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25 Exotic Milkmaid Braids You’ll Ever Need

A Milkmaid Braid is a stylish, fun, and easy way to style your hair. Although it can be a challenge to get the bobby pins in the right place, once you’ve got the technique down, it may soon become your favorite hairstyle for busy weekday mornings.


How to Do a Milkmaid Braid

how to do milkmaid braid

Before you get started, make sure you have everything you need. It also helps if your hair hasn’t been recently washed because you want a texture that will hold your braids. If your hair is silky, apply some texturizing spray. From there, you’ll need to gather the following:

  • 2 clear elastics
  • 6 bobby pins (matching your hair color as closely as possible)

Now, you’re ready to get started. Here are the 4 steps to the perfect milkmaid braid.


Step One – Create Two Pigtail Braids

Part your hair down the middle. Braid one side to make a traditional pigtail. Then, braid the other side. If your hair is slightly short, lift your ponytail as you braid to get an extra inch or so. Secure each braid with a clear elastic. You can also choose to leave some hair out of the braids for a messier look at this stage.


Step Two – Secure the First Braid

Now, take one of the braids and place it over the top of your head. Use three bobby pins to stick it in place, evenly spaced at the base, middle, and end. If you need more than three bobby pins, that’s okay too.


Step Three – Secure the Second Braid

Repeat Step Two, placing the second braid over the top of the first. Tuck the ends of each braid under each other and secure with bobby pins.


Step Four – Final Touches

Finish by pulling a couple of strands of hair out in front. Then, use some hairspray to ensure it holds throughout the day.


Milkmaid Braids

Probably the hardest drawback from picking out an epic hairstyle is choosing the right way to wear it and pair it up with your outfit. However, this time it wouldn’t be so hard because the list of the top 25 designs will make that step easier for you. So, check out the plethora of milkmaid braids below and copy your favorite!

#1. Messy Braiding

Messy Braid hairstyle you love

Are you looking for more than just a stunning casual updo? Because with these two overlapping braids done in the messiest texture can turn out to be your ultimate choice. After all, messy is the new dressy and it gives you a more authentic and relaxed outcome.


#2. Two In One!

fishtail braid hairstyle for girl

Are you too confused about which kind of braid to pick? Well, hesitate no more! Because in this design you get to have the best of both worlds by going with a different braiding style for each braid. So, mix it up by combining the fishtail braid with the Dutch plait for example to get one stylish combo!


#3. Glamorous: Front And Back

pretty Black Milkmaid Braids hairstyle for you

If you want to think a little outside the box, then why not try a milkmaid braid from the back? It is like doubling the glamour factor by getting them on both sides of your head. So, you can go with the full crown style or you can simply switch the braid back to the other side if it doesn’t suit you.


#4. Lilac Sky: A Bold Hair Color

Lilac Sky color with Milkmaid Braids Hair

Pretty pastel colors can turn a dull drawing into a dreamy design that makes you feel alive. Likewise, when it comes to employing them in hairstyling. Because they give you that stunning wow factor to grab everybody’s attention. So, if you are looking for catchy milkmaid braids, you might want to try out some bold colors to spice things up. Because they are no longer reserved for punk rock ’n’ roll divas. On the contrary, they are considered trendy and stylish.

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#5. Floral Fantasies

Floral Milkmaid braids hairstyle for girl

Milkmaid braids can look ordinary without a few extra touches from your own inner female. So, get on board with the accessorizing comity and choose some daisies to suit your hippie country look. Because the simple and light flowers will only add an extra dose of cuteness to your look.


#6. Milkmaid Braids Are Age – Free

No matter how old you are, you will never be too young or too old for a milkmaid braid. So don’t hesitate and help your little daughter or sister show off her inner fashionista instead of hiding it with these legendary designs for cuties shown above.


#7. Single Milkmaid Braid

Single Milkmaid hairstyle look

Sometimes all you have to do is a simple touch to get an astonishing outcome. Because what makes this design so special is all in the simple hair twist right before you kick it off with your massive braiding skills. So, check out this DIY step by step tutorial and try it out for your upcoming formal event.

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#8. Chunky And Accented

Chunky braid hairstyle for girl

Try accenting a traditional chunky braid with a fishtail braid in the front while leaving the front hair strands loose and free for a downright superb casual look! It has got everything you might want in an everyday feminine look.


#9. The “Cow Girl” Feel

For a very cute country look, this milkmaid crown wraps around your head with a fishtail braid resembling a headband. So, by leaving a few loose strands of hair, wearing checkered flannels and bold red lipstick you will perfect this style.

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#10. The Half Updo

If you’ve got long hair and you feel like flaunting it and showing it off, then you are going to fall in love with this half updo from the first sight! Basically, to replicate this milkmaid you will have to separate your hair’s top hair from the lower one. Then, you employ your top into a milkmaid braid while the lower part just hangs freely on your shoulders.


#11. The Key To Messiness

When asked about the key to messy and loose updos, it is pretty safe to say that all you need to do is keep it from getting out of control. And that would be by letting some hair locks fall naturally in front the others while you add a few bobby pins artistically here and there.


#12. Milkmaid Combo

Milkmaid Combo hairstyle for young girl

From miniature to chunky, this style has got it all wrapped around your head in a single design! Because why bother with the dilemma with what style to pick when you can just pick ‘em all at once? And what makes it so great is that it’s vibrant and dynamic rather than odd and bulky.


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#13. Only Simple

Coco Channel said that simplicity is the keynote to true elegance. Therefore, there is no point in going over the top to get a complex look when you can get an outstanding outcome with the simplest designs and minimum effort. Therefore, choose something simple yet gorgeous like the milkmaid braids showed in the photo above and you will be good to go!

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#14. More Volume Please

The bigger the braid, the bolder the look. So, get yourself to try this edgy stylish look and we guarantee you will be the focal point of wherever you are attending. Because adding volume to your locks is always an excellent idea to stand out.

Tip: Smokey eye makeup pairs up perfectly with that kind of hairstyle.


#15. The Bridal Option

When it comes to the bride who is searching for “the one” updo for her big day, here’s the best milkmaid in the house. It is dainty and simple enough to establish on a busy day like that, yet the loose wavy locks give it its flirty bounce and whimsical factor that makes you fall in love with it once you spot it down moving down the isle.

Tip: Soft makeup shades are the best pair ups with that kind of delicate hairstyle.


#16. The School Girl Look

Milkmaid Braid hair with School Girl Look

Consider throwing your hair backward instead of keeping it free for a more practical style to wear every day to school and keep it out of your face especially on hot summer days. And don’t worry about the loose strands of hair left out of the back because the more imperfect it is, the more authentic it gets.


#17. Bigger Scale

Sometimes the tiniest touches can deviate the whole look and make it score a perfect 10 on the style meter. For example, in the photo above the girl edits the classic milkmaid braid hairstyle by:

a) Highlighting some of her hair with a bright color to create the catchy contrast.

b) Varying the normal scale of the braid will definitely bring you more attention.

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#18. The Position

If you have not realized it yet, milkmaid braids are affected by their position on your head with respect to your forehead. So, try to find your flattering look by pulling them closer or farther from your forehead. And don’t forget that texture is everything you need in a perfect braid. So, the more chunky and voluminous it is the better.

Tip: If you have not got the right hair quality for this hairstyle yet you still want to try it out, you can always treat yourself to some extensions or faux hair.


#19. Long Hair Advantages

When you have suffered long enough to grow out your hair, you have got to use that to your own advantage when it comes to hairstyling. Because what can look better than long, chin lengthened wavy hair locks dangling to practically draw the outline of your face.


#20. Messy With Highlights

brown braid Messy hair With Highlights

If you are looking for a choice to bring out your fresh open minded personality and reflect it to the world, you might want to try this one! So, while maintaining the messy hair locks, your sun – kissed hair lights can work their charm towards the guy you want to ask out.


#21. Beyond Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid Braid hairstyle for girl

Wearing the same hairstyle like anybody else wouldn’t make you feel so special. So this design gives you the chance to come up with your own hair style. After all, freestyling is the only one where you get to reveal your inner artist to the world.


#22. European Style

Combing your hair neat without leaving any loose locks and pushing back your milkmaid braids is what we would like to call the European style. Because most girls in Europe sport this look as they tug their hair behind their ears. Moreover, you can get it to be more elegant if you go with two milkmaid braids instead of one.


#23.  Seasonal Vibes

When we look at this photo, all we can think of is: “Oh my god! Cuteness overload!”. And we all want that exact same reaction whenever someone notices our new hairstyle. So, for this spring and summer seasons, we introduce this flawless milkmaid braid design to enjoy your time in vacation.

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#24. Your Copper Crown

A lot of girls would “kill” to wear a crown around all the time as if they have been born the princess of the seven kingdoms. However, only gorgeous copper auburn hair can do that kind of trick and pull it off! Thus, you should go with the smart and sophisticated look because it would bring out your inner princess.


#25. With A Fringe

Accent your milkmaid design with that straight fringe across your forehead and you will get the award for the most practical yet stylish hairstyle of all. In addition to that, all fans of Star Wars and Princess Lea will drop dead if they get the chance to wear their hair like that, let alone see someone who is!

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Finally, milkmaid braids combine style with durability to form this amazingly efficient hairstyle that you can never possibly be bored of. It has been around for hundreds and thousands of years for the sole reason of being worth all the trouble. So, just copy whatever design from the top list below and you will never regret it.