10 Jaw-dropping Hair Highlights for Boys

When it comes to boys highlights then there are so many to choose from, but blonde highlights have a different effect on the hair and look altogether. It has become one of the most popular hair trends in the year 2018.

It is important to keep in mind the skin tone when you are supposed to choose a shade. To add to your confusion there are types to blonde highlights too, so be picky and careful.


Amazing Hair Highlight Ideas for Boys

2018 has seen a lot of changes, comebacks, and innovations in men’s hairstyles. Let’s have a look at our 10 best hair highlighting ideas for boys this season.

1. Blonde Highlights

blonde highlights for boys

Blonde highlights are the most classic boys highlights ever. You can never go wrong with having your hair highlighted blonde. Darker haired boys look very interesting when they are highlighted blonde.

You can then just leave them brushing over your face or have them combed back with hair gel for the right exposure to your favorite blonde highlights.


2. Platinum Highlights

platinum highlights for boys

The shiny white platinum highlight on your hair is the coolest way to stand out among the rest. This looks great both on young boys and those who have just started to have the salt and pepper look in their 40s.

The platinum highlight can hide the natural greying of hair in the coolest way possible and bring your age down miraculously. Young men who would love to flaunt a compatible highlight with their white suits or sweatshirts should seriously consider platinum boys hair highlights.


3. Platinum Blonde Highlights for Black Hair

Platinum Blonde Highlights for Black Hair

Do you want it trendy and smart? One of the best highlights for boys is the platinum blonde highlight that looks best when applied with your hair styled in a quiff on the front.

The sides can be cut short in a faded style to make the quiff stand out from the rest and the platinum blonde highlight makes things even more interesting.


4. Silver Highlights on Black Hair

Silver highlights for black hair

Another really interesting way to highlight your naturally black hair is to go for silver streaks. Silver is a classy hue that can never go wrong like the blonde highlight. Let the fringes have streaks that can either be left flowing or back brushed to let the streaks shine glamorously.


5. Blue Highlights

The blue hair highlight has slowly become the most favorite one amongst boys. Many have taken the bold step to highlight their hair with streaks of bright blue to stand out dashingly. You can literally try any shade of blue you like to do on your hair.

While the electric blue looks too striking, the aquamarine blue is a subtler variety. You can have shades of different blues for your hair if you are too spoilt for choice. Blue is surely the warmest color for the boys highlights.


6. Rainbow Highlights

Why choose one hue when you can have all seven of them on the hair? The bright and interesting vibgyor shades can be used as boys highlights in beautiful rainbow combination to have the best of everything. This hair highlight is gaining huge popularity for its bold and beautiful look.


7. Lavender Highlights

Hairstyles for Boys with Lavender highlights

Are you too much in love with pop? The lavender highlight is a tricky one as it may not be everyone’s first choice but definitely looks the coolest on those who can carry it with élan.

Check out this Mohawk highlighted in lavender that fades right from the undercut and creates a dramatic effect on the hairstyle. You can surely give this highlights for boys a go some time.


8. Light Brown Highlights

Light brown highlights on dark brown hair

Light brown streaks on dark brown hair are the best combination ever. There is nothing better than warm light brown hair highlights over a dark brown base. They complement each other really well and create a superb visual effect.


9. Red Highlights

red highlights on brown hair

Red is the color that looks best when you walk down in the sunshine. With the winter sun over your head or the autumn sun setting, red is the color to go for a dramatic touch to your hair. It looks warm and lends a bold highlight to boys black or dark brown hair.


10. Ash Brown Streaks

blonde highights for boys

Brown or blackish hair also looks best when streaked with ash brown dye. It is a shade that has the warmth of brown as well as an ashy finish for the shine.


Highlights have been fashionable for a long time now but newer innovations in different bold colors too have led to several fashion trends among men. A bold-hued highlight can make a difference and help you stand out from the crowd. These boys highlights can be tried by men of all ages or used as a reference to set even better fashion trends.