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10 Magical Black & White Hair Ideas – Go Contrast

When you first hear black and white hair, we are sure the Cruella De Vil comes to mind. But, keeping her personality aside, her hairstyle from that time was a base for today’s various contrasting hairstyle options.


Coolest White and Black Hairstyles

These are some of the boldest and most daring half black half white hairstyles.

1. Contrasting White Braids with Weave

black and white hairstyles

For a great and visible contrast, the entire hair can come in black color. The only white parts are half of the baby bangs and a piece of hair that comes in a white single braids.

The color contrast of the bangs comes with a vertical line dividing the black from white ones. It is a daring and unordinary look. The length of the hair is not very important since the contrast will be visible.


2. Long Side-Swept Bangs

short black and white hair

This is a short haircut that comes out of a combination of long front side-swept hair and short sides. The sides and the back are black, while the longer top part is white, layered and sharp.

Being swept over to the side, it goes over the forehead and softens the look. The length of the hair almost reaches the chin. This is a great short haircut choice for women with a round face.


3. Long and Layered Curls

half black half white hairstyles

This long hairstyle presents a look of layering and soft curls. The layering appears through the hair. Divided by a middle part, one side of the hair is black, while the other is white.

The shaggy bangs are half divided to suit each part. For a more playful look, there is a strand of the opposite hair color entering each part.


4. Layered Bob

layered bob with black and white hair

The layered bob is a great hairstyle for those with medium length hair. Black is the main hair color and comes as a base.

The white one comes as a top layer, in for of highlights, somewhere thinner somewhere thicker. The concentration of white hair color is more dominant at the back.


5. Black and White Braids

Black Women with Black and White Braids

The black and white box braids look so cool. Each of the braids is only in one color, without mixing. The hairstyle can be worn in many different versions, but the box braided pony will equally show the color contrast.


6. Sharp Layering

For this look, the layering and the long hair is what is main and dominant. The base hair color of this hairstyle is white. It comes as the lower portion of the hair.

The hair is long and layered. The black part comes as a top of the white portion. It starts from a side part, falling over the sides. It is also layered but very short.


7. Long and Straight Hair

half black half white hair

The sharp division between half black half white hairstyle comes with the middle part. This centre part is clear and goes from top to bottom.

From the one side, the part is entirely black, and from the other, it is entirely white. The mid-parted haircut is longer than shoulders, with a discreet layering only at the ends.


8. Ombre Braids

This is a complex and specific hairstyle that requires coloring the hair. Here, the color change is horizontal, which means that the colors appeared positioned in two lines. The upper higher line is black, while the lower line is in white.

Since the hairstyle involves braids, the line between these two colors can be strict and the blending is not necessary. When the coloring is done, the hair is braided from the top.

As soon as the lemonade braids reach the white part, they stop and the hair continues down. The hair is also layered at the ends, finishing in a V-shaped look.


9. Colored Twist

twisted black and white hairstyles

The colored twist is positioned exactly where the black to white ombre hair changes. The twist starts from one side, behind the ear, combining the hair from both colors.

It is wide and loose and ends on the other side. At the front, some parts of the black hair are layered and shorter and resemble side bangs. The rest of the hair at the back falls freely.


10. Loose Curls

black and white hair with blunt bangs

The hair that curls and tends to curl can also look very good in the contrasting color. The look will be sharp and dominant, especially if you add blunt bangs to it. The hairstyle is divided by a middle part.

The curls fall, while the bangs are straight, blunt cut and also divided in the half in black and half in white. if you have a light color of the eyes, this look and hairstyle might appear too daring and a bit scary.


White and black  hair colors are the two most opposing colors that create the greatest contrast. With this color combination on your hair, be sure that you will be in the center of attention whenever you appear. Go bold and go contrast!