7 Amazing Blonde Hairstyles for Black Women

Is blonde hair suitable for black girls? Every day thousands of dark-skinned girls ask themselves this question. Some are worried about the way the blonde locks will match their dark skin while others are afraid of the hassle the blonde hair may bring. But you’ll never know until you try. Many black women all over the planet successfully dyed their hair blonde. They are enjoying the new image every minute while you are torturing yourself with uncertainties. Life is too short to wear the same hairstyle for years. If you are brave enough to try blonde hair, you will surely love it.


Stunning Black Women with Blonde Hair

blonde for black women

If you are afraid of the hair looking out of place, you can start with hair extensions. However, no hair extensions will replace a stunning dyed blonde hair for black girls. If you are not sure that blonde locks on black girls can look amazing, we are here to help. We collected 7 examples to make you realize how awesome you can look with blonde locks. There are many different shades of blonde for you to try. Pick the darkest ones first if you are afraid of the contrast and go from there.


Why Should Black Girls Try Blonde Hair?

Some people believe that by bleaching and straightening their hair, black girls are giving up on their heritage. This opinion is so terribly outdated! You can’t defy your heritage by changing your hair color. But what you can do is create a unique image and be satisfied with the person you are. It’s in each woman’s nature to want changes. And changing the hairstyle is one of the simplest ways to go. After all, hair keeps growing and if you don’t like the result you can always change it. Black girls must try blonde hair at least once in their lifetime just to see how stunning they can look.


1. Dark roots

black blonde women

If black girls decide to dye their hair blonde, they must be ready for the roots struggle. Dyeing your hair every week is not just hard, it’s absolutely unnecessary. Dark roots can look fantastic when coupled with the blonde mane.

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2. Golden curls

black girl golden curly hair

If you decide to get a golden blonde color, go all out with the regal image and create curls. Voluminous curls on long blonde hair are what can make any black girl look like a real princess. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to shine!


3. Asymmetrical dye

black women with asymmetrical blonde

When you dye your locks blonde, you don’t always get the color you wish for. Take a look at how Beyonce dealt with this problem. She went for asymmetrical dyeing. It looks truly magnificent and very stylish.


4. Caramel shades

blonde hairstyles for black women

The darker shades of blonde you choose, the more natural your mane can look. Consider going for light brown, caramel, and honey hues. You’ll see what an interesting shine these shades can give your hair.


5. Deep tones


Black girls might have trouble achieving blonde hair with deep tones. If you want a truly rich color, you might need to spend a few dyeing sessions in your hairstylist’s chair. Get professional assistance for hard cases.


6. Platinum blonde

platinum blonde haircuts for black women

Platinum blonde is a controversial color. Not many light skinned girls are brave enough to try it, while black girls might not always look good sporting it. In order to understand whether platinum is your color, try partial highlights first.

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7. Ombre with blonde for black women


The easiest and the most hassle free way to go about blonde hair for black girls is to create an ombre. Ombre can help you forget about the dark roots and frequent touch ups. Keep the top part black and the bottom blonde.

Black girls with blonde hair look truly wonderful. If you haven’t tried a blonde shade yet, you absolutely must. Don’t let anyone talk you out of this important image change. Each black girl can find her blonde hair color.