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9 Ideal Braided Hairstyles for Big Foreheads

A big forehead is nothing to be ashamed of. And if you still consider it a catastrophe, let us inform you that broad foreheads were considered beautiful in the past, and ladies used to shave/pluck their hairlines for that.

Although bangs are considered best to hide a fivehead, there are other ways to divert attention away from it while not concealing it necessarily. These include high updos, side parts, and braids.

Have a look at the below-mentioned braided hairstyles to complement big foreheads. You might find a suitable way to tuck away your tresses without making your forehead increasingly prominent.

Cute Braided Hairstyles for Big Foreheads

All of the following braids for big foreheads can be used to subtly alter the dimensions of your face while balancing out that broad forehead.

1. Braided Halo

braid hairstyle for women with big forehead

Let that wide forehead shine with full glory for a once with a halo braid. Create one or two Dutch braids and wrap them around the head with pins.

Pull some strands loose to frame the face and you are all done for the day. Try the look with a fishtail braid too!

2. Milkmaid Braid with Side Part

halo braid hairstyle for big forehead

Ladies who prefer hiding their high hairline no matter what can consider a milkmaid braid instead of a halo braid updo.

The underlying reason is that the former is pushed away from the face creating space for a deep side part with the swooped strands covering a part of the forehead.

3. 90’s Baby Braids

accent braid hairstyle for big forehead

Who is going to notice that big forehead with such cute baby braids dangling around the face? That’s right! Those teeny tiny knits from the 90s are back and look sexier than ever. Couple them with a middle part and tousled beach waves to balance out the face.

4. French Braid Updo

braided updo hairstyle for big forehead

Copy this elegant braided hairstyle for big foreheads on formal events and you won’t regret it!

Create French braids along the sides and wrap them around into an updo at the back. Pull some chunks loose to soften your look. Always opt for a side or off-center parting whenever rocking a pulled-back hairstyle.

5. Traditional Box Braids

braid hairstyle for black women with big forehead

Box braids are, without doubt, the most sought-after braided hairstyle among black ladies. Those who want to bring their fivehead under the limelight can accentuate it with a middle part while allowing the knits to dangle loosely on the shoulders. Accessorize with beads, yarn, and hair cuffs for a fancy finish.

6. Classic Crown Braid

crown braid hairstyle for big forehead

Women who want to conceal their semi-baldness without snipping off their front strands into bangs can rock a classic low-lying crown braid running across the forehead.

Plait the hair into a Dutch braid and continue adding chunks while moving around the hairline. Pull the strands loose along the way for a voluminous look.

7. Side Plait with Bangs

braid with bangs for big forehead

A simple side braid looks effortlessly chic and is ideal to add some asymmetry to the face keeping attention away from a high hairline.

For a more permanent solution, go for thick blunt bangs, side-swept ones, or a curtain fringe to conceal the upper part of your face flawlessly.

8. Braided Front Bun

box braids updo for big forehead

Adding height on top is yet another way to make a broad forehead appear smaller than usual. Gather your tresses, whether styled in box braids or not, on top of the head and twist them around into a jumbo bun tilting on one side at the front. Done!

9. Cute Pigtails

pigtail braids for big forehead

This old-school braided hairstyle for ladies with big foreheads won’t disappoint regardless of the hair length and texture. Re-live your childhood days by going for plaited pigtails with or without a parting. Knit the strands loosely as tight braids will only cause the forehead to look even bigger.

Keeping it positive, a wide forehead can become your distinctive feature once you embrace and flaunt it with confidence. Recreate all of the braided hairstyles for big foreheads enlisted above. You might personalize and accessorize these hairdos according to your choice and routine. Still, there’s nothing to hide!