25 Statement Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

In the market for a low maintenance men’s haircut? You don’t have to worry about sacrificing your aesthetic for convenience. There’s no need to shave off all of your hair, either—although that is certainly an option, as you’ll see. Easy styling is one of the perks of being a man, particularly if you opt for a timeless cut.


Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

Even if you’re running late, you can still run out the door looking perfectly polished—you just need an easy low maintenance haircut. The taper, the Ivy League, a classic crew cut—there are plenty of options available. Just think about what will flatter the shape of your face, the texture of your hair, and your personal style.

1. Short Haircut

low maintenance short haircut

Short trims with no designs are probably the most low maintenance men’s haircuts. They need retouches only after a few weeks, and more than this, they are incredibly easy to style. When having fine hair, use some gel and lift the top if you want the hairstyle to last the whole day.


2. Medium Hairstyle

low maintenance medium haircut

For this low maintenance men’s hairstyle, the key is hidden between those layers. We all know that curly and wavy hair is hard to tame, but with the proper cut, you’ll get yourself a fabulous haircut that doesn’t need much styling. 


3. Side Part Hair

low maintenance side part hair

Keep the side hair short and create a razored line on one side that will separate the trimmed hair from the long wavy top. Maintain those longer strands on one side and use hair gel or foam to recreate the wet look. This hairstyle will help you get ready in only a few minutes in the morning.


4. Fade Haircut

low maintenance fade haircut

Faded cuts look fastidious, but they really aren’t. The faded bald cut used for the sides doesn’t need any styling. The long top will only steal a few minutes of your time when getting ready, making this low maintenance men’s hairstyle one of the most requested cuts.


5. Curly Hair

low maintenance curly haircut

A short high fade is ideal for an Afro American man that has curly hair. Keep the top just a little bit longer, and you’ll be ready to leave the house once you get off your bed. No styling at all! It also goes very well with a beard, and you will have this fabulous look without a fuss. 


6. Thick Hair

low maintenance thick haircut


7. Thin Haircut

low maintenance fine haircut


8. Comb Over

low maintenance comb over haircut


9. Low Maintenance Hair for Round Face

low maintenance haircut for round face


10. Faux Hawk

low maintenance faux hawk haircut


11. High Top with Short Sides

low maintenance pompadour


12. Buzz Cut for Asian Men

low maintenance haircut


13. Short Sides with Top Bun

low maintenance haircut


14. High Fade for Afro American Hair

mohawk hairstyle


15. Short Haircut for Receding Hairline

low maintenance hair for receding hairline


16. Low Fade with Sleek Quiff

low maintenance slicked back hair


17. Layered Short Haircut

low maintenance straight haircut


18. Short Sides for Top Curly Hair

low maintenance hair with undercut


19. Marine Cut

low maintenance haircut with beard


20. Faded Sides with Top Coils

low maintenance haircut for black men


21. The Taper Haircut

Taper cut for men

The taper is one of the most classic low maintenance men’s haircuts, as well as one of the most timeless. It’s a short cut that comes off as sophisticated even though it’s simple and easy to style. You only ever need a little product to keep the top thatch of hair in place. Juice haircuts are also a cool option.

Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Men


22. Crew Cut

easy Crew Cut for young men

The crew cut is known for its fading. With this hairstyle, your hair is longest at the very front of your head. It reaches its shortest length at your crown. Then, the hair on the back and sides of your head are tapered.


23. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut hairstyle for men

The buzz cut is more than just low maintenance. It’s no maintenance. You don’t have to do anything to style it; you just have to walk out the door. It’s the definition of easy haircuts for men.

Men’s Military Haircuts for Short Hair


24. Regulation Cut

The regulation cut is an old-school military style that’s back in a big way. The top of the hair is usually about two inches long, while the back and sides get a smooth fade that blends with the skin at the nape of the neck. Again, you just need a firm holding product to style it.


25. Ivy League Haircuts

Favorite Ivy League hairstyle you love

As you can see, the Ivy League is a variation of many other low maintenance men’s haircuts. It even resembles a shorter version of the undercut. It’s still effortless to style but has a preppy aesthetic that’s ideal for professional settings.


Black Men Haircuts: The Classic High and Low Taper Fades

Low maintenance men’s haircuts come in a variety of styles. You don’t need a bunch of products and hairspray. You don’t even have to pull out the blow dryer if you have an easy to style cut.

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