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DevaCut: The Complete Guide and Inspiration Photos

Traditional hair-cutting techniques can leave curly and coily hair frizzy or uneven. With its innovative approach to cutting curly hair, the DevaCut is an alternative worth considering.

Created by Devachan Salon, this technique is all about understanding your individual curls. No wet cuts here; the magic happens on dry hair so the stylist can actually see where your curls naturally fall. The goal isn’t to “tame” your mane but to make every curl pop.

Find out more about this hair-cutting method created to enhance natural curl patterns.

What Is a DevaCut?

DevaCut Before and After
DevaCut Before and After

A DevaCut is a hair-cutting technique that enhances your natural hair texture. Whether you have curly, coily, or wavy hair, this technique allows you to follow your natural curl pattern.

A popular way to use this method is to create a waterfall cut that uses layers to bring out the natural bounce of your hair. However, you can use the DevaCut technique to create a wide range of hairstyles by playing with length and volume.

Working with your natural curl pattern can help sculpt and enhance your hair’s texture. It will also help eliminate frizz.

This technique requires you to cut dry hair. Working on dry hair means you can see your natural curl pattern without worrying about shrinkage.

Take a look at the above before-and-after photos to get a better idea of what you can create with this hair-cutting technique.

Is DevaCut Right For You?

If you’re all about that wash-and-go life and have distinct curl patterns, the DevaCut cut was practically made for you. If you’re into stretched styles like twist outs, maybe skip this one—the cut won’t look as fabulous when your hair is stretched.

Got Type 4 hair and worried it’s not for you? Nope, it works for all curl types. Just make sure you’ve got your wash-and-go technique down before booking that appointment. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Things to Consider Before Getting a DevaCut

There are a few things to keep in mind before cutting your hair.

Your Curl Pattern

Things to Consider Before Getting a DevaCut - Curl Pattern

Hair grows by generating new proteins that make up hair fibers. In individuals with curly or wavy hair, the new proteins don’t grow symmetrically.

This characteristic results in wavy, curly, or coily hair. Before you give yourself a DevaCut, you need to figure out which hair type you have and what your natural curl pattern is.

Depending on the shape and size of your curls, your hair will fall into different categories:

  • Type 2 hair has a wide pattern with an S shape. The hair typically looks wavy and tousled.
  • Type 3 hair usually has C-shaped curls in a corkscrew shape. The width of the pattern can differ.
  • Type 4 or coily hair can have C or Z-shaped curls. The curl pattern is tighter compared to type 3 hair.

DIY DevaCuts

The technique comes from the DevaCurl hair salon franchise. This company specializes in developing products and hair-cutting methods for Afro and curly hair types.

This hair-cutting method has grown in popularity, and many stylists are familiar with it. However, it’s an accessible technique you can use at home with a little practice.

Cutting your own hair can be intimidating, but the technique will help you get better results if you’re working with curly or wavy hair.

DevaCut Is a Hair-Cutting Technique

Things to Consider Before Getting a DevaCut - Techinque not Hairstyle

DevaCut refers to a way of cutting hair. It’s not a hairstyle. You can use this method to create any hairstyle you want.

Many stylists use this technique to create waterfall cuts. This hairstyle is easy to create and maintain. Plus, it will enhance your curls and give your hair plenty of bounce thanks to the layered effect.

If you’re unsure where to start cutting your hair at home, a waterfall cut can be an excellent option, but remember that there are no limits to what you can create with the haircutting method.

How to Do a DevaCut

Are you ready to cut your hair? We’ve broken down the process of giving yourself a DevaCut into a series of simple steps.

Prep Your Hair

preparing hair for DevaCut

Remember that you’re cutting dry hair. Cutting wet hair allows for precise cuts when working with a straight hair pattern, but cutting wet hair doesn’t reflect what your naturally curly hair looks like due to shrinkage.

You can prep your hair by washing it the day before:

  • Use a mild clarifying shampoo to remove impurities and product buildups that could add weight to the curls.
  • Deep condition your hair. Hydration will emphasize your natural curl pattern and make it easier to follow when cutting your hair.
  • Wrap your hair in a soft cotton tee and let it dry. This method will prevent breakage.
  • Use a detangler brush or any brush designed to define natural curl patterns while your hair is still damp.

Gather Your Supplies

You will need a few simple things to do a DIY DevaCut:

  • Four or five large alligator clips to section your hair.
  • A detangling comb.
  • A pair of quality hair-cutting scissors. If possible, use dry-cutting scissors.
  • Two mirrors (so you can see the back of your head).
  • An old sheet to catch the hair as you cut it.

Section Your Hair

Sectioning Hair for DevaCut

Get started by sectioning your hair and securing each section with an alligator clip.

If you’re going for the waterfall method, start with three sections:

  • Create a horizontal part from the front of one ear to the other.
  • Use a clip to secure this front section.
  • Create a second section by parting your hair along a horizontal line that runs from the back of one ear to the other. Secure it with a clip.
  • Use another clip to create a third section in the back.

If you have thick hair, splitting the back section in two might be easier along a vertical line. Depending on the desired results, you can use other methods to section your hair.

  • You can create four sections by parting your hair in the middle and creating a front and back section on each side.
  • For asymmetrical cuts, you can part your hair on the side and use a similar method.
  • If you want precise results, create three small sections in the front and four in the back along a grid pattern.

Cut Your Hair

How to do DevaCut

Work on one section at a time. Remove the alligator clip to let the hair down and take a strand between two fingers.

Follow the natural curl or coil pattern. You’ll notice that the hair follows a corkscrew shape. Look for the bend as your hair curls back toward your scalp. Cut the hair at a downward angle in this spot.

Cutting at the bend as your hair curls back toward your head will give you more volume. If you cut at the end of a curl as the hair coils away from your head, you’ll end up with frizzy ends.

Repeat This Process

Repeat this process. Adjust the length of the cut depending on how you want to shape each section.

If you’re creating a waterfall cut, create a short section in the front, cut the middle section to medium length, and leave some length in the back.

Once you’ve cut the different sections, connect the layers you’ve created by shortening a few strands of hair to blend them into the next section.

How Long Will It Take to Get a DevaCut?

It depends on how much hair you need to cut and which hairstyles you want to create. A waterfall DevaCut shouldn’t take you more than an hour, but complex hairstyles that require you to work on several sections can take three hours or more.

Take your time when cutting your hair. Look for the bend in each hair strand that you cut.

DevaCut Inspirations

Get ready to scroll through some serious hair inspirations because we’ve rounded up the ultimate DevaCut looks. Whether you have loose waves or tight coils, a DevaCut is right for you. Don’t just take my word for it—check out these show-stopping DevaCut styles!

1. DevaCut with Bangs

long deva cut with bangs

DevaCut is ideal for ladies who prefer to wear their curls naturally rather than heat-styling them.

Refresh your look with soft layers and bangs to balance out the face or hide a big forehead. You can always sweep the short strands away for a change of look.

2. Long Curly Pixie

short deva cut

Take a break from those long tresses with a mesmerizing, soft pixie. Ask the hairstylist for full layers that are shorter on top and elongate towards the back.

Use a curl-defining cream and finger brush the coils, allowing them to bend in all directions.

3. Rounded-Off Afro

deva cut for black women

Cutting the curls dry means knowing exactly where they’ll fall to avoid any irregularities.

The result will be cascading strands that fall around the face in a perfectly round shape. Ladies with kinky afro curls should definitely give DevaCut a shot.

4. Stacked Spirals

medium length deva cut

Breathe some life into those boring flat curls by snipping each strand individually. The coils should be stacked on top of one another for a healthy-looking mane.

Experiment with an A-line bob and a side part. Throw in some highlights, and you won’t regret it!

5. Layered Bob

deva cut with bangs

Although the DevaCut can be done on all lengths and textures, a classic curly bob never disappoints. Add layers to a blunt chin-length crop with or without bangs.

Remember the extent of your curl shrinkage; never stretch the coils when snipping them off, or they’ll become shorter than desired.  

6. Sculpted Natural Curls with Highlights

deva cut for afro hair with highlights

Once your kinks are snipped into a flawless round shape, it’s time to spice them up. Allow your curl pattern to stand out by layering and highlighting the tips using any color, including a golden blonde as depicted here.

Soft middle-parted bangs can make a huge difference when framing the face.   

7. Voluminous Lob

deva cut for women over 50

An ideal haircut for curls is the one that makes them appear voluminous and bouncy and still protects their shape. Ladies with square or round faces can try a chic lob that tends to drag down the face, making it appear longer.

Achieve further height by keeping the strands prominently shorter on top of the head.  

8. Messy Shag

deva cut for type 2c hair

Those who want a no-care frizzy look can experiment with a Deva Cut using razors instead of scissors. The result will be a sexy shag with thinned-down uneven ends.

Finish off with a milky blonde hair color and shadow roots. You won’t need to visit the salon for weeks!

9. Angular Deva Hairlong deva cut

Stand out among other curly beauties with an unusual angular chop. In addition to layering the natural coils, the ones at the back are kept the shortest to elongate seamlessly towards the front.

You can recreate the style on any desired hair length, although a long bob would look stunning.  

10. Curly Mullet with Undercut

deva cut hairstyle with undercut

Opt for a funky mullet to appear like a rock star in no time. The crown region is the shortest with length at the front and back. Buzz the sides for a disconnected look.  

Try the brightest hair shades or copy this style by getting pastel purple and orange streaks instead.

11. Middle-Parted Fluff

deva cut for frizzy curly hair

Stay on the longer side when getting a DevaCut if you want to refresh your curl shape without letting go of the length.

Skip getting short layers and frame the face with long middle-parted fringes. Sculpt the remaining mane with scissors keeping even the shortest strands longer than your bangs.  

12. Asymmetrical Bob

asymmetrical deva cut

A curly chin-length bob won’t look surprising, but an asymmetrical one will surely drop some jaws.

Go for the usual layers cut into dry hair, but leave one side significantly longer than the other. You can also pin back the hair temporarily instead of getting a permanent chop.

How Long Does a DevaCut Last?

A DevaCut is a low-maintaining hairstyle that can last for months. Hair typically grows back at a rate of six inches per year. The shapes and layers you created will probably lose their definition after three months or so.

How Much Does a DevaCut Cost?

Pricing varies a lot from one salon to another. The technique doesn’t require washing, but working on individual strands will take longer than a standard cut.

You can count on spending $50 to $100 if you ask for a DevaCut at a salon.

Rezo Cut Vs. DevaCut

Differences  between Rezo Cut and DevaCut
Rezo Cut Vs. DevaCut

The Rezo cut is another popular technique developed with curly hair in mind. A Rezo cut creates an even length around your head to emphasize volume while the DevaCut technique allows you to work with layers to frame your face.

Rezo Cut uses a zigzag pattern with scissors to remove weight and bulk from the hair. At the same time, a DevaCut is a specialized cutting technique tailored to each individual’s curls, considering their unique curl pattern, density, and length.

It also includes a styling session to show you how to care for and style your curls at home. Choosing between a Rezo Cut and a DevaCut will ultimately depend on your hair’s specific needs and preferences.

So, as you’ve made it to the end, you’re basically an expert on the DevaCut now. If you’ve got curls, waves, or any texture that needs a little extra TLC, this cut could be your new best friend. You’ll walk out of the salon with bouncy, happy curls. It’s high time you gave those gorgeous locks the spotlight they deserve with a Deva cut. So book that appointment, and step up your curl game!


Read on to learn more about the DevaCut technique.

Can I get DevaCut on wavy hair?

Yes, the DevaCut method works on wavy hair. Instead of looking for the bend at the end of a C-shaped curl, you’ll need to look for the end of the S-shape.

Will DevaCut make my hair curlier?

A DevaCut will not change your natural hair pattern and texture. However, it will emphasize your natural curl pattern by removing frizz and adding volume.

How can I maintain a deva cut?

You can maintain your DevaCut by trimming your hair ends. All you have to do is look for the bend and cut there. It’s a great way to enhance curl definition and manage hair growth.

Also, use wide tooth comb and heat free styling for your hair.