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80 Unboring Chestnut Hair Color Ideas for 2024

If someone tells you that chestnut hair color is boring, don’t believe them. There are so many shades of chestnut out there that anyone who wants to experiment with it will be absolutely satisfied.

Depending on the color of your eyes and your natural hair color, you can pick a chestnut hue that will make you look more beautiful than before. Don’t mistakenly think that chestnut is just plain brown.

The shades vary from Auburn to red and even dark chocolate. Playing around with chestnut shades, highlights, ombre and other hair color techniques can help you get the perfect color you’ve always dreamed of.


Chestnut Hair

When it comes to chestnut hair color, you might think that your imagination has run out. That’s why we have collected 80 various styles to help you see the amazing variety that comes with this shade.

For many years, women have been trying different ways to apply chestnut hues. The main advantage of this color is that it looks completely natural and can be used for women with all skin types. It’s a great choice for girls who are tired of making extravagant statements and are ready to try something soft, sweet and appealing.

1. Long Chestnut Hair

dark chestnut hair

Long dark chestnut hair has a particular glow that will make you shine wherever you go. If you want a commercial shampoo hair, opt for this marvelous shade and create wide curls that will fall on your chest and back.



2. Wavy Blonde Chestnut Hair

chestnut blonde hair

Opt for a chestnut blonde hair if you want to obtain that fantastic sun-kissed effect. Cut your hair in a V shape and wear it on your back. You can also style layers and waves to provide more volume.


3. Long Red Chestnut Hair

When you have that enormous length for your mane, a chestnut red hair will look fabulous. It will look textured, and waves will give the mane a lot of dimension. Everyone will envy you and all for the right reasons.


4. Bob Chestnut Hairstyle

honey chestnut hair

Every time you want to pull off a look inspired from the catwalk, a honey chestnut hair cut in a bob haircut that reaches the shoulders, is certainly going to make you look ravishing. Wear a pair of big squared glasses and wave the mane. 


5. Red Mahogany Chestnut Ombre

Keep the long mane trimmed in a blunt cut and opt for a mahogany chestnut hair. Start from that shade and beautifully transit to a red hue. Use a straightening iron to build a few smooth waves, and you are ready to receive compliments. 


6. Reddish Color Play

chestnut hair color for women

Chestnut shades can turn you from an ordinary brunette to a spunky redhead. Choose Auburn chestnut hues to bring some red into the picture and enjoy the soft and natural feel of your new color.


7. Lucky chestnut mix


Chestnut and light brown create an amazing mix that will make your hair truly shine. Consider making partial highlights with the light chestnut hues and dye the rest of your hair black or dark brown.

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8. Appealing ombre

ombre with chestnut brown hairstyle

When chestnut meets caramel, you get a hair color you always wanted. Leave the roots your natural color and start making levels with chestnut and caramel hues. The lightest shade should be the last.


9. Rosy chestnut hair color hues


This elegant chestnut hair color will make all the girls around you jealous. The rosy hues coupled with rich brown shades create a hair color that’s hard to call ordinary. Ask your hairstylist to give this one a try.


10. Classy chestnut


Auburn chestnut can make you look like a spunky redhead or give your image a lot of class. All depends on the shade you choose. If this one is your goal, try to avoid mixing in any red hues.


11. Sparkling ends

Sparkling chestnut hairstyle

In order to achieve a shiny impression, you can try this ombre approach. You won’t be playing on the color contrast but taking the advantage of lighter reddish shades when combined with a classy auburn color.


12. A touch of burgundy


If you are looking for something special, give your hair a touch of burgundy. It will immediately look absolutely different. All you need is just a few highlights or you can go even further to create an ombre.

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13. Hot chestnut rhythm

chestnut hair

Get your hair out there with this hot chestnut rhythm. You can achieve this vibrant shade if your own locks are dark blonde. So if you are starting out with a lighter color, this hot chestnut rhythm will conquer your heart.


14. Chestnut and dark brown

Chestnut and dark brown

Chestnut hair color looks wonderful as part of an ombre combined with similar shades. Consider making the top classic chestnut and dyeing the very bottom dark brown or even black.


15. Just the highlights

chestnut hair color

Brighten up your image with chestnut hair color by making a few highlights. It will only take about an hour and will minimize the damage to your locks. The strands will look like flashes of light in your dark mane.


16. Reddish shine

Reddish shine chestnut brown hair color

If you want to make your natural chestnut hair look more special, consider creating a subtle ombre that will add reddish shine to the top part of your hair. You can do the same with partial highlighting.


17. Golden caramel and chestnut

Golden caramel chestnut brown hairstyle for young girl

Golden caramel locks will look amazing with dark chestnut hair color. Contrasting highlights are getting more and more popular. The main advantage of the chestnut shade is that it looks natural.


18. All shades of chestnut

chestnut hair color

When it comes to choosing the highlight hues, you don’t have to go all out. Choose a few shades of chestnut to create a feeling of smooth transition. The effect is subtle, natural, and very impressive.


19. Overpowering blonde

chestnut hair with chestnut hair

If you’ve always wanted to be a blond but very light color just don’t suit you, the chestnut shade can be your savior. Don’t eliminate the dark hair altogether. Make some chestnut highlights.


20. Ginger girl


If you are after fiery red hues but don’t want to look like a fresh carrot, subtle chestnut highlights will allow you to pacify the flaming red shades and make your color look more appealing.

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21. Chestnut hair extensions

Nice Chestnut hair color for girl

When it comes to checking out how the chestnut hair color will suit you, hair extensions are a perfect choice. This is especially useful for girls with dark hair who are afraid of lightening it up.


22. Wine red and chestnut

Wine red chestnut hair color for girl

Interestingly enough, chestnut looks amazing with almost any other color. So whatever comes into your head, you can use it with chestnut without ruining the image. For example, some wine red patches.


23. Chestnut base

chestnut colored hairstyle

If your hair is naturally chestnut brown, they can be a great base for any light highlights. Choose this interesting approach that leaves the chestnut shade visible while making the blonde strands brighter.


24. Contrasting highlights

Contrasting highlights with light chestnut brown hair

Enjoy chestnut as a transition color. When it comes to making different ombre mixed with highlights, drastic contrast is not always welcome. Use chestnut as the middle ground between dark and light.


25. Autumn leaves

chestnut hair color ideas

Have fun with different shades of auburn and chestnut to make your head seem like a collection of beautiful autumn colors. Dark red mixed with chestnut and fiery ginger can produce an amazing combination.


26. Chestnut and chocolate brown


Chocolate brown is a rich and deep color and it works amazingly as a base for chestnut. You will need just a few chestnut strands to create a combination that will make you look absolutely stunning.


27. Caramel highlights


Chestnut hair color looks great with lighter shades as partial highlights. Consider mixing light chestnut hues with bright caramel. You’ll get a jazzy look you’ve always wanted.


28. Medium chestnut brown

Medium chestnut brown hairstyle

Medium chestnut brown is a great shade to play around with. This color might look ordinary all on its own. But when you add some rose or reddish hues, it gives off an amazing brightness.


29. Chestnut bangs


If your hair is short, you are probably looking for all kinds of ways to diversify the image. One of the greatest ideas is to dye the bangs a different color. Chestnut is a multipurpose shade that suits almost any color.


30. Dark burgundy chestnut

Dark burgundy chestnut hairstyle

Girls with dark hair might have a hard time finding a way to make their locks shine. Burgundy chestnut hair shade is a little extravagant but perfect for creating a great appearance.

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31. Brown and chestnut highlights


Blonde and chestnut highlights are a wonderful way to make your black hair brighter. When you are getting the highlights, consider leaving enough of your natural hair visible in order to avoid frequent touch-ups.


32. The cherry touch


Your chestnut locks will look even more amazing if you add a slight cherry touch. Dark red hair color can make any hairstyle look bright and stunning. Try just a few strands at first.


33. Copper chestnut

Copper chestnut hair color for girl

If fiery ginger is not your choice, the next perfect reddish hue is copper chestnut. It will make a subtle redhead out of you while keeping the root maintenance to a minimum and looking natural.


34. Chestnut and dark brown

beautiful girl Chestnut and dark brown

Dark brown and chestnut hair color look good when mixed in an ombre. The brighter color on top and darker on the bottom create a “reversed” ombre that’s gaining population at the speed of light.


35. Highlight variety


Since chestnut is a multi-purpose hair color, it looks great as part of the highlight mix. No matter what other colors you choose for your highlight variety, chestnut will look right at home.


36. Chestnut and soft amber


Soft amber hair color looks great on women who have natural chestnut hair. The darker your locks naturally are, the more interesting the soft amber will look even when the roots start to grow.


37. The visible chestnut

chestnut hairstyle your all time favorite

One other great chestnut hair color quality is that it doesn’t need to be fully colored with another shade to change the image. It works as a perfect base for all kinds of hair colors, especially reddish ones.


38. Chestnut and burgundy ombre

Chestnut with burgundy ombre

When it comes to mixing burgundy with other colors, it might be hard. So chestnut hair color comes to the rescue by offering a perfect base and a smooth transition from one color to another.


39. Natural chestnut

Natural chestnut hair color for girl

If your hair is naturally chestnut, you might think it is boring. The good part is that you can easily make it shine with just a few tricks such as subtle ash blonde highlights.


40. Chesnut browns for a redhead

chestnut hair

If you are a natural redhead, a chestnut hair color can have unexpected consequences. For example, it can turn into something ginger, cherry, or even flaming red. Make an experiment!


41. Chestnut mix


Mixing different shades of chestnut is a work of art. If you want to get a mind-blowing ombre effect, consider using dark chestnut on top and light brown chestnut on the very bottom.


42. Rich auburn for chestnut hair

auburn for chestnut hairstyle for girl

Rich auburn hair color is one of the best choices for girls with natural light chestnut hair. You can cover it up completely or leave some part to make a magnificent yet subtly transitioned ombre.


43. Flaming red with chestnut ends


Flaming red hair color is so amazing on its own that it seems like nothing can make it better. Wrong approach! Chestnut ends can be a great addition to any bright and amazing color.


44. Chestnut hair color with auburn streaks


Diversify your beautiful chestnut locks with streaky auburn highlights. Find a real professional stylist who can make the streaks subtle yet visible. Chestnut and Auburn are a great combination.


45. Chestnut and black

Chestnut and black hair for Asian girl

Girls who have naturally black hair will be glad to find out that chestnut looks awesome when combined with black. No need to worry about roots or monthly touch-ups. Just make chestnut highlights.


46. Light chestnut brown


Light chestnut brown shades look great when combined with blonde and caramel highlights. So if your goal is to brighten up your tresses, this color can be a perfect choice.


47. Chestnut and silver

Chestnut and silver hairstyle for girl

Gray and silver shades are becoming more and more popular among young women. However, many are afraid of looking older and go for ombre. Chestnut is a wonderful color to combine with all shades of gray.


48. Sun-kissed chestnut


The sun-kissed chestnut shade can be achieved by mixing the light brown chestnut and golden or caramel blonde. Your hair will look like you’ve spent the summer at the beach.


49. Dark chestnut highlights

Dark chestnut highlights for black girl

Women who have naturally black hair have trouble creating light colors. Consider using dark chestnut highlights mixed with golden blonde in order to achieve a lighter impression.


50. Make them shine


Make your dark chestnut hair color shine with a smart trick. Dye just the ends of your tresses with auburn or light brown hair color. It will look natural while brightening up your chestnut mane.


51. Chestnut and blonde


While chestnut and blonde might seem like a bold choice when it comes to making an ombre, the result can be interesting. The dark and light combination looks surprisingly natural.


52. Reddish extravaganza

Reddish chestnut hair color

When you are looking for a way to make an amazing image, red hair color is the right choice. While simple ginger, cherry, and auburn might seem too dull, their mix can make you look stunning.


53. Enjoy the natural look


If your hair is naturally chestnut, consider leaving it as it is. You can make the mane a little brighter by light brown partial highlights. It will be enough.


54. Brown, Auburn, and chestnut

Brown, auburn color chestnut hair

If your hair is naturally brown and you want diversity but don’t want anything drastically different, consider a subtle mix of auburn and chestnut highlights.


55. Hidden highlights

beautiful highlights chestnut hairstyle

If you have a stylish bob, you can play around with hidden highlights that will only be visible when you brush your hair back. Black, chestnut, and even reddish shades look great hidden under auburn.


chestnut hair color





chestnut hair ponytail





chestnut hair color





chestnut hair bun


chestnut brown hair color





chestnut hair dye




chestnut brown hair





chestnut brown hair dye


Chesnutt hair color is absolutely multi-purpose and suits all women on the planet. There are so many ways you can play around with it that a lifetime might seem way too short. Start the experiment now and enjoy yourself in the process.