be achieved when the color fades a bit.

What is important to mention is that the different brown bases and its undertones will present a different purple look. These purple highlights are warm and soft, perfect for the summer. And of course, the hair styled in waves finishes the job.


2. Black And Purple Hair

dark brown hair with purple highlights

The deep purple highlights come with bluish undertones. Still, the purple shade is visible but again, depending on the brown base, it might present different looks.

This hairstyle has a dark brown base on which the highlights come in a vertical position. The dark base mixed with the purple gives a bluish shade and a colder look. The final result is a unique and very attractive hairstyle.


3. Single Braids + Purple Strand

purple highlights on long brown hair

Those who are willing to keep the long brown hair as unchanged as possible can only add one purple strand to make the look different. This purple strand should come in the form of thin highlights but position only in a certain place.

When the hair is braided, the purple strand should be present individual. When the hair is let long, the purple color highlights will disperse through the top.


4. Shades Of Purple

brown hairstyles with purple highlights

Different versions of purple look great on brown hair, especially in consecutive highlights. The gradation of color and change in this short brown hairstyle perfectly shows that this color suits every hairstyle.

The short bob is wavy, reaching the shoulders and both the purple shades blend wonderfully. The mixture of cold and warm undertones is a hit.


5. Faded Purple Hair

Faded purple highlights on short brown Hair

The base of this style is short light brown hair. The top portion of the hair is longer and curly falling to the side, while the sides are shorter.

The blonde and purple hair highlights come on exactly that portion of the hair. They open up the face and make for a cute and beautiful look. The purple shade has a pastel tone.


6. Purple Ombre 

This purple ombre comes in its most original version. The medium auburn brown hair ends in a purple line that goes from one end to the other.

There is no straight line dividing the two hairs color, but a subtle gradation that is exactly the point of the ombre. The purple is intense and bold and it does make an interesting hairstyle and look.


7. Lilac Hair Color

Neon shades are vibrant and electric. This is especially true for the purple one. Achieving this particular lilac shade might be time consuming and hair, but the final result is exquisite. The neon purple comes as an highlight on the brown hair.

The hair is long just over the shoulder. The ombre starts somewhere in the middle, with some highlights going high almost to the roots. At first, this color might appear with blue undertones, but it all depends on the angle the light falls.


8.  Short Stacked Bob with Highlights

The short-stacked bob is a hairstyle with lots of layering and change of hair length. With so many variations, the highlights come as a nice refresher on the short dark brown hairstyle.

They are positioned mainly at the front. The purple shade is mixed with pinkish or red tones that make it look warm and softer. It is a great option for older women willing to make a colorful but discreet change.


9. Half Pony

High ponytail is a unique and classic hairstyle itself. With added highlights, it becomes even edgier. The purple highlights in brown hair are done starting from the middle of the head. They fall to the sides, covering the top portion of the hair in purple shade.


10. Balayage Highlights

purple highlights in light brown hair

This intense purple shade comes like a bolder version of the pastel purple. It is such a nice shade that looks fabulous on brown hair. The highlights here are done in the lower portion of the hair.

The top portion remains brown and unchanged, while the lower is purple. When the top falls over the purple, the final look is great. There are only purple ends that stick out under the brown.


11. Discreet Babylights

The purple highlights on a dark brown hair present a top coat shine more than highlights itself. Because the base is dark, the purple shade blends with the dark undertones giving the hair a purple shine.

The highlights are done vertically, some starting higher and some lower, but the color is visible and makes them look as unique and trendy as possible.


12. Round Straight Bob

The round bob is a short hairstyle that has a similar look to the stacked bob. The length of the hair is equal to all the sides and it does not go over the ears. The purple highlights make the brown bob more interesting and fashionable hairstyle.

The highlights start directly from the roots and go all the way down through the length of the hair. They are thin, blend nicely with the brown base and subtle.


13. Blunt Bangs 

In this hairstyle, the cut is straight and the length comes between ears and the shoulders. The hair is parted in the middle, both sides equal in the length. The bangs come on front and they are blunt and short.

Making this hairstyle more beautiful and colorful can be done by unordinary placement of pinkish purple highlights. They are done in the second part of the hair. Their mixture of colors presents a cool and colorful look.


14. Highlighted Purple Curls

The brown spirally hair is beautiful by nature, but the addition of some highlights will make the hairstyle extraordinary. These purple spirals will open up the face and create a wonderful change of color through the entire afro hair.


15. Full Highlights

purple highlights in brown hair for girls

This look presents a hairstyle and color in one. The entire brown hair is done in purple highlights. It is then wrapped up in a soft and loose twist. For the twist to hold, some hidden pins are keeping it fixated. The rest of the hair is let down in soft waves.


16. Shaggy Bob

The highlights can be done in very short shaggy hair too. They will look especially cute on a short afro. In order not to over-accentuate the entire short hair in purple, the highlights should be done only at the very ends of the locks.


17.  Curly Highlights

The thick and curly hair looks good and natural when it is done in a wet look. The long curly bob cut has a bit of asymmetry in its lengths. The purple hair highlights are thin and they come from everywhere. The styling can be done with some hair mousse.


18. Lavender Purple Hair 

This hairstyle is a combination of purple and grey highlights done on light brown hair. These three color shades blend nicely together, creating a modern look.

The highlighting is mostly done in the lower part of the hair. Some of the highlights go high up, and when the hair is waved, there is a nice composition altogether.


19. Women’s Long Undercut

brown haircut with purple highlights

The undercut is a bold move and choice for women, but this look will turn heads. The brown base of color is kept to the shaved sides, while the top is done in purple-turned-to-pink highlights. It is an artistic look and surely a rare one.


20. Short Hair with Shaved Sides

short brown hair with purple highlights

Another bold look with lots of details comes from this short highlighted hairstyle. The sides are shaved but divided with a clean line. The middle part of the hair is left long, something similar to Mohawk, going from top to the neck.

The front parts of the top are highlighted in purple hair color. When they are pulled to the back, the purple shade dominates the top. When they are worn pulled to the front, the purples are one present in the form of side bangs.


With so many interesting purple highlighting suggestions, your new look is just one salon appointment away. Make your brown hair livelier and more colorful. Although purple has cold undertones, it is still a warm shade when it comes in combination with brown.