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25 Eye-Popping Underneath Hair Color Ideas for 2024

Underneath hair colors, also known as color blocking or peekaboo hair, refer to the technique of dying only the underlayer of the hair at varying depths so that it pops through the remaining tresses.

These hidden hair colors will allow you to experiment with the boldest shades without fully committing to them and are low maintenance too. But before you broaden your horizons, the next question is what nuance to choose?

No need to brainstorm as we have brought the best color palettes and placement techniques to choose from. You won’t be disappointed!     

Underneath Hair Color Ideas

Get ready to add a pop of color to your hair that you can flaunt or hide whenever you want!

1. Granny Gray 

ash grey underneath hair color
Instagram / hairby_ellajo

The ultimate light and dark interplay to entertain your eyes all the time! A chunky strip of hair is separated along the hairline running behind the ears and is dyed in a muted granny gray tinge that is the most visible when the hair is tousled at the front.

2. Blonde Against Black 

black hair with blonde underneath
Instagram / hairloungenyc

Both blonde and black are the most basic hair colors but can turn around some heads when rocked together. Spare the crown area while lightening down the hair and you’ll be stunned once you let go of your tresses. A shaggy haircut is promising too in this case.

3. Earloop Highlights

Add some spice to that pumpkin mane of yours by opting for earloop highlights. As the name suggests the hair is separated around the ears only and lightened down or dyed in a contrasting hue just as this soft light blonde depicted here.

4. Blue Ice

underneath color for short hair
Instagram / hairloungenyc

This underneath hair color is sure to attract all the attention wherever you go. The visibility of the color all depends on the depth you choose. Let the softer powder blue hue dominate over the black nuance by keeping only a small section of hair dark on the top.

5. Rainbow Hair 

rainbow underneath hair color
Instagram / hairbyvioletta

Underdyes are an excellent choice for those who always wanted a rainbow mane but couldn’t gather the courage for such a big transformation. Rock all the colors you like under those dark tresses and let them shine with a half-up braided hairdo. Simply glamorous!  

6. Silver Surprise 

underneath hair color with undercut
Instagram / hairloungenyc

A bold hair color calls for a bold haircut too and it’s quite fair though. Express your hipster personality by buzzing your sides and coloring the back of your head in a silvery gray tinge sparing the top. Flaunt the look with a half-up ponytail and see jaws drop around you.

7. Red Rage

red underneath hair color
Instagram / catecutdye

Red and black look stunning together as always and those who are looking for some vibrancy should definitely give this look a try. Opt for bright red tones for an eye-popping result or experiment with more conventional shades like burgundy and auburn.

8. Pink Pop

pink underneath hair color
Instagram / hairloungenyc

Celebrate your womanhood with a lovely pink undercolor and you are going to love it. The entire back of the head is colored right beneath the crown region sparing only a bit of those darker locks that can be braided down to put that lovely flamingo tinge on full display.   

9. Lavender Love

purple underneath hair color
Instagram / hairloungenyc

Lavender can prove to be the best choice as it is exceptionally versatile and goes with any other color whether dark or light. To recreate this exact look you need to have those front strands separated just like when styling a pouf and have the remainder painted. Tada!

10. Black Hair With Blue Underneath

blue underneath hair color
Instagram / heymonay

Talking about underneath hair colors and forgetting about blue? Impossible! Go for blue underneath your black hair. Add an electric blue nuance beneath those luscious black tresses. As the color is already bright it is best to place it closest to the neckline. Grab a claw clip and copy the hairstyle too.

11. Dark Underlayer

braids on underneath dyed hair
Instagram / hairbyhalliee

Considering the ladies who always enjoy going against conventional trends here is a look for you! Instead of rocking a light or bright color underneath, paint the underlayer in a usual auburn tinge with a platinum blonde top falling over it. Finish off with a simple French braid.  

12. White Mist

brown hair with blonde underneath
Instagram / meow_artofhair

Got some grays on the head? Let them shine by making them a permanent part of your hairdo. Get a white blonde underdye with or without some money pieces. The reason this color pops so much is that the medium brown hair color on top is very basic creating the best color combination ever.

13. Green Glory

Green pairs exceptionally well with black and is perfect for fans of Shego from ‘Kim Possible’. Liven up those boring tresses by dying the underlayer in a fern-green hue and tousle it forward while the remaining hair falls towards the back.

14. Platinum Pleasure

Little changes go a long way just like this low-key underneath hair color does. If you are bored of your freshly done hair shade spice it up at home by grabbing those strands above the neck and bleaching them before painting them in a cool platinum blonde shade. 

15. Yellow Dazzle 

yellow underneath hair color
Instagram / iroirocosmo

Yellow hair color is not for the weak-hearted but this undercolor surely is. Get wild by color-blocking a short bob featuring a dark brown top complemented with the brightest tone of yellow underneath. Keep in mind the regular touch-ups necessary to keep this color vibrant.  

16. Lilac Frost

underneath hair color
Instagram / hairloungenyc

No doubt vivid hair colors make the most incredible undercolors but a muted shade looks no less too and this look proves it. Opt for earloop highlights or lighten down an entire underlayer into a frosted lilac tinge to peek through those pitch-black tresses.

17. Slate Blue Chunks

ponytail on underneath dyed hair
Instagram / mojkahair

Get ready to welcome winter this year by adding a magical touch of slate blue to your locks. Take those chunks around the ears and bleach them before dipping them in a respective hair dye. A simple ponytail will be ideal to show off your new look. 

18. Plum Power

underneath hair color
Instagram / no21_salon

All those regular salon visits and touch-ups are worth it as long as you can dance around with a soft plum peekaboo hair color. Amp it up by adding a touch of rose pink as highlights or ask for an ombre instead. Your hair is sure to get a lot of compliments!

19. Orange Fire

blonde hair with red underneath
Instagram / lizpaintshair

If you are a natural blonde or have dyed your mane blonde a few weeks back then you can enjoy a vibrant underneath hair color with minimal damage. How? You don’t need to bleach your hair instead paint those underlying strands in a fiery orange tinge with a subtle hint of magenta. Hot!

20. Copper Glare

copper underneath hair
Instagram / salonatmosphhair

Pair a dark brown color with a warm coppery nuance to create a juxtaposition that won’t be ignored at any cost. Place the color near the surface or deeper underneath depending on how much you want it to be seen. The hard work of those hands surely paid off!

21. Pastel Play

underneath hair color for asian women
Instagram / badaysam.phiessalon

Women who are still not sure about getting an undercolor can always experiment with hair chalk for a temporary look and then book a salon appointment once they are satisfied. The streaks of pastel green coupled with a few blue ones won’t hear a ‘no’ from anybody though. 

22. Ash Blonde Underlight

grey underneath hair
Instagram / sabrinarigo

The special thing that makes this look stand out from all others is that the underside of those bangs is lightened too. This means the strands are dyed in an ashy blonde hue all along the hairline moving towards the neck. A chocolate top layer brings the style truly together.

23. Neon Peach Sides

black hair with orange underneath
Instagram /

Looking for something that is workplace-appropriate and bold at the same time? Here you have it! Take the hair from above the ears only and color them in a dramatic neon peachy orange tinge. Hide the color whenever at work by covering it with your long side locks. Problem solved!

24. Two-Toned Underdye

peekaboo underneath hair
Instagram / badaysam.phiessalon

Why opt for a single shade when underneath hair colors allow you to sport as many tones as you want? Alternate streaks of jade green with denim blue chunks on a layer lying in between the top and bottom ones. Wait until these colors fade into the most beautiful pastel hues.

25. Hidden Pearls

underneath hair color
Instagram / hairloungenyc

Another idea for not looking inappropriate at work and formal events. Lighten the strands on the temples only and dye them in any color you want including this pearl blonde. The color will only be visible when you tuck the hair behind your ears. Creative!

The best thing about underneath hair colors is that they work with all hair lengths and textures so you don’t have an excuse for not giving them a shot. Incorporate highlights, place the colors asymmetrically, or create an ombre instead. The only limit? Your creativity!

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