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90 Prettiest Ways to Sport Crown Braids in 2024

You don’t need a headband to keep your hair in your place! Crown braids are made of your own hair, which you will knit to obtain that mesmerizing princess look.

You can always choose to make it stylish, suitable for weddings, fancy parties, or other events, or you can opt for a messy look that you can pick every time you go out for a walk in a park or even a picnic.

How to Do a Crown Braid

How to Do a Crown Braid

Crown braids have a rich history in different cultures. Back in Medieval Times, wealthy roman women sported Greek goddess braids to show their beauty as a member of higher echelon society. Braids were also popular amongst Native Americans, with male and female members of more than 500 tribes wearing this style of hair.

Fast forward to the present day, crown braids have taken over popular culture. Ciara’s recent appearance on the H&M runway sported crown braids.

If we’re feeling inspired by this recent trend, here is the step-by-step guide to doing a crown braid.

Part Your Hair

Part your hair from the center so that the resulting crown braids are even. If you want to do a zig-zag part, just make sure that both sides of your head have an even distribution of hair.

Do the First Three-Strand Braid

Start from the front of your hair on one side. Do a three-strand braid or French braid, keeping your part aligned. Keep the end of the braid secure with a small elastic band.

Secure the First Braid

Position the completed braid to the back of your head. Pin it in place with a bobby pin or a hair clip that matches the color of your hair.

Repeat the Process

Do steps 1-3 again on the opposite side of your head. If you notice your braids are unequal in width, you’ll have to start over and adjust the amount of hair that each side has.

Check and Refine

Remove the elastic bands, so the ends flow out once the other braid is draped over the first one. Puff out the braids more to get your desired look, or keep them sleek and elegant with a simple pair of crown braids.

Watch a Video Tutorial

If you are a visual learner, it’s difficult to just go by written directions to do a crown braid. Mia & Linda shows viewers three different ways to do a crown braid in their YouTube video step-by-step.

Different Types of Crown Braids

The options you have with a crown braid are endless, starting from your hair color and ending with the type of braid: fishtail, French twist. If you want a breathtaking look, these halo braids are just the thing you need. 

Also, when creating a crown braid, hair jewelry or flowers are very popular. Match them with your hair and give your strands a romantic look. Check out the below different crown braids, and you’re going to love these styles.

French Crown Braid 

1. Continue All-Around

french crown braid

To begin with, here is a hairstyle that can be achieved with both long and short hair. Define a middle or side parting at the front and start entwining the strands into a French braid creating a perfect halo around the head.

2. Side-Swept Look

french braid crown

A pretty and simple way to sport a French crown braid is by braiding the strands along the hairline from ear to ear and behind the neck while side-sweeping the remaining hair loose on one shoulder. This look creates the illusion of a hat on the head.

3. Side Ponytail

french crown braid with ponytail

Young girls can rock a playful side braid like this that will remain intact the entire day. The hair is knitted diagonally from the top and secured into a low ponytail at the opposite bottom end. This style can be worn both at formal and informal events.

4. Braided Headband

french crown headband braid
Instagram / colormecrazy_cc

Push away the hair from the face by braiding the strands from one ear to the other in a French style and accentuating it with a floral headpiece. The blonde highlights peeking through the darker strands create an attractive two-toned look.

5. Elegant Updo

french crown braid with accessories
Instagram / redheadedstylistky

Stand out among others with your beautiful brown hair braided into an elegant updo. Continue all around the head or combine two braided sides with a low bun and add a beaded headband to complete the look.

6. Half Up, Half Down

half up french crown braid
Instagram / wildvaquerasalon

A half up half down hairstyle can be worn in many different ways but looks gorgeous every time. Take this look for instance where the front is styled in double braids that are secured at the back with bobby pins. The blonde babylights set off this style.

7. Blonde Braid Crown

French Braid Crown

This French brown braid is perfect for a day at a pool or a picnic with your friends. Start braiding from one side of your head and crown your head with the knit. Pull off the edges to give your braid volume.

8. Curly Crown Braid

Curly locks hairstyle you like

If you want to add your crown braided hairstyle that extra oomph, curl your locks, lift them up and clip them securely. They will look like a natural extension of your beautifully made braid.

9. Crown Braid With A Bun

a bun crown braids for women

A great addition to a loose runaround braid will be a bun. You can make it by loosening the bottom part of the braid or leaving some locks down to create a separate bun.

10. Loose Braid

crown braids 15

Create a windblown look by making a nice and loose crown braid. Tight braids usually create a tight image. If you want to look lighter and younger allow some messiness to creep into your style.

Dutch Crown Braid

Dutch braid crown hairstyles are easy to make and look absolutely lovely during summers and spring. The styles are so delicate that girls also prefer them for a super gorgeous look during parties and weddings.

11. Wedding Look

dutch crown braided updo

Those who love Dutch braids can rock this crown look at their wedding too. Braid down the two-toned blonde hair on both sides and wrap the braids in opposite directions at the back creating an intricate and graceful updo.

12. Big Loops

dutch crown braid
Instagram / ellagant_braids

Wear a crown braid with a twist to keep all the eyes on you. The light coral-colored hair is weaved into a braid circling around the head. Pull the strands loose to create uniform big loops with a beaded chain running in the middle of the braid.

13. Double Dutch Crown Braid

Dutch Crown Braid

Be careful! With this awesome crown braid, you will steal all the attention at any event you are attending. If you want this look to be luxurious, don’t use your bangs when braiding. Leave them loose and make some curls. A long shiny spectacular pair of earrings will make you look classy and glamorous. 

14. Crown Braided Ponytail

Crown Braided Ponytail

Are you a fan of braided ponytails? Use your bangs and sides to make a crown braid and pin it all into a low ponytail. Use a thick strand of hair and wrap the base of the pony. To make this hairstyle look flawless, straighten your blonde locks with an iron.

15. Accessorize

Accessorize braids for young girl

If you are making a braid for a special occasion, you can use nice accessories to make your image brighter. Clips with large crystals will look good when randomly attached to the braid.

16. Messy Floral Dutch Braid Crown

Dutch Braid Crown with Messy Floral hairstyle

It is a cool braided hairstyle that looks perfect at events like bridal showers. You can even make it by yourself. Simply tie two loose Dutch braids in the form of a crown. The braid is fixed with bobby pins so that it gives off a natural look. In the end, the braid crown is decorated with hair accessories like small rosebuds or jasmine flowers.

Cute and Popular Dutch Braided Hairstyles

17. Two-Tone Dutch Braid Crown Updo

Dutch Braid Crown updo haircut

This is a simple Dutch braid hairstyle with a crown but requires a little bit of practice to make a neat shape of the crown. All you need to do is wrap a braid around the head so that it gives off a crown look. This braided style can now be decorated with hair accessories, or you can give it a different color using the color mascara or glitter.

18. Partial Dutch Braid Crown

Beautiful Partial Dutch Braid Crown for girl

This is a super easy yet a cute Dutch braid crown. After a little practice, you can make it in a couple of minutes.

The partial crown moves around the head while the rest of the hair is left open in the form of waves.  You can give them loose curls by using rollers or hair mousse to get a wavy look if you have straight hair.

19. Four Crowns

Dutch Braid with 4 Crowns

It is suitable for those girls who have thick long hair.  It is a good way to style your hair for different occasions and gives off a perfect look with formal dresses.

Crown Braids to Fall In Love Immediately

20. Centered Dutch Crown

Hair updos can often become repetitive, and when that happens, change is due! This centrally focused Dutch braid crown is something you can opt for when other hairstyles get boring.

This braid is the definition of something unique and pretty looking if you are in a situation where you have to dress it up, this style a perfect pick.

21. Side Crown Dutch Braid

If you are in search of a hairstyle that will help you dress it up yet won’t take too much time to get done, this side crown is a great option. You can opt for this hairstyle if you are particularly used to always wearing your hair towards one side.

The braid that goes from thin to thick adds great dimension to the whole look, perfect for any occasion where a feminine angelic is in demand.

22. Semi Crown Braid

half up dutch braid crown hairstyle

If you have naturally wavy hair or plan to style your hair with loose curls, this hairstyle is exemplary! This Dutch braided crown hairstyle adds an extra element, which helps the wavy hair towards the bottom stand up even more.

This hairstyle might look like it takes a lot of time, but once you get the hang of it, the style can be done within a time frame of 15 minutes.

23. Choose The Right Earrings

crown braids 20

A crown braid can make you look very plain especially if your locks are not too thick. Balance out your image by choosing the right earrings. Your ears are open, so wear large accessories.

24. Dutch French Braid Headband

Braids can often double as hairbands since they tend to do the same job: keep your hair away from your face. If a fancy hairband isn’t doing it for you, try having a Dutch braid for the same purpose.

Moreover, it will just make them look even fancier! To complete the hairstyle, curl the bottoms of the hair and finger comb it to make it look more natural.

25. The Dutch Crown All-Around

This Dutch braid crown is a quintessential date look; it’s not too much yet not too little. It looks like you bothered to put in effort into your appearance but didn’t go too overboard.  Since this milkmaid braid hairstyle is versatile, it can be paired together with any outfit, and it would work.  

26. Intricate Dutch Braiding

This Dutch braided crown hairstyle is more time consuming as compared to the ones talked about before. The two big braids further merge into one giving it a very out worldly look, making all the time and effort worth it. 

27. Dutch Braids for Colored Hair

It’s a common observation as to when color hair is braided, more tones of the color are seen. This is why braiding your colored hair is something you should opt for often. This crown Dutch braid is perfect for doing the very same thing; it also looks blissful and unmatched.

28. Crown Braid With Highlights

These voluminous crown braided updo are a glorious hairstyle option for someone with thick and long hair. It is a perfect way to have your hair in place and look fabulous at the same time with something trendy and elegant.

29. Messy Dutch Braid

messy dutch braid crown

This Dutch crown hairstyle is a divine example and inspiration for an artistic photoshoot or an out of the box style statement. If you are bold enough, you can completely rock this hairstyle and add an extra oomph to your looks. 

30. Simple Dutch Braid

dutch braid crown with balayage hair

This Dutch braid crown hairstyle is much on the simple side, something you can wear for a fun evening or to college. It’s feminine, sensational, and exquisite which makes it perfect for a nonchalant way of standing out.

Fishtail Crown Braid

31. Cover the Forehead

fishtail crown braid

A crown braid usually lies behind the hairline but it can be pushed forward to a distinctive appeal. The braiding starts near one ear and circles the head while it covers half of the forehead like micro bangs. Use bobby pins and hairspray to keep the hairstyle in place.

32. Low Bun

fishtail crown braid with bun
Instagram / hairtalesydney

A Fishtail braid looks more delicate compared to other types of braids. Pair a braided headband with a low bun for a cute appeal. Finish off the look by pulling some strands loose at the front and adding subtle curls to them for a carefree appeal.

33. Multicolored Strands

fishtail crown braid for colored hair
Instagram / rosegoldebeauty

This hipster look will surely turn around some heads. Add blue, pink, purple, and green streaks to the hair and flaunt them by braiding the strands in an oversized loose fishtail crown braid lying at the front. All the colors will prominently peek through the braid for a multicolor finish.

34. Two-Toned Highlights

fishtail crown braid for wedding
Instagram / bridal_hair_company

Dark brown locks look perfect with highlights. Add platinum blonde and warm light blonde streaks to peek through the darker strands. Flaunt your hair color by styling it in a braided halo with a floral hair comb. Pull some strands loose for a laid-back look.

35. Double Braided Look

fishtail crown braid
Instagram / ymbook

Get creative and combine a jumbo fishtail braid with a simple mini Dutch braid for a fun look. Entwine the strands into a loose fishtail braid and continue all around the head with a smaller one running through its middle.

36. Lilac Hair, Don’t Care

purple fishtail crown braid
Instagram / beautybytiffanyrose

Sport a fishtail crown braid in the prettiest way by combining it with lilac hair that is trending in 2024. Knit the lilac strands into a braid by pulling them loose to create an oversized loose hairstyle. This look will keep the hair effortlessly away from the face.

37. Half Up Fishtail Crown Braid

crown braids 2

When you are experimenting with crown braids, anything goes. Use any type of braid you wish. If you want it to look fuller, make the fishtail on the very top and fluff it up.

38. Highlights with Crown Braids

Highlights braids hairstyle for girl

If you want your braid to look unique, use highlights to outline it. If your locks are dark, make the braid lighter or vice versa. No matter which crown braided style you choose, the highlights will make it special.

39. Braid Mix

white crown braids haircut

If you are making a two-braid exhibit, you can use different types of braid. Make one regular braid and one fishtail. The combination will look fantastic. Try three different braids too.

40. Crown Braid + Fishtail 

fishtail braid haircut for young girl

Fishtails always look much more interesting than regular braids. So, consider the combination used in this photo. You can combine two braids in the back to create a good extension of the front braid.

Twisted Crown Braid

41. Unique Side Part

twist crown braid with updo

Twisting the crown braid adds an edgy touch to it. Instead of twisting the hair all around the head, go for a deep side part. Divide the strands into two sections and twist them around reaching the back creating a low updo with contrasting front sides.

42. Sophisticated Twists

twist crown braid for wedding

Here is another elegant hair look that is perfect for brides and bridesmaids. Crimp the hair for extra volume before twisting the strands into a loose updo at the back. Amp up the style by incorporating blue and purple strands with a matching flower for a mermaid appeal.

43. Half-Up Look

half up crown twisted braid
Instagram / tiannathehairess

This half-up style is simple and quick to achieve. With a middle parting, twist the side locks and secure them with a hair tie at the back. The halo highlights contrast against the darker locks beautifully. This effortless look is suitable for your busy days. 

44. Messy Crown Braid

Twisted Crown Braid

You don’t always have to use the regular braids to create a stunning crown braid. Put your creativity at work and make your halo braid look amazing with a twisted braid. Spare a few strands of your bangs and sideburns, and you’ll get a diaphane look.

45. Double Braids

crown braids 4

If your hair is thick enough, you can go for two crown braids. Make two regular braids and wrap them around your head in two different directions. The result will be amazing.

Crown Braids for Black Women

46. Pushed Back

short hair crown braid for black women

Kinky afro curls look fun but can be irritating on the forehead sometimes. Recreate this look by dying the coils in a vivid yellow hue and pushing them back with a chunky braided headband. Don’t worry about black roots as they accentuate the bright hair shade.

47. Side Cornrows

black crown braid with bun
Instagram / wisteria_ug

Black women rock cornrows most stylishly. Braid the sides into cornrows and couple them with a middle-parted jumbo crown braid weaved in a V-shape and a low bun at the back. This is an ideal way to tame curly hair.

48. Fulani Braided Sides

Go for a sassy look by weaving the strands into two Fulani braids along the sides near the ears. Pair them up with a crown braid sitting on the head. Use pomade to settle down the flyaways for a neat finish and add beads to the side braids.

49. Punk Look

crown braid for black women
Instagram / nynyhumi9

Beware as this bold hair look is not for the weak-hearted. The twisted sides merge into the crown braid which is dreaded instead of being braided. Top off with shiny hair cuffs. This look gives the illusion of a punk fauxhawk hairstyle.

50. Keep It Simple

twisted crown braid for black women
Instagram / tomesedition

Why complicate a hairstyle when a simple crown braid sets you apart from others? The curly strands are twisted into a halo all around the head. You can combine this look with a middle or side part too depending on your choice.

51. Heart-Shaped Hairstyle

crown braid for black hair
Instagram / ssjhair

Here is a crown braided look ideal for young black girls. Carve out a heart shape at the back before entwining the strands into a jumbo braid. Pull out some chunks and curl them up to copy this style exactly.

52. Twists + Braids

crown braid with locs for black women
Instagram / locstaylord

Combine a box braided hairstyle with a crown braid to create this dauntless hair look. Divide the hair into sections and twist each chunk around to merge into the perfectly round crown braid. Twist the side locks and let them dangle loosely at the front completing the look.

53. Thick Crown Braids

Crown Braids for Black Hair

If you don’t have such volume for your hair, you can always create this crown braid using hair extensions. Make it look dense and decorate it with some golden hair jewelry. Curl your sideburns and let them fall on your sides. 

54. Crown Braid with Cornrows

Crown Braid with Cornrows

You can choose to leave your cornrow braids free, or you can choose to create a really magical look. Knit them into a halo braid and style some waves for the baby hair around your forehead. 

55. Box Braided Crown

Box Braided Crown

If you are a bold woman who is not afraid to show her personality, use your long box braids differently. Braid them in a crown on top of your head and choose two knits to fall on your forehead. 

100 Cutest Braided Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women

Half Up Crown Braid

56. Interconnected Mesh

Amp up your half-up crown braid look by going for this hairstyle that surely requires some skill. The braiding starts at the front with the strands of one braid being connected with the second one creating an interconnected mesh. Brown lowlights and loose waves add up to the look.

57. Dual Braids

half up 2 crown braids
Instagram / source

Go for a side part, while plaiting the sides all the way to the back and secure the strands above one another with hairpins to create a dual braided effect. A dark to light blonde ombre coupled with bouncy curls will top off the style.

58. Braided Front

half up crown braids

Here is another manner to sport a half-up crown braid look in the prettiest way for 2024. The braided strands lie over the remaining deep side-parted hair at the front for a semi crown braid look. Upgrade this two-toned look with a bandana and roses. 

59. Bohemian Appeal

half up fishtail crown braid
Instagram / lizaloveshair

Flaunt your long locks by braiding the sides into fishtail braids and merging them into a single knot at the back. Pull out some strands at the front. You can keep the remaining loose hair straight for a sleek appeal or add bouncy curls. Your call!

60. Pink Ombre + Babylights

half up four strand crown braids
Instagram / purring4truth

A pink ombre looks cute when coupled with blonde babylights and half-up braids. The front is weaved intricately and pinned back behind the ears. This look is simple and can be combined with any hair color of your choice.

61. Half Up Highlighted Braid

Half Up Crown Braid

Section your hair in two pieces and use the top main to build a gorgeous French braid crown. Thanks to your mesmerizing thin highlights, your braid will be more textured. For the rest of the mane that is falling on your back, style some massive waves.

62. Braid Flowers

crown braids 8

If you are preparing for a special occasion and want a romantic image, you can make a thin crown braid while leaving most of your locks down. Create flowers in the back of your head using the braid.

63. Thin Crown Braid

crown braids 12

This is a good option for girls with thin hair who still want a surrounding braid. You will need to take just one strand and make a thin braid that will run around your head. Clip it securely to the rest of the hair.

64. Lace Braided Crown

Lace Braided Crown

An intriguing look to witness, this lace braided crown uses only the top hair. The rest of you mane should gorgeously fall on your shoulders. Enhance your look with some curls and waves. 

65. Crown Braid with Hair Down

women best crown braids haircuts

There is no need to use all of your hair to create a crown braid. Use just the top part and leave several strands hanging down. You can dye the ends for a unique appearance.

Bohemian Crown Braid

66. Knots and Twists

bohemian crown braid
Instagram / nanette_guild

It may still be difficult for some ladies to braid their hair at home. Such women can for this offbeat hair look by styling the hair in alternating knots and twists all around the head. Rock a side part at the front and the look is done.

67. Intertwined Strands

boho crown braid
Instagram / cosmoprofbeauty

Recreate this cool look by dying the long hair in a pastel purple hue with baby pink highlights in between. Start braiding the hair and move around the head twice with the strands of one braid being intertwined with the other. Pull the strands loose to create prominent loops.

68. Four-Strand Braid

boho 5 strand crown braid
Instagram / lettituulia

Go for a four-strand braid rather than the conventional three-strand one for a unique look. The braid runs diagonally across the head while the outer strands are pulled loose against the tighter inner ones. This style looks cute on young girls.

69. Fluffy Crown

boho twisted crown braid
Instagram / hairtalkusa

Look like an ethereal goddess by going for a fluffy crown braid look. The light brown hair with blonde highlights is teased or crimped before plaiting it into a crown hairstyle. Pull some middle-parted loose at the front. Ladies who like oversized braids can opt for this look.

70. Light Blonde Updo

Here is a simple updo that will turn anyone into a princess. The hair is styled into dual braids and pinned above one another in a slightly diagonal direction with a micro braid running through each of them. Tug out some strands and top off the look with flowers.

71. Add Flowers

boho crown braid with flowers
Instagram /

A simple crown braid can be leveled up by adding flowers of your choice. Here the pastel green ombre hair is weaved around the head and combined with white and yellow roses. You can go for as many flowers as you wish!

72. Bohemian Crown Braid with Accessories

Bohemian Crown Braid

Style a bohemian hair crown and leave two full strands of your bangs to fall on your forehead. This way, you will recreate this messy look that is suitable for any outfit you choose. 

73. Flower Crown Braid

Flower Crown Braid

Take the crown braid to a whole new level by styling full, textured hair roses. This way, you will have not only a simple crown but also a floral themed braid that will leave anyone speechless.

74. Get a Weave

weave crown braids hairstyle for girl

If thick and voluminous braids are out of your reach, you can still get them by attaching a weave. Hair extensions can help you make the largest braids you have always wanted and change your image for the better.

75. Around The Beehive

crown braids 9

If you want your hairstyle to look impressive, you can create a beehive on the back of your head and surround it with a braid. It will look as if you have specially decorated cap.

Pull Through Crown Braid

76. Free and Easy

pull through crown braid with loose strands
Instagram / bridalbraidsbybri

A pull-through braid is easy to achieve as compared to knitting the strands. Divide the hair into sections and secure them with hair ties. Divide the top ponytail into two parts and pull the bottom through it. Repeat the step until the braid is complete.  

77. Hipster Look

pull through crown braid

Show off your hipster side by deep side parting the hair and braiding one side loosely. Take a chunk from the other side and braid it tightly before securing it behind the opposite ear across the forehead. Rock a bold eyeshade with a low ponytail at the back.

78. Perfect Silver Crown

pull through crown braid for wedding
Instagram / hannahhairuk

One of the prettiest ways to sport a pulled-through crown braid in 2024 is by combining it with shiny icy grey hair flawlessly. Pull the strands equally loose to achieve a perfectly round circle on the head. Finish off by adding purple flowers.

79. Messy Top

half up pull through crown braid
Instagram / hairby.nikole

This look is defined by a messy braid confined to the top part only. Chunky strands at the front frame the face beautifully while the braid is pulled loose for a ruffled look. Add loose waves to the remaining hair and leave it free to dangle.

80. Pull Through Crown Braid with Beads

Pull Through Braid Crown

If you want to pull off a stunning different mermaid look, your deep blue hair color will look stunning if braided in a crown around your head. Use golden hair jewelry to enrich this fabulous crown hair. 

Other Crown Braid Ideas

81. Messy Crown Braid

Messy Crown Braid

Romantic, messy looks are your signature hairstyles, right? In this case, we have a new option for you, and you will certainly be love at first sight. A messy crown braid wit pulled out edges is going to win your heart.

82. Halo Crown Braid

halo crown braid

Why don’t you choose instead of bangs a stunning hair crown that will cover half of your forehead? Pull off a few strands to make it look a little bit messy and show your romantic side by completing this look with a heart-shaped pair of glasses. 

Recommended for you:

83. The Classics

The classics braids hairstyle

A classic fishtail braid is a great place to start. You will need to make a regular braid using all of your hair and then arrange it around your head like a crown. Make it stay in place by using clips.

Best Examples of Box Braids to Pump Up The Style

84. Colored Crown Braid

crown braids 6

If you want your braid to make a great impression, you can dye it some outrageous color. The most popular shades are pink and purple but you can pick anyone you like.

85. Crown Braid Hairstyle With Layers

Braid layers hairstyle your favorite

Instead of arranging the braid around your head you can place it in layers on top of it. It will make your hairstyle appear more voluminous and will diversify your image without much extra hassle.

86. Crisscross

crown braids 17

Girls with thick hair will appreciate this crisscross style. You will need to make two braids and crisscross them with each other while arranging them around your head. The result will exceed all expectations.

87. Reversed Crown

crown braids 23

If a runaround braid seems too much for you, go for a reversed crown by arranging your braids on the bottom part of your head. You can lift it up later to make an impressive crown.

88. Crown Heart

nice Crown heart hairstyle for women

This is a great way to combine a crown braid with other hairstyles. Take a look at the photo. You will need to make two braids that meet on the top to form a crown.

89. Wedding Braids

Are you looking for ways to incorporate a natural touch in your hairdo? This flower Dutch braid look is extravagant and here to inspire you!

This hairdo is great even for an event like your marriage; you can incorporate the blooms you to decorate as something that’s also a part of your look. It gives a flower crown effect which looks undeniably marvelous.

90. Braid Crown with Fringes

dutch braid crown with fringes

If you have your hair cut with bangs, you can use that to your advantage! When it comes to braiding crowns, bands and a pulled-out strand of hair can complete the look and, additionally, help frame your face! This subtle-looking extravagance of look can be worn on so many different occasions. 


Starting a crown braid can be challenging if you have never done it before. Here are your answers to frequently asked questions.

Where to start a crown braid?

Start the braid at the front of your hair. Position your French braids on either side of your head parallel to your forehead to get the “crown” look.

What is a mini crown braid?

A mini crown braid is the smaller version of a traditional one. It is positioned in the front of your hair rather than on the back of your head. The length is usually shorter than a regular crown braid.

Is there any difference between crown braid and milkmaid braid?

The crown braid and the milkmaid braid are very similar in looks. The only difference is the positioning for each type of braid.

A crown braid rests above one’s forehead while a milkmaid braid is positioned in the center of one’s head.

How long does crown braid usually last?

Because of their thickness, these braids usually last 6 weeks. Follow the steps properly to tighten and secure the crown braids before puffing them out for refinement.

Have the bobby pins secure enough layers in your hair to reinforce them so that they last longer.

Can I do a crown braid on short hair?

Yes, you can do a crown braid on short hair. Ashely Brooke shows how you can do a braided crown with short hair on her YouTube video.

Can I style a crown braid on thin hair?

Yes. If you have thin hair, you can still do a crown braid in at most 5 minutes. The braid may not be as full as a regular crown braid because of the thin hair.

Start at your crown and evenly distribute your hair to begin parting it. Fluff out your hair so that the braid looks more authentic. Do a plait starting from one side of your hair. Drape it overhead so that the end of the braid hits the other side of your head. Secure it with a bobby pin to complete the look.

Can I style crown braids with box braids?

Yes, you can style a crown braid with box braids if this is the style you want. Follow the same steps for a traditional crown braid, except you would do box braids in place of the usual three-strand French braid.

Kirste Pitre shows viewers her way of creating a crown braid using box braids. She recommends using Annie bobby pins because they are stronger than other competing products on the market.

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There are moments when you want to look stunning and express your romantic side throw every pore. A crown braid will undoubtedly help you achieve this girly look. You can mix and match stunning hair colors with your favorite braiding techniques, and we guarantee you that the effect is totally mesmerizing.