25 Gorgeous Black Hair With Highlights – Get A New Look

Adding hair highlights is a great way to improve the way that a woman looks while still maintaining the natural beauty of her hair. Black hair with highlights is incredibly classy, which is why so many women opt for this style and coloring.

Knowing what color highlights to add and how many highlights to use is important for the best possible look.


Black Hair With Highlights

We have put together 25 of the classic highlights ideas that will look fantastic with black hair.

1. Black Hair + Blonde Highlights

Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

The great thing about this short stacked bob cut is how much body it has thanks to the shorter hair in the back and the longer hair in the front. It is a striking look that is ideal for women of all ages and looks great no matter how much blonde is added to the black hair.


2. Pops of Blonde in Braids

Black Hair with Highlights

Box braids get an instant update with blonde highlighting in this great style. One way to help balance out the bright blonde of these black braids is with some beads on one side of the face.

They help to tie the look together and create a fun look that is unique and incredibly bold and daring.


3. Pixie with Highlights

Black Hair with Brown Highlights

These are more caramel-brown highlights and do a wonderful job lightening up a woman’s complexion. Mixed in with a short and messy cut, they are a lot of fun. Thanks to the style of the black hair and the way the highlights are applied, they don’t look too serious or severe.


4. Curls with Blonde Highlights

blonde highlights for curly black hair

Highlights look great when they are just on the tips of the hair, as seen here. These full black curls look even lighter and airier thanks to the attractive blonde highlights on the tips. It helps to showcase the movement and body that the hair has and makes them look very natural.


5. Thin Dreads

black hair with highlights

Small bits of blonde at the end of twists are another great way to lighten up a look. Unlike other styles that have a lot of blonde on the tips, this look is very discrete with the highlighting. The end result is highly attractive and doesn’t look weighed down or heavy.


6. Chunky Highlights

Black hair with highlights looks great, and these chunky red highlights are a great example. They’re bold and thick, which makes them really stand out.

The cut is a bit shaggy and reaches the shoulders, which ensures that it remains interesting and has a bunch of movement and personality while remaining easy to style.


7. Braided Bun

Balayage highlights look great when they are swept back from the face and then braided to the side of the head. This adds interest and dimension to an otherwise boring cut and ensures that women who opt for this style will stand out, even though it is a softer and more gentle look.


8. Soft Bob with Copper Highlights

This soft bob looks great on women of all ages, and the attractive brown highlights are a gorgeous color. They are almost coppery, which adds depth and beauty to the style. Cut to frame the face and tuck under neatly, this style is great for anyone working in an office.


9. Babylights

These darker brown highlights on black hair are so muted that they are almost difficult to see, which gives the look a natural appearance.

Rather than sticking out, they blend in with the hair, resulting in an attractive look. They’re a wonderful way to add volume and depth without drawing too much attention.


10. Face Framing Highlights

Blonde Highlights on Black Hair

Just a bit of blonde that is around the face is a wonderful way to draw attention to the face. Women with black hair who opt for this highlights style are sure to be the center of attention thanks to the bold bright blonde that they put up next to their temples.


11. Highlights on Long Hair

Just a bit of light highlighting around the face lightens up this long black hair. Unlike other highlights that are scattered throughout the hair, these front highlights add a lot of mystery and definition to the look. Since they are in one place, they are incredibly striking.


12. Stitch Braids

These gorgeous braids are made even more attractive by the highlights that are woven into them. By starting the highlights at the head and then braiding long strands of this light brown hair color into the black, the braids get more dimension and look much more interesting than traditional ones.


13. Short Red Curls

Bright and bold, these red highlights are perfect for any woman who wants to stand out in a crowd. The highlighting is on the tips of the curls, which adds a ton of interest and fun to the cut.

Unlike other options that can be boring, this curly hair highlights style has a ton of personality and is very daring.


14. Golden Blonde Highlights

Rather than using just a few highlights, this style has a lot, which helps to brighten up the look. It’s a great option for women who are tired of having excessively black hair and want something that will help make them look younger.


15. Burgundy Highlights

Black Hair with Red Highlights

This sleek style stands out because of the thin highlights. Rather than opting for thick and chunky highlights, which can weigh down a woman if her black hair is thin, these thinner highlights are ideal for women with fine hair.

The longer length is attractive and easily shows off the red color without it being in your face.


16. Auburn Highlights

Rather than opting for highlights that are bright and over the top, this is a subtle look that is much more relaxed. The auburn highlights around the face are attractive and with waves it flaunts your natural black hair.


17. Light Blue Hair Color

Bright blue waves are eye catching, and that’s one of the reasons why this short highlighted hairstyle is so popular. The hair is cut to fall right above the shoulders and has a lot of movement thanks to the cut and the curl. With blue and a touch of purple, this black hair is anything but boring.


18. Bright Red Waves

The red highlighting on this black hair is focused mostly at the tips rather than starting at the crown of the head. There are some highlights from the crown, but since the majority of the red is at the tips of the hair, that is where the eye will naturally be drawn. It’s a fun take on red highlights.


19. Pink Highlights Added Throughout

Light pink streaks aren’t going to make a huge impact, but are a great option for women who want a little color, but are worried about choosing something that is too bold.

These streaks are very fine and placed perfectly around the head, which prevents the look from appearing too messy.


20. Barely There Blue

Black Hair with Blue Highlights

Women who opt for this type of highlighting are sure to make people look twice, as the blue in the hair is barely there.

This makes the black really shine and adds a ton of dimension to the look. Since the highlights will mostly only be noticeable in bright light, it’s a look that will cause a stir.


21. Attractive Pink Curls

Black hair with pink highlights doesn’t have to be boring, and these fun pink curls prove that. The pink is placed sporadically throughout the hair, making the look a lot of fun.

With heavy color towards the tips, the hair looks great when worn down and when it is pulled up and away from the face.


22. Blue Highlights

Shorter black hair with a bit of blue in it looks great when the sides are faded and there are designs cut into them. This short shaved haircut looks more interesting and exciting. It’s a great look for women who have fine features and who aren’t afraid of being the center of attention.


23. Bold Purple Highlights

A mix of pink and purple makes this look stand out. The small curls are highlighted to add dimension as well as a touch of whimsy to the look. With color scattered all around the head, this is another style that looks great no matter if the hair is worn up or down.


24. Silver Highlights in Longer Hair

Black Hair with Silver Highlights

Women who want to add highlights while looking as natural as possible will want to consider silver.

These silver highlights on black hair are gorgeous and can perfectly frame the face while adding a touch of color to the rest of the hair. A gentle wave when styling adds even more class to the look and helps women age gracefully.


25. Crochet Bob Braid

hair highlights for black hair,

This is a bold silver-blonde braid that is worn by the face while the rest of the hair is left dark. Because it’s so eye-catching, it’s a great option for women who want to be the center of attention.

Rather than adding beads or other adornments, leaving the rest of the braids plain makes the highlight stand out even more.


These 25 great options for black hairstyle with highlights are all great choices for any woman who wants to improve the way she looks. They’re bold, attention-getting, and sure to turn some heads in the office, out with friends, or even just running errands.

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