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23 Flirty Blonde Curtain Bangs To Try This Year

Curtain bangs are, undoubtedly, the most gorgeous types of fringe you can ever get. These wispy face-framing arched swoops are parted in the middle to elongate towards the jawline on both sides.

Blonde curtain bangs are super versatile and low-risk in the sense that they flatter all face shapes and go perfectly with all hair textures and lengths. They can be styled naturally on the go, pinned back to open up the face, or polished further with a good blowout.

Although you can try any new hair shade, the following blonde curtain bangs hairstyles are surely worth a shot.

Lovely Blonde Curtain Bangs

Bring your best facial features under the spotlight with some retro-chic curtain fringes and a sun-kissed blonde hair color. Whether you’re a seasoned bang-wearer or a total newbie, blonde curtain bangs offer a stylish twist that’s hard to resist.

1. Disconnected Curtains

long blonde curtain bangs

Refresh your long boring mane with a disconnected chin-length curtain fringe that stands apart from the remaining hair.

Snip the strands at an angle and sweep them away from the face using a barrel brush and blow dryer. Some point layers and natural-looking highlights will further enhance your look.

2. Brigitte Bardot Style Blowout

feathered blonde curtain bangs

Brigitte Bardot’s bangs are a slight variation of fringe bangs. They are shorter with more texture and a barely-there middle parting.

Couple them with a shoulder-length shag and plenty of layers to achieve the bounce and volume of your dreams. A good blowout is a must!

3. Bottleneck Bob

short blonde hair curtain bangs

The key feature of this bottleneck bob is the soft blonde curtain bangs at the front. They are shorter and pinched in the middle and widen along the sides of the face to mimic a bottle’s neck and body, respectively.

A minimally layered blunt cut will keep all the attention at the front.

4. Curly Fringes

curly blonde curtain bangs

If you think curtain bangs don’t work with curly tresses then think again!

Avoid stretching the strands when snipping them to achieve your desired length, and leave them as such to cover any harsh outlines of the face. Follow with a DevaCut or keep the remaining curls simply loose.

5. Flowy Money Pieces + Beach Waves

wavy blonde curtain bangs

Get your new fringe noticed from a distance by dying it in a contrasting shade like this platinum blonde or any other vibrant color.

Experiment with a seamless blonde balayage on the remaining mane and finish off with some bouncy beach waves. You won’t regret it!

6. Summery Updo with Curtain Bangs

curly updo with blonde curtain bangs

Let your gorgeous blonde curtain bangs become the star of the show by assembling your locks in a summery updo.

Start with curls and wrap them into a messy French twist with flowers. Roll the front chunks inward and away from the face for a bouncy appeal.

7. Wispy Wolf Cut

icy blonde curtain bangs

A wolf cut is surely incomplete without some bangs. Switch short fringes with longer layered bangs to accent the face.

The short voluminous layers on top get wispy towards the ends, creating the illusion of a thick mane. The platinum blonde hair color is a must-try too. You’ll love those dark roots!

8. No-Part Arched Fringe, Long Hair

curtain bangs for straight blonde hair

Long tresses can drag down an oval face making it look even longer. Ladies who still don’t want to let go of their luscious tresses can opt for wispy arched bangs at nose level.

Skip the prominent middle parting to keep that wide forehead concealed.

9. Blunt Bob + Perfect Swoops

bob with white blonde curtain bangs

Straight, square blonde bobs look chic without a doubt but can be spiced up further in case you get bored of that blunt look.

Slice your front chunks into medium-length curtains to frame the face. You can always go shorter or grow them out in a shorter duration.

10. Long Layered Bangs

golden blonde curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are known best for blending in seamlessly with the remaining hair, which is impossible without some layering of course.

Snip all the way to the ends to achieve soft front graduation, or couple your long bangs with a disconnected shoulder-grazing haircut. The choice is yours!

11. Barely-There Bangs with Babylights

curtain bangs on blonde hair

Ladies who are still reluctant to step into the world of bangs can try a barely-there look without worry.

The trick lies in taking two fine chunks at the front and chopping them off to fall seamlessly around the face. Achieve a sun-kissed radiance with blonde babylights and loose waves.

12. Face-Framing Skunk Stripes

blonde curtain bangs on dark hair

Make sure your blonde curtain bangs are one of a kind by trying the skunk hair trend with a twist.

Instead of placing blonde chunks all over the head, lighten down your front only to contrast sharply with the remaining dark mane. Don’t skip the layers!

13. Feathered Blonde Bob

blonde curtain bangs for thick hair

Feathered layers focus all the texture at the ends resulting in light wispy tips that look just like a bird’s feathers.

This technique is ideal for adding bounce to both thick and thin hair. Try it on a bottleneck bob with curtain bangs to hide a broad forehead or prominent cheekbones.

14. Side-Swept Curtains + Curly Shag

dark blonde curtain bangs with side part

Although curtain bangs are always center-parted, you can carve out a side parting to add a little asymmetry to the face for a change.

Breathe life into your frizzy curls with a shaggy wolf cut, resulting in a voluminous top that looks the best when tousled carelessly.

15. Soft Silver Blonde Lob

blonde curtain bangs for older women

Keep it elegant when getting older with a straight lob and soft curtain bangs.

Allow the strands to settle down naturally on both sides of the face to avoid daily heat styling. The silver blonde hair color is the best way to embrace your grays.

16. High Bun with Bangs

high bun with blonde curtain bangs

Ask for a handful of highlights when getting a fresh haircut, this time to add a refreshing radiance to your face.

Achieve a flirty look by assembling all the hair in a basic ballerina bun, sparing those dreamy blonde highlighted curtain bangs to fall along both sides of the face. Simply wow!

17. Short Center-Parted Fringes

beige blonde curtain bangs

Turn your usual-looking blunt bangs into a romantic fringe with just a little effort.

Grow out your front strands to reach below the eyes and cut them at an equal angle on both the sides. Pair them with an inverted lob to drop some jaws.

18. 90s Midi Flick Haircut

90s curtain bangs on blonde hair

Get that nostalgic 90s glam everyone wishes for today with a medium-length midi haircut.

Ask your hairstylist for plenty of layers and flip them out with rollers or a good blowout. The curved flicks at the front and subtle highlights are just everything!

19. Color-Blocked Wispy Front

blonde curtain bangs on red hair

This quirky color-blocked hairstyle with blonde curtain bangs contrasting against a deep copper mane is sure to turn around many ends.

Opt for lightly feathered fringes cut in an arched shape to avoid a suffocated look. The disconnected color transition is what makes this style unique.

20. Cute Twist-Back + Piece-y Fringe

short blonde curtain bangs

Twist-back hairstyles come in handy to pull away your bangs and open up the face.

Try simple twists or fine braids and add cute little clips regardless of your hair length. You can always tug out a few chunks to flatter those twinkling eyes.

21. Messy Bouffant Ponytail with Highlights

ponytail with blonde curtain bangs

Celebrate your femininity with a contemporary messy bouffant ponytail this season.

Create a relaxed bump on top with a teased pony at the back and swooped fringe bangs at the front. Butter blonde highlights on a caramel base will make a huge difference, though!

22. Off-Centered Blonde Curtain Bangs

layered blonde curtain bangs on copper hair

Lighten down your curtain bangs to a vanilla blonde tinge to make them stand out from the rest of your layered tresses.

An off-center parting is suitable to break down the bluntness and symmetry of the face rather than a middle part that often creates the illusion of length.

23. Relaxed Wavy Top Knot

updo with wavy blonde curtain bangs

Opt for a softer angle when getting curtain bangs for your wavy blonde locks.

Let those sculpted chunks settle down on their own across the sides of the face when rocking a basic top knot to look on fleek even on your lazy days.

All these blonde curtain bangs are easy to maintain and style and can be trimmed at home with ease.

They can be subtle, heavily layered, long, medium, or short, depending on your face shape and preference. So if you want to refresh your look with just a little change, you know what to do!