55 Amazing Crown Braids You’ll Love to Slay

You don’t need a headband to keep your hair in your place! Crown braids are made of your own hair, which you will knit to obtain that mesmerizing princess look.

You can always choose to make it stylish, suitable for weddings, fancy parties, or other events, or you can opt for a messy look that you can pick every time you go out for a walk in a park or even a picnic.


Crown Braids

The options you have with a crown braid are endless, starting from your hair color and ending with the type of braid: fishtail, French twist. If you want a breathtaking look, these halo braids are just the thing you needed. 

Also, when creating a crown braid, hair jewelry or flowers are very popular. Match them with your hair and give your strands a romantic look. Check out the images below and learn how to do one for your locks. 

1. Dutch Crown Braid

Dutch Crown Braid

Be careful! With this awesome crown braid, you will steal all the attention at any event you are attending. If you want this look to be luxurious, don’t use your bangs when braiding. Leave them loose and make some curls. A long shiny spectacular pair of earrings will make you look classy and glamorous. 


2. French Braid Crown

French Braid Crown

This French brown braid is perfect for a day at a pool or a picnic with your friends. Start braiding from one side of your head and crown your head with the knit. Pull off the edges to give your braid volume.


3. Twisted Crown Braid

Twisted Crown Braid

You don’t always have to use the regular braids to create a stunning crown braid. Put your creativity at work and make your halo braid look amazing with a twisted braid. Spare a few strands of your bangs and sideburns, and you’ll get a diaphane look.


4. Crown Braid for Short Hair

Crown Braid for Short Hair

Express your inner romantic side out there with a stunning pale purple ombre. Style a crown braid and pull the edges a little bit to give your halo braid a fuller look. Decorate it with flowers to make it look even more spectacular.


5. Crown Braids for Black Women

Crown Braids for Black Hair

If you don’t have such volume for your hair, you can always create this crown braid using hair extensions. Make it look dense and decorate it with some golden hair jewelry. Curl your sideburns and let them fall on your sides. 


6. Half Up Crown Braid

Half Up Crown Braid

Section your hair in two pieces and use the top main to build a gorgeous French braid crown. Thanks to your mesmerizing thin highlights, your braid will be more textured. For the rest of the mane that is falling on your back, style some massive waves.


7. Bohemian Crown Braid

Bohemian Crown Braid

Style a bohemian hair crown and leave two full strands of your bangs to fall on your forehead. This way, you will recreate this messy look that is suitable for any outfit you choose. 


8. Flower Crown Braid

Flower Crown Braid

Take the crown braid to a whole new level by styling full, textured hair roses. This way, you will have not only a simple crown but also a floral themed braid that will leave anyone speechless.


9. Crown Braided Ponytail

Crown Braided Ponytail

Are you a fan of braided ponytails? Use your bangs and sides to make a crown braid and pin it all into a low ponytail. Use a thick strand of hair and wrap the base of the pony. To make this hairstyle look flawless, straighten your blonde locks with an iron.


10. Crown Braid with Cornrows

Crown Braid with Cornrows

You can choose to leave your cornrow braids free, or you can choose to create a really magical look. Knit them into a halo braid and style some waves for the baby hair around your forehead. 


11. Lace Braided Crown

Lace Braided Crown

An intriguing look to witness, this lace braided crown uses only the top hair. The rest of you mane should gorgeously fall on your shoulders. Enhance your look with some curls and waves. 


12. Box Braided Crown

Box Braided Crown

If you are a bold woman who is not afraid to show her personality, use your long box braids differently. Braid them in a crown on top of your head and choose two knits to fall on your forehead. 


13. Messy Crown Braid

Messy Crown Braid

Romantic, messy looks are your signature hairstyles, right? In this case, we have a new option for you, and you will certainly be love at first sight. A messy crown braid wit pulled out edges is going to win your heart.


14. Pull Through Braid Crown

Pull Through Braid Crown

If you want to pull off a stunning different mermaid look, your deep blue hair color will look stunning if braided in a crown around your head. Use golden hair jewelry to enrich this fabulous crown hair. 


15. Halo Crown Braid

halo crown braid

Why don’t you choose instead of bangs a stunning hair crown that will cover half of your forehead? Pull off a few strands to make it look a little bit messy and show your romantic side by completing this look with a heart-shaped pair of glasses. 


16. Crown Braid with Hair Down

women best crown braids haircuts

There is no need to use all of your hair to create a crown braid. Use just the top part and leave several strands hanging down. You can dye the ends for a unique appearance.


17. Fishtail Crown Braid

crown braids 2

When you are experimenting with crown braids, anything goes. Use any type of braid you wish. If you want it to look fuller, make the fishtail on the very top and fluff it up.


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18. The Classics

The classics braids hairstyle

A classic fishtail braid is a great place to start. You will need to make a regular braid using all of your hair and then arrange it around your head like a crown. Make it stay in place by using clips.


19. Double Braids

crown braids 4

If your hair is thick enough, you can go for two crown braids. Make two regular braids and wrap them around your head in two different directions. The result will be amazing.


20. Accessorize

Accessorize braids for young girl

If you are making a braid for a special occasion, you can use nice accessories to make your image brighter. Clips with large crystals will look good when randomly attached to the braid.

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21. Colored Crown Braid

crown braids 6

If you want your braid to make a great impression, you can dye it some outrageous color. The most popular shades are pink and purple but you can pick anyone you like.


22. Braid Mix

white crown braids haircut

If you are making a two-braid exhibit, you can use different types of braid. Make one regular braid and one fishtail. The combination will look fantastic. Try three different braids too.


23. Braid Flowers

crown braids 8

If you are preparing for a special occasion and want a romantic image, you can make a thin crown braid while leaving most of your locks down. Create flowers in the back of your head using the braid.


24. Around The Beehive

crown braids 9

If you want your hairstyle to look impressive, you can create a beehive on the back of your head and surround it with a braid. It will look as if you have specially decorated cap.


25. Crown Heart

nice Crown heart hairstyle for women

This is a great way to combine a crown braid with other hairstyles. Take a look at the photo. You will need to make two braids that meet on the top to form a crown.

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26. Curly Crown Braid

Curly locks hairstyle you like

If you want to add your crown braided hairstyle that extra oomph, curl your locks, lift them up and clip them securely. They will look like a natural extension of your beautifully made braid.


27. Thin Crown Braid

crown braids 12

This is a good option for girls with thin hair who still want a surrounding braid. You will need to take just one strand and make a thin braid that will run around your head. Clip it securely to the rest of the hair.


28. Braided Helmet

crown braids 13

The next step from the crown braids is a helmet. Make several braids and arrange them in circles all over your head. It will look as if the braids are forming a cap or a helmet.


29. Crown Braid With A Bun

a bun crown braids for women

A great addition to a loose runaround braid will be a bun. You can make it by loosening the bottom part of the braid or leaving some locks down to create a separate bun.


30. Loose Braid

crown braids 15

Create a windblown look by making a nice and loose crown braid. Tight braids usually create a tight image. If you want to look lighter and younger allow some messiness to creep into your style.


31. Crown Braid Hairstyle With Layers

Braid layers hairstyle your favorite

Instead of arranging the braid around your head you can place it in layers on top of it. It will make your hairstyle appear more voluminous and will diversify your image without much extra hassle.


32. Crisscross

crown braids 17

Girls with thick hair will appreciate this crisscross style. You will need to make two braids and crisscross them with each other while arranging them around your head. The result will exceed all expectations.


33. An Easy Shot

crown braids 18

A crown braid can actually be a fast way to arrange your locks when you are having a really bad hair day. While ponytails might be considered too dull, a runaround braid is not much harder to make but looks much more impressive.


34. Crown Braid + Fishtail 

fishtail braid haircut for young girl

Fishtails always look much more interesting than regular braids. So, consider the combination used in this photo. You can combine two braids in the back to create a good extension of the front braid.


35. Choose The Right Earrings

crown braids 20

A crown braid can make you look very plain especially if your locks are not too thick. Balance out your image by choosing the right earrings. Your ears are open, so wear large accessories.


36. Messy Tresses

Messy tresses hairstyle for girl

A messy braid doesn’t look too impressive. But you can create an amazing image by messing up just the top part of the runaround braid. Depending on the right makeup, your look can vary from romantic to gothic.


37. Highlights with Crown Braids

Highlights braids hairstyle for girl

If you want your braid to look unique, use highlights to outline it. If your locks are dark, make the braid lighter or vice versa. No matter which crown braided style you choose, the highlights will make it special.


38. Reversed Crown

crown braids 23

If a runaround braid seems too much for you, go for a reversed crown by arranging your braids on the bottom part of your head. You can lift it up later to make an impressive crown.


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39. Pull It Out

crown braids 24

If you are going for a wild image, you need to get away from the strict appearance that the tight crown braids can make. It is easily done by pulling some locks out of the braid and loosening it up a little bit.


40. Get a Weave

weave crown braids hairstyle for girl

If thick and voluminous braids are out of your reach, you can still get them by attaching a weave. Hair extensions can help you make the largest braids you always wanted and change your image for the better.


crown braid





braided crown hairstyles





crown braids





braided crown hairstyles



crown braid


There are moments when you want to look stunning and express your romantic side throw every pore. A crown braid will undoubtedly help you achieve this girly look. You can mix and match stunning hair colors with your favorite braiding techniques, and we guarantee you that the effect is totally mesmerizing. 

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