25 Exotic Milkmaid Braids You’ll Ever Need

If your hair is just never long enough, if the braids look too thin, or the bobby pins were never in the right place then you probably have never read our milkmaid braid guide. It has everything you might ever need ranging from step by step procedures to tutorial videos and inspirational designs. After all, milkmaid braids are probably one of the best ways to wear your hair up and get it out of your face.


DIY: How To Milkmaid Braid Your Hair

Milkmaid Braid hairstyle for women

Milkmaid braiding is one of the cutest summer styles. Thus, you need to get to discover a few secrets to mastering the stunning milkmaid braids with our beginner tips, tricks, and tutorials. Don’t worry! We have got you covered. So, let’s start with the required tools.


Required Tools

  • Texturizing spray. (Especially for girls with silky hair)
  • About 6 -8 bobby pins.
  • Elastic bands. (At least two of them.)


Step-By-Step Milkmaid Braids Procedure

This hairstyle is basically made out of two braids that are wrapped around on top of your head. But, it’like not as it as it sounds. However, with this beginner’s procedure, there is no way you wouldn’t be able to perfect it in no time!

Prepare your hair: wash your hair and brush it until it is tangle-less and knot – free.

Choose an axis: This hairstyle is great when it is symmetrical to a middle axis that goes all the way around from your forehead to the nape of your neck (Make sure you have the same amount of hair on each side).

Decide: Before you start working on your braids, you need to decide whether you want to go with the loose sexy hair strands in the front, on the side, loose hair in the back etc… or you want it to keep it neat and employ all of your hair in the braiding process. However, you have short bangs it is best to keep them out of the equation in this case. Because it will only make it impossible for you to end up with the perfect result you had in your head.

Tie each part: secure each of the two sides with a band. But it will be visible once you are done so it is best to choose one with a color just like your hair.

Braid your hair: Just like the braided pigtails you had in middle school. However, you can braid them tight if you want a more polished neat look. Otherwise, the loose braids will look messier and casual. (It all goes back to how you like your hair done or what kind of event you are attending). 

Tips: For newbies to the hairstyling world, you can go with the classic braid. That means you need to divide each section into three subsections. While you keep the subsections divided with your fingers, cross the right subsection to the middle section. Then repeat that with the left subsection. Finally, you’ll end up with one classic braid. However, if you want to spice things up a little, you can always try a fishtail braid or rope braid to suit this updo.

Finishing the updo: Pull one braid to the top of your head and pin it in three places (base, middle, tip) just like shown in the photo below to secure it. Then, repeat the same thing with the other braid. After that, tuck the ends of the braids under each other.

The insurance policy: Make sure your hair would not pull off one of its stunts like the usual fly out forehead hair by using effective fixative hairspray.


Video Tutorial: Milkmaid Braids Have Never Been Easier To Style

And because it is way easier when a tutorial is audiovisual, we picked out this detailed video below to guide you through the entire process.


Popular Milkmaid Braids for Women

Probably the hardest drawback from picking out an epic hairstyle is choosing the right way to wear it and pair it up with your outfit. However, this time it wouldn’t be so hard because the list of the top 25 designs will make that step easier for you. So, check out the plethora of milkmaid braids below and copy your favorite!


#1. Messy Braiding

Messy Braid hairstyle you love

Are you looking for more than just a stunning casual updo? Because with these two overlapping braids done in the messiest texture can turn out to be your ultimate choice. After all, messy is the new dressy and it gives you a more authentic and relaxed outcome.