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10 Famous Celebrities Who Love Color Melting

We and celebrities have something in common, we both love color melting! Many celebrities have embraced this hair coloring technique, so there is a plethora of celebrity-inspired color melted hair to get inspiration.

What is Color Melting?

Color melting is a hair coloring technique that seamlessly blends your natural hair color with highlights, using two or more colors to smoothly transition the hair from the dark root to the lightened ends.

This technique creates the illusion that the hair colors have been melted together. With color melting, you won’t see any streaky or harsh lines, and there won’t be stark contrasts between the dark and light colors.

Celebrities With Color-Melted Hair

Color melting started out as a trend but has now become a mainstay for celebrities and non-celebrities alike. Its staying power is due to the fact that it looks so natural and is easy to maintain.

We’re going to show you our favorite celebrity color-melting moments, in the hopes that you’ll find great inspiration for your next hair coloring appointment!

1. Leighton Meester 

Celebrity Leighton Meester With Color Melt Hair

We love Leighton’s gorgeous brunette root color which melts perfectly into her golden blonde ends. You can’t tell where her root color ends and her highlights begin which gives that seamless brunette color melt.

Our darker-haired ladies can use this for their own hair inspiration, imagine how low-maintenance this color would be! 

2. Gigi Hadid

Celebrity Gigi Hadid With Color Melt Hair

Gigi Hadid looks like a golden goddess with this blonde color melt! We can’t get enough of the dark blonde base softly fading into the light blonde ends.

It’s giving beach vibe, it’s giving mermaid hair and we can’t get enough! This would look awesome on long-haired beauties who have a lighter root color.

3. Ashley Tisdale 

Celebrity Ashley Tisdale With Color Melt Hair

Ashley Tisdale shows us how a color melt using three hair color shades is done! You can see the darker base melting into a medium brunette at the mids of the hair which fades into the golden blonde ends.

This color melt would be the perfect inspo for our gals who rock a bob or a lob haircut, the color melt starts higher up so you can wear the color for longer between salon appointments. 

4. Khloe Kardashian

Celebrity Khloe Kardashian With Color Melt Hair

Loving this old-school glamor of Khloe Kardashian. This color melt screams sophistication, the dark brunette transitioning into the lighter beige brunette looks subtle yet expensive.

Khloe’s hair is a great example of how color melts don’t always have to end with light blonde ends, you can opt for all brunette shades as well! 

5. Rihanna

Celebrity Rihanna With Color Melt Hair

Rihanna wears this ultra warm almost copper color that melts so beautifully. This color melt gives the hair loads of dimension and looks great worn with a loose wave.

We think this would look great on long hair but could also be great on shorter lengths with the lighter pieces brought up a little bit higher toward the root! 

6. Olivia Wilde 

Celebrity Olivia Wilde With Color Melt Hair

Olvia Wilde is stunning with this auburn brunette root color fading flawlessly into golden blonde ends. Remember you can start with a dark base and end with a golden blonde in a very natural, subtle way when using color melting! 

7. Kate Beckinsale 

Celebrity Kate Beckinsale With Color Melt Hair

We’ve seen a lot of warm, golden tones on our celebs so far but don’t forget about the cooler-toned color melts like this one on the beautiful Kate Beckinsale. We are obsessed with the ultra-dark base fading into ashy blonde ends. 

8. Anne Hathaway 

Celebrity Anne Hathaway With Color Melt Hair

Shoulder-length-haired ladies this one’s for you! This brunette-to-blonde color melt Anne Hathaway rocked this absolutely perfectly on shorter hair lengths and looks amazing with this tousled, beachy wave. Run, don’t walk to show this red carpet inspo to your hairstylist to copy.

9. Jessica Alba

Celebrity Jessica Alba With Color Melt Hair

Jessica Alba is just reinforcing our love of color melts with this easy, breezy hair color. The reason we are so obsessed with color melts is how you can color your hair so much lighter than your root shade and it still looks absolutely natural and lived-in. 

10. Lauren Conrad 

Celebrity TV Personality Lauren Conrad With Color Melt Hair

Lauren Conrad shows us how to be blonde with a dark root, you don’t have to be root to end blonde to look bright and sunny. 

We love this color melt because it would be perfect for those who need gray coverage and regularly color their roots. You can do a color melt twice a year and then get your root touch-ups in between without having to worry about coloring over the blonde.

And there you have it, our favorite celebrities who are just as obsessed with color melting as we are! We hope you found lots of inspiration in these looks and are able to use some of these color-melting examples for your own hair. Color melting can work for any hair length and starting root color so have fun exploring the world of color melting! 

Things to Remember:

  • Color melting is a favorite hair-coloring technique of celebrities
  • Color melting use two or more colors to seamlessly melt your darker root color into your lightened ends 
  • You shouldn’t be able to see any streaks or visible lines of declaration with color melting
  • Color melting has been a favorite of celebrities for decades because it’s natural looking and low maintenance 
  • Celebrities have given us so many red-carpet color-melting inspiration photos, take your favorite looks to your hairstylist to get the color-melt hair of your dreams!

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